How to make kraskopult do it yourself?

    Often we need to paint anything. And I want to do so that the paint coating has been applied at home well. It can be obtained exclusively with the help of a spray gun. Make a similar device for paint yourself. It is thanks to him to get an even distribution of paint on the surface of the subject it is very possible. Given the high cost of such a device, create a simple paintopult with your own hands – the right decision. Try to figure out how to make such a device and what you want to know.

    Ball handle manufacturer

    The simplest and at the same time primitive option to create a paint device can be a solution based on the simple ballpoint handle. Naturally, such a tool will not replace the factory spray paint for painting large areas, but for home use will not be the worst decision.

    The advantage of such collarsurance is that it is very easy to do, and the design will take no more than 30 minutes. Yes, and it’s easy to use it – it’s just enough to pour into the handle housing so that the paint began to go through the rod.

    This model of the paint sprayer consists of such components:

    • Easy ball type handle;
    • vessel that has an extended neck;
    • A piece of dense foamflast, which is used to protect overlaps from drywall from exposure to low temperatures (as an alternative, you can take a part of plastic or use rubber).

    First, it will be necessary to make a small workpiece, which will differ in that its lower part must be good and firmly inserted into the paint container. The latitude of the neck is important, because the quality of the instrument will depend on this criterion.

    After that, it will be needed at the top to do a couple of holes. It is better not to do with sewn, because the holes will be uneven, and this will create inconvenience when using. Therefore, for this purpose, the screwdriver will apply better. The first hole should be only vertical. As a stop, you can use the lid from the vessel. After that, it will be necessary to do the hole horizontally in such a way that it intersects with the previous.

    Now you need to immerse in the vertical channel edge of the rod. And in the second one should install the housing of the handle. Then you need to pour paint, and spinning a bottle of tiny with a cover.

    If it is required to carry out the work of an intelligent nature, then to use other paints, in addition to water-dispersion type, you can carry out a small upgrade tool.

    The use of such a paint sprayer based on a conventional ballpoint handle will require some skills.

    In addition, it should be understood in the intricacies of paintwork. Therefore, first will not be superfluous on some unnecessary sheets of paper.

    Homemade Vacuum Cleaner Sprouts with Hose

    If you want to paint some surfaces more, then the manual sprayer will be ineffective here, because it will take a long time. It will be better to make a device equipped with aircase equipped with auto mechanism. For such purposes, a vacuum cleaner is used or a compressor, which is equipped with almost every refrigerator. Such solutions are suitable for creating a homemade autocompressor, which will perfectly cope with the paint of the water-level type. But for the powder such a device will not fit.

    If you use a vacuum cleaner, then it will be best to take some Soviet model. The reason is that the design of modern models does not provide for a pair of hoses, one of which works on “blowing”, and the other – to “blowing”.

    If the old vacuum cleaner is no longer needed, it is sometimes for changing the direction of air movement simply to change the direction of terminals that connect the rotor and starter. After that, it is necessary to make some actions, after which the vacuum cleaner can be applied to painting.

    • First, you will need to prepare a bottle of glass or plastic. Material is not so important. The main thing is that the capacity of the capacity is not more than one and a half liters, and the size of the neck was at least 20-25 millimeters.
    • Now you need to take a 20-centimeter bottle of aluminum or copper of 4 mm diameter. It must be bent and attach to the bottom of the hose from the vacuum cleaner. Instead of a compressor, you can apply the aerosol cylinder of good power. Such, for example, apply in hairdressers. On the top tip of the tube should be mounted nozzle made of brass. End grinding will also need it so that it gets the form of a cone. After that, the top edge of the tube remains in the plug-type connector.
    • After that, it is necessary to equip the resulting device to holder so that it was comfortable to keep in hand. To do this, in the rod, you must first make a groove, after which it is screwed into it to handle, applying bolts or screws.
    • Now it will be necessary to make a steel bracket with a hole, which will correspond to the size of the socket in size and especially in width. Collect the workpiece should be taken into account the fact that the end of the suction tube should be located at the same level as the nozzle.

