How to cut the ceiling plinth in the corners using stusl?

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Provided vintage style in the interior is impossible without using narrow or wide plinths, moldings. They are intensively used by modern designers for stylish decoration of ceilings, central and bottom of the rooms. Let’s analyze how to properly cut the ceiling plinth in the corners using the stusla.

Basic Rules

In most cases, decorate the living area with expressive elements of decorative stucco does not represent serious difficulties. Basically, they are used in order to:

  • increasing the aesthetics of the interior;
  • masking of wall defects;
  • Hiding wiring laid with invisible side.

Aesthetic fragments with suitevitis patterns, complex ornaments are cut off with a sharp knife or hacking for metal in size, applied to a flat, pre-prepared plane and glued using adhesive composition. Actually any newcomer in the field of repair will be able to decorate the wall with stucco fragments. But when it comes to decorating the corners, the main difficulties arise at such a difficult stage of work. They are related, first of all, with the possibility of achieving smooth angles, which is very difficult if used to use sweater devices – knife or hacksaw. To withstand a certain tilt, professional tools will be required.

It should be emphasized that the use of Stusla is not the only way to create smooth corners of decorative slats, but they are all inferior to the joinery of the degree of use and quality of trimming. Achieve the required faces without the tool for only professionals with extensive experience. Therefore, the connoisseurs of vintage styles should be thought up to think about how to learn how to work with a carpentry machine to easily and quickly cut outdoor, internal angles. It has the importance to list the main advantages of the stouch:

  • low cost;
  • Simple use without special devices;
  • Fixation options on any surface;
  • small sizes and weight (made of plastic, wood, metal);
  • Cutting angles in two planes;
  • Working with straps actually any materials.

Along with apparent advantages, there are two minor minuses at the carpentry machine – there is no possibility to manually set the desired corner of the cut, the parameters of the workpiece are limited to the width of the product. Despite several negative moments worthy of alternatives stusl not yet invented. In carpentry machines sold in stores, as a rule, there are six characteristic slits to achieve corners in the workpieces. That is, three for each side.

Molding, plinth, the hallt can be cut off at an angle of 45, 135, 30, 60, 15 degrees depending on the model. However, it should not be thought that the structural features on this end, because the carpentry devices are different: simple, swivel, electrical. But for the segment of the slats in order to improve the stylish interior will be enough ordinary carpentry machine.

How to trim?

To properly cut the ceiling plinth in the corners using a stouch, you need to perform several requirements, namely, to prepare a carpentry machine with certain parameters and a bar. It should be remembered that the plinth, moldings are made of various materials – woodworking products, modern polymers. It makes sense to list the characteristic properties of each material.

  • Wooden cartoons are very durable and heavy. Therefore, you should prepare acute hashes.
  • Foam moldings are quite fragile. When processing, they crumble, which makes it difficult for the process. Cut the angle is recommended for a sharp knife.
  • Products on the PVC ceiling are not distinguished by high strength properties. Such planks are better cut with hacksaw without strong pressure.
  • Hallery from extruded polystyrene foam will not actually crumble, trimming angles from this material takes less time. You can use a building knife or hacksaw.
  • Cut corners from polyurethane moldings also no serious difficulties. This material is well cut in a sharp knife and does not form a crumb.

To properly cut out an outdoor or inner corner at the plinths, you must first mark the markup – attach the product to the ceiling and outline thin lines with a pencil. In order to cut the cartel at a certain angle using a stouch, you need to adhere to the detailed instructions that can be obtained from an experienced carpenter. Novice first debt it is recommended to practice on an unnecessary segment of a wooden blank so as not to spoil the decorative element. You must try to have a shearing of internal and outer angles, achieve quality work in order to avoid mistakes in the future.

First logically try making an inner corner and only then external.

  • Roger lean to the butt place on the ceiling and measure the desired length.
  • Place the plinth in a carpentry machine face.
  • Cover the bar.
  • Holding molding with left hand, another to take a hacksaw.
  • Select a position under 45 degrees.
  • Decide on the convenient cutting position.
  • Proceed to cutting without a strong pressure on the cutting tool.
  • Immediately saw a retaliatory.

      At the end of the work, the obtained planes must be docked on the floor and check the accuracy of the saw. Irregularities carefully handle sandpaper. Now it is necessary to achieve external corners. Why it is so important first to make an inner corner, and not the opposite? Justified step will allow not to be mistaken with sizes. In the opposite case, the force majeure is possible when the cartoons may not be enough in length. Therefore, the second stage is the formation of external corners. How to make bevelled with a carpentry machine?

      • Take the plinth, attach to the ceiling and outline the dimensions.
      • Place decorative material in the stubble and press the left hand to the wall.
      • Take the hacksaw with your right hand, choose the position of the slots at 45 degrees.
      • Draw the mark.
      • When cutting on the hacksaw, do not press much so as not to spoil the decor.

      Also stuffing off in retaliatory planks.


      In some situations, it is necessary to fit the sizes after all, if the corner of the wall is not exactly 90 degrees. In this case, you will have to achieve a characteristic inclination by cartoons using other methods. If the stouch was not at hand or there is no desire to use a carpentine machine, you can do otherwise. Special plugs are sold in construction stores that are distinguished by magnificent styling. They will hide all the flaws of uneven cut. To achieve excellent aesthetics with such elements, you need to sprinkle in the length of the ceiling plinth, cut off at a level angle, stick the cartel, and on a complex mating place to install a decorative angle.

      How to quickly cut off the ceiling plinth in the corners, see the following video.

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