How to glue the plinth on the ceiling?

Today, the plinth on the ceiling is often glued. It is not difficult to fasten it, and the ceiling coating with a plinth looks more stylish. But you need to drink it, go correctly and paste. This repair does not take you a lot of time.


Ceiling plinths, they are cartel, baguettes and moldings are used for:

  • Hiding Defects Connection Wall and Ceiling. After all, it is much easier to glue the carter than to level the corners;
  • Decor of the beveled wallpaper line;
  • smoothing the angles for the transformation of the room;
  • Hiding wires and other communications.

Modern plinths are made from various materials, but independence from this length is standard for all kinds – two meters, therefore, with a greater distance, the border must be knocked out strips.

Putting the ceiling plinths at all is not so simple as it may seem at first glance. If you do not take into account the features of the material, adhesive composition, the correct right cutting of the slats is not produced, the result may be deplorable: Details will fall off, crevices will appear in the joints, uneven angles will cut the eye. In direct plots, glued, the difficulties of beginners, as a rule, take place when working with corners.


Today the plinth market is full of proposals from budget foam to elite wood.

Foam plinths Light, they are distinguished by convenience when installing. The price of their low, however, its domain structure includes the disadvantages of foam. For his cutting, a simple knife will fit. However, he should not be stupid, otherwise, instead of cutting, he will urge the foam, round particles will break away. When installing, you need to be careful, t. To. You can remember the surface, heavily pressed the finger. Foam after sticking should be placed and painted so that the surfaces do not remain grooves, which will gradually pollute dust. This material is soft, so it will not be able to wash it.

Polystyrene foam plinths usually a bit more expensive at price than foam. They are easier and flexible, have a smoother surface. Saw it also need sharply sharpened knife. Cooking can not be engaged, but just to smell joints. Also, polystyrene foam is stronger – it is not possible to remember its surface with ordinary pressing. Sleep plinth easy, ordinary water.

This material is quite flexible – the plinth of 2 meters long is bent at the right angle, which is perfect for the frame of the plasterboard on the ceiling.

Modern manufacturers make baguettes from douropolymer – the same polystyrene foam, additionally processed under high pressure. Thanks to this processing, its strength increases.

Polyurethane plinths Different special durability. They do not create dust, easily clean and undemanding to care. In addition, it is permissible to use with high humidity, that is, in the bathrooms, kitchens. This type of cartoons are stained without problems. But its mainstream is flexibility. It is necessary to try to very much to break such a plinth, besides, he will not crumble. Flexibility is very important when frameing curved plasterboard structures. Also, polyurethane is perfectly glued to many types of glue.

Plinth from PVC There are various forms, textures and colors. They possess such advantages as lightness, strength and various rates. However, they are not bend, as a result of which more demanding to the surface. It should be perfectly smooth. For cutting need knife, since here a simple knife can not do.

Gypsum plinths – good option for classic interiors, t. To. Gypsum is very plastic and made of it made any sophisticated decorative surfaces. Also they are durable and environmentally friendly. The minuses include fragility and a high price.

Wooden plinths much more expensive and mounted more difficult than previous species. However, the appearance is much more solid and richer. The docking of them is much more complicated: it will be necessary to cut with small teeth with a hacksaw, after which it is fitted with a file using a file. It is impossible to make mistakes, t. To. Splatlevka will no longer help.

Bashed to the ceiling them are also more problematic: The glue will not stand the tree alone, so you must first drill holes under fastening, after which it is already fixed. There is another drawback – the tree rotes, and if there is a danger of flooding by neighbors, it is better to choose a plastic border.

Selection of glue

By choosing the cartoons, you can recapture to the selection of adhesive composition. First of all pay attention to the glue recommended by the manufacturer. However, it is necessary to choose it also, taking into account the availability or lack of wallpaper.

Today there are various types of adhesive compositions. For our task, the following are suitable:

  • Universal substances – these are viscous transparent solutions frozen for a long time.

The most chassis are called “Titanium”. The range of use of this glue is extensive, it will suit it for cartoons. It is transparent and has no color, there are no fillers. The adhesive composition is formed by polymers. Well suits foam. Moderately toxic and safe for skin.

Another representative of the department of universal – “Eco-inlet”. He generally similar to Titan. The problem of these ads is the inconvenience associated with long fixation time. Here to help can come “Moment”. It has similar characteristics, but freezes immediately. Disadvantage of this glue – its price.

  • Liquid Nails – a fairly convenient practical composition, produced in the form of a tube for construction pistols. Many professionals prefer liquid nails. There are acrylic and non-epiphenous liquid nails. The first publish a weakly expressed smell, safe for health, and unsuitable for work in the cold. The second is perfectly suitable for rooms and rooms with high humidity. The temperature in the room when working with neopinylene does not play any role.

Professionals do not recommend using liquid nails for sticking foam and polystyrene plinth.

  • Acrylic sealant – Universal option suitable even for uneven walls, because the slots can be closed with the same sealant.

  • Glue-shtatlevka – homemade composition of dry splatlets, PVA and water. The process of manufacturing such adhesive begins with the fact that the puttyle is poured into the capacitance together with the PVA glue in the proportion of 4 to 1, that is, 4 parts of the spheolder and 1 part of the plow glue. After that, everything is stirred with gradual uniform waters. As a result, a mixture is formed, homogeneous and thick on consistency. Next about ten minutes, this mixture is insisted and stirred again. After two hours the solution is ready. The main thing is to make sure that there are no clots in it and it was completely uniform.


Cartoons are often glued on top of the wallpaper, in which case it is necessary to make sure the reliability of their sticking and customize it under the standards. Then you need to prepare the surface. It should not be moisture, fat spots, it should be clean. It is necessary to inspect and check it on the presence of mechanical defects and irregularities, cut all defects. If they are, then you need to do everything to eliminate them, otherwise the planks will not be squeezed and the plinth is spinning.