    Before the start of the work, it is necessary to check the performance of the resulting pistol for spraying paint based on the hose from the vacuum cleaner on some surface.

    Create a decrease or an increase in pressure is possible due to the adjustment of the tube tightening. When a suitable pressure level is installed, it will be necessary to fix the absorption tube using the mounting foam in the groove, which is glued to the capacitance cover with the paint.

    Refrigerator compressor sprayer

    Probably the most technological homemade paintopult will be the model based on the compressor from the refrigerator. It will be not only durable, but also the most functional. True, to create such a device will need to spend a lot of time and effort. But the result is worth. We will try to figure out that we need to do this and consider the process of assembling the device of this type.

    Tools and materials

    Let’s start with the fact that you need to have the following elements and tools at hand:

    • steel wire;
    • car filter;
    • a large container where paint materials will be poured;
    • 20mm clamp (better if there are several available);
    • board;
    • self-tapping screw;
    • 3 hose, one of which will have a length of 400 mm, and a couple of others – 100 mm.

    In addition, it will be necessary to have a drawing of such a device. It can be done independently, making the calculation of all necessary parameters. Either it can be downloaded to specialized forums, where people are divided with various homemade.

    Besides, Before the start of the assembly work, you need to find some thing that can be applied as a receiver. You can apply a fire extinguisher for this, some non-negligent canister or a metal tank, which can be tight and hard to close.


    The process of creating the design under consideration will look like.

    • First fix the compressor from the refrigerator based on wood.
    • Now it will be necessary to determine where the air comes from the compressor. To do this, you can connect the device to the network and understand which of the 3 tubes is injected pressure. When this is done, you can determine the exit nozzle. It means that the second open nozzle will be a hole in the input, and the third pipe is usually always sealed. It should be said that the sealed tube has its own important role – the lubrication of the compressor. So if the engine works well, then it should not be touched.
    • Next to both open pipes need to attach hoses with the corresponding diameter, and the joints are tightened with the use of clamps.
    • Then in the case of the thing that will act as a receiver, you should do a couple of holes where the hoses must be attached. The larger diameter hose is attached to the input compressor tube, and smaller to the output.
    • It will also be necessary to install a pressure gauge for the system. It is needed to get the ability to control the level of injected pressure.
    • The receiver must be connected to the main design of the carrier supercharger. After that, both parts using the first hose should be connected to each other, and the second nozzle is fixed to the filter, which will capture in an air flow small trash and dirt particles.
    • At the last stage, you will only need to connect the paintopult.

    It should be added that if you want to make the resulting device mobile, then small wheels can be attached to its base.

    How to make from a can?

    Another option to create a good and powerful collapse – the simplest aerosol cylinder. Such a solution is cheap and easy to implement. To implement such an idea to ensure:

    • nipple or a camera from cycles;
    • A bottle of plastic, which will have the required volume (there should be no defects in it);
    • aerosol type balloon – special attention should be paid to the quality of the sprayer so that it worked for a long time;
    • hand pump for bike;
    • Metal hacksaw.

    Many components can be found in their garage, which reduces the cost of creating such a device.

    The assembly process will look like this.

    • Nipple will be needed from the selected cycle bumps, which can pass air only in one direction.
    • In the bottle you will need to do a hole suitable for nipple. It will be a paint capacity.
    • Fix there nipple on the inner wall. It should be taken into account that the compound should be aimed with tightness. Nipple will be responsible for feeding paint.
    • The top area of ​​the canopy must be sprinkled with a metal hacksaw. Make it is required so that the resulting result is perfectly coincided with the size of the traffic jam.
    • Connect the sprayer of the spray and bottle will need with the use of cold-type welding. This solution will ensure the most good fastening. This is due to the fact that a pretty high pressure will be provided to the design.

    It should be added that the paintopult of this type is designed for pressure no more than 3 atmospheres. Air injection is carried out by cycle, to connect nipple. Such an embodiment of the collapse will perfectly cope with the staining of different surfaces with water-level paint or a solution of lime-type.

    How to make a paintopult with your own hands, look in the video below.

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