How to cut a PVC panel?

    PVC panel is one of the most popular materials for interior decoration. Its use in the interior attracts not only the appearance, but also affordable price, simplicity in maintenance and installation. Thanks to the characteristics listed, many people prefer the PVC panels, and not the cafes, when finishing personal hygiene rooms.

    Features of the material

    PVC panels – one of the modern types of finishing material, which is manufactured by extrusion and used both in the bathroom and in the living room. The main raw material in the production of such products is the polyvinyl chloride, which is filled with a foundry. So that the panels can be given the desired color, their composition adds a certain amount of crushed natural chalk.

    The decoration of PVC panels can be carried out in one of the following ways:

    • staining;
    • thermochet;
    • Offset printing.

    Thermal print is applied to a plastic surface with a special preheated to high roller temperatures, which presses the film to the surface of the product. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to quickly and clearly apply the drawing without loss of brightness of the image. The panel itself does not need an additional lacquer coating. Offset printing applied much less often due to its high cost.

    Selection of tools for cutting

    In the process of installing such a finishing material at home, users face a small problem: the panels sold in building stores have a length of 3 meters, and the height of the ceilings in most panel houses is 2.5 meters.

    Specialists in the performance of repair work, which are in their professional activities to carry out the installation of PVC panels, know a lot of secrets relative to the correct cutting of plastic materials along and across. After analyzing them, each owner who wants to independently make repairs, will be able to pick up the most suitable professional tool for him or take advantage of.

    Selecting a method of cutting panels usually depends on the tasks and the masters’ capabilities. Below are the types of cutting materials.


    Most experienced specialists whose tools have a wide variety and are intended for high-quality plastic processing, prefer to cut PVC panels using a special cutter. Due to it, there is a smooth slice on a plastic surface without much effort, characterized by the lack of jar and chipping. The cutter is sold in almost every construction store and has a fairly affordable price.

    If necessary, this tool can be independently made from undergraduate tools, for which it suffices to adhere to the following recommendations:

    • It is necessary to prepare a metal strip, the thickness of which is at least 2 mm, and the width is 1 cm;
    • Then it is necessary to cut one of the edges of the blank at an angle of 45 degrees;
    • It is necessary to sharpen the edge of the self-made product, using a grinding stone;
    • The opposite side should be wrapped with a tape, which will allow in the process of protecting the hand from damage.

    A professional cutter for plastic has a relatively low cost, so its acquisition can serve as a profitable investment, because thanks to this instrument, the process of cutting PVC panels becomes not only more convenient, but also quite quick.


    One of the universal fixtures for cutting any material is a hacksaw, which is probably found in the arsenal of any master. It is she who will help if necessary to cut a plastic wall panel. Such work will take longer than when using a special cutter, however, with significant volumes of cladding, it will not significantly affect the total duration of repair.

    When using hacksaw, it is worth listening to the following recommendations of specialists:

    • To work with plastic finishing materials, use a tool with small teeth, which is usually designed to work with the metal or wood;
    • To shorten the PVC panel, there is no need to apply strong physical efforts, which can damage material;
    • You can cut a few parts with a knockdown at once by folding them with a stack and consolidating to avoid a deflection or offset.

    In order for the cut did not get jealous, it is not recommended to use a tool with divorced into different directions.

    Power tools

    For quick sawing PVC panels, the power tool is best suited. For this purpose, almost any device can be used, which will help significantly reduce the time spent on the preparation for installation.

    Often, cutting is performed using the following instruments:

    • electrolovka;
    • Bulgarian;
    • Circular.

    To work with plastic material, it is allowed to use only low revolutions, because with substantial heating, it begins to melt and highlight the toxic evaporation for the human body, and the incision in this case will turn out to be torn.

    Using the electrolls will help make the process of preparing the PVC panels to the installation substantially faster than in the case of manual instrument.

    However, with such a processing method, the following nuances should be taken into account:

    • even before work, it is necessary to turn off the pendulum;
    • It should be applied to the pylon with the maximum in small cloth;
    • It is necessary to establish the smallest speed of the peel movement, which will avoid excessive heating of plastic in the cutting place.

    With the help of the electrolybiz, it is very convenient to cut the stacks of panels, but it is necessary to ensure that their height does not exceed the length of the peel tool.

    Bulgarian is recognized as the most convenient and practical power tools, With which you can cut the wall PVC panels. By installing a cut disc, you can make not only straight, but also figured cuts on the surface of plastic. When processing