One of the problem points is the trimming of the plinth from the end. Each Planck Knights should be docked with a neighboring room in the corner of the room Rivne under 45 a degrees. To solve this problem, you will need stub. He has slits at different angles – from 45 to 90 degrees. It is necessary to insert molding in the stood at an angle of 45 degrees and cut off the knife, after which the ends. The lower edge of the cartel must be tightly pressed to the stupid, and the upper part must be hand. First you need to cut the corners, and only then do the fitting fit.

By the way, the wort can not buy in a shopping store, but to make yourself from the remedies, t. To. This is a very primitive tool. It is necessary to just twist a couple of boards under the right angle and make a cut in the right place. Having made such a stub, you can cut the strap right on the weight, pressing the bar to the boards.

With incorrect cutting of the angle, it is necessary to cut it again, so the plank will become shorter, that is, there will be a clearance in the ceiling. In order to facilitate the whole process, you can buy special corners that are put on top right on the site of docking. However, they are not silence.

So, the following tools are needed:

  • Handsman for metal, stationery or construction knife will help slaughter material;
  • pencil and ruler;
  • Stuslo;
  • Tassel, spatula and mixing capacity (when using putty);
  • rags and brushes for moisturizing the ceiling when applied by putty;
  • stepladder or any other stand.

How to glue?

Plinths glue in two ways: on top of the wallpaper either before plating wallpapers on a lined primed surface. The second way is priority, however more work. When replacing wallpapers in the second case, it will not be necessary to re-engage the cartel. Also, if the walls are uneven, then it will make holes much more difficult. So it is better to go sticking wallpaper only after mounting the ceiling plinths.

First you need to choose a place to stick first element. It is preferable to start with the corners, after which it starts to the perimeter. There will be no problems with straight areas around the perimeter if everything is in order in the corners.

If you have a tensioned web installed, then the plinth must be glued only for the walls. The cloth before it is desirable to close with polyethylene.

The rest of the process is the same as described above. However, during the selection of plinths, it is necessary to focus on the specifics of the mounting of the canvas. The main requirement for baguetas installed in the room with stretch ceiling is that the lower part is significantly wider upper. Wooden plinths in a pair with stretch cloth excluded, T. To. Possible surface damage.

If you are going to set the backlight in the ceiling plinth, then the main thing before sticking the plinth – to do the wire laying, otherwise there are no differences.

To sticking you need to approach, making sure the hands in the purity of the hands, in order not to stain white plinths. The thin band of the adhesive is applied with a gun or a spatula on the back of the cartel, the one that will be pressed to the ceiling and wall. When an option with a stretch ceiling, it is applied only to the bottom, adjacent to the wall.

After the direct sticking of the plinth, it is necessary to wait for a short time, after which it press it to the right place. From under the strip, part of the glue will perform, it must be removed with a dry cloth. For gluing, a cropped fragment of the plinth must be used so that it duplicates the profile cut off. It is necessary to repeat this technology to the end.

After sticking can be discovered Gaps and holes between the planks. They are eliminated by white sealant. You may have not yet engaged in a whitewash and painting the ceiling, in this case you need to run on the battered straps. It is necessary to miss the paint bar, and after they are dry, remove the extra shallow sandpaper or sponge for plaster. After that, the ceiling is leaning with planks into a single whole and the gaps are guaranteed to disappear.

Also after sticking and eliminating defects you can paint the plinth. Painting is generally optional, however, for greater external appeal, it is still worth doing. And If the plinth is white, then you need to paint, otherwise, over time, it will gradually acquire the shade of unpleasant yellowness. To do this, usually use water-emulsion, latex and acrylic dyes. Or you can use the nitrocracy, but in this case the surface of the planks will have to be primed.

Paint moldings are better not immediately after installation, but somewhere in a day.

The plinth sticker is not a very difficult process. Attach it can even unprofessional master. The main thing is to fuck well and connect joints.

Detailed Master Class Booting Ceiling Plinth See next video.

Tips and recommendations

When choosing a material, size and shape, the kits are primarily necessary to navigate the general view of the room. Interior elements It is advisable to combine relative to each other, avoiding the frankly cutting eye of the contrast of flowers and styles. The shape of the cartel and elements of her decor should approach the design of the design, on the basis of which the room is decorated.

It is undesirable to acquire classic style plinths with a gorgeous stucco for the room with a modern design or on the contrary, to install a modest non-splashing molding on a two-level ceiling in a room decorated with wallpaper with sophisticated pompous patterns and magnificent classic furniture.

When choosing finishing options, financial capabilities play a huge role. However, due attention should be paid to the installation process of the halls, otherwise any expensive products will only spoil the interior of a sloppy view.

It is necessary to take into account the size of the room itself, the height of the ceilings. Wide cartlers are suitable for big room. For rooms with ceilings below 3 meters, such cartoons are not suitable, T. To. they will reduce the visible size of the room. The width of the hallway is from 2 to 7 centimeters.

Cutting baguettes, you need to pay attention to the edges – usually the upper and lower sides have different thickness. The bar displaced on the angle of baguette is preferably fixed after marking and processing the adjacent angle of the following fragment.

So that the glue does not hit the ceiling, you must not overdo it with its number. If the budget is not minimal, then pay attention to the decorative corners. It will save you time and nerves and give the highlight with the room, if you choose them with taste.

For stretch ceilings, the planks must be wide. Since the upper part will not glue, the plank will hold on solely on the glue on the side.

We figured out in the process of gradually and in detail, now everything will be understood and newcomer. The main thing is to carefully pick up and calculate the materials, and after neatly perform all the work.

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