How to make a mini drill do it yourself?

For minor work, in particular, the manufacture of electric microcircuits is needed drill. Ordinary electric drill is not suitable. It is known that the mass of the desired and useful tool snap for a domestic workshop can be simply creating with your own hands. One of these curious homemakes is a mini drill.

Running in old supplies, it is quite simple to find motors from all kinds of household appliances or toys. All other elements needed for activity can also be found among old items.

Scope of application

Mini drill is widely used to perform different tasks.

  • Creating holes in plastic, chipboards and other items. Of course, thick iron fixture will not be drilled, but to make a hole in a sheet thick up to one millimeter, Silenok is enough.
  • Screw and unscrewing screws with a small hat and thread. Such fasteners come across mainly on automata (switches), electric wiring shields, in office equipment, as well as in low-power electrical engines of small.
  • Equipped with special nozzles she can be used as an engraver or grinders, To do this, carved balls with a rough work plane are put in her cartridge. During rotation, the nozzle processes the item or applies the required drawing.

To improve the result and do not overheat the surface, it is desirable to apply an oil emulsion that reduces the force of friction.

These are the main spheres where mini drill is practiced, but, in addition to them, Extensive use It has gained in everyday life, for example, for processing (stripping) of two glued objects from plastics or glass. In the preparation of joints both products are cleaned, after this surface, it is customized so that the pieces closely adjoined each other.

From what to make?

Options for the execution of mini-drill made by their own hands can have several. The impulse of your imagination is constrained exclusively by the presence of the necessary components. The optimal is the portable drill, Made with your own hands from the engine from electrical appliances. You can use engines from a wide variety.

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List some of them.

  • Fen. This option will be the best, since the motor resource from the hair dryer is enough for the drill to have the ability to carry out all its basic tasks. The maximum number of revolutions per minute of this motor is 1500-1800.

  • Audio magnetophone. Due to the fact that the power of the audio magnetophone motor is extremely small, the only thing that can get out of this idea – drill for boards. The power supply of the motor comes from 6 volts, which means that you will need to find a suitable charger or a battery.

  • Coils from fishing rod. Little drill can be made of a simple coil for the UD. Its design will be used in the role of the engine, and by manually rotation to drive a cartridge with a drill. Plus such a method is the ease of creation and lack of nutritional need from battery or electrical network.

  • Toys on radio control. Engine power depends on the manufacturer. Chinese lots are mainly equipped with weak motors. Samples of famous brands, for example, Wltoys, Maverick or General Silicone are equipped with high quality, durable and, most important, strong motors.

The mini-drill assembled on this basis will simply “fly”.

  • From blender, covered dust somewhere in the covers, you can also make such a useful device as a mini drill or engraver.

Since we do not have to “invent the wheel”, since the blender already has its own corps and an electric motor, we made a separate description of the manufacture of a drill from this device at home.

So, we will need:

  • casing and electric motor from the blender;
  • Collet cartridge for a drill (should be bought at the building materials store);
  • Switch or button.
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The creation scheme of our homemade is as follows:

  • We disassemble the blender housing;
  • insert the switch to the case, then connect it to the electrical engine;
  • Now we need a collet cartridge, put it on the axis of the motor;
  • In the casing we do a hole for the size of the clamping device;
  • We collect the casing, and our homemade mini drill is ready for operation;
  • In the clamping device, install the drill or an engraver nozzle and use.

It should be noted that the electric blender engine is not intended for long-term work, in connection with this it takes to turn off from time to time so that it does not overheat.

However, this device is quite enough to carry out simple work, for example, drill in opening boards or perform engraving parts.

Clamping mechanism

The following important component of the device is a cartridge used to hold the drill. To make a clamping device, you need to purchase a collet cartridge in advance. It is a clamping device capable of tightly hold cylindrical items. Pluging the drill in the collet cartridge and holding it hard on the axis of the motor, you just need to connect the power supply or batteries to the Motor.

A similar simplified version of mini-drill is already able to drill holes.

If you do not have a desire to further burden yourself, and you will use the tool not very often, you can leave it in this form.

However, to hold the “naked” motor in the hands of discomfort, and the mini-drill looks unavoidable. To bring started to the finish, you will need a shell and separate control components.

Options for shell

      If in order to make a clamping device, it will be necessary to go to Aliexpress either another similar portal in the search for a collet cartridge, with a casing, everything is much easier. For its creation, the trash will be used, which as usual is thrown.

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      We will analyze several variations.

      • Bottle from Deodorant Antiperspirant. Separate plastic containers are flawlessly suitable on dimensions under the motor from audio magnetophone or CD player. In a situation where the engine is slightly more in size, you should insert it with a slight stretch. In the wing of the bottle from the antiperspirant, it is necessary to cut the hole to remove the collet cartridge. For greater practicality at the bottom, you can put the socket for connecting the power source, and on the side, the power button / disconnect. It makes it possible to keep the drill away from the block.

      • Cartridge for joining incandescent bulbs. An option, of course, low-rotable – to do a hole in such a strong plastic will not work, therefore, the switching button will need to be fixed on the shell by glue.

      The back cover can be made from a container from under soap bubbles.

      • Tube of the desired size. Any material – steel, plastic or rubber. True, not to such an extent the neglected version as listed above. Do not forget that when fixing the engine to the casing, the gaps should not be, and not the problem of the drill in the course of work. For auxiliary fixing, it is allowed to use cold welding or superclaud.

      Power and control components

      Perfect if you have a power supply with a controller of incoming power – it will give the ability to change the speed drill while working. If you use an ordinary power supply, it is advisable to install the power button on the housing. You can apply as a 2-position switch (ON / OFF) and the interrupter button – It depends on your tastes. It would not hurt else to equip the shell with a plug fitting.

      How to make a mini drill with your own hands, look in the following video.

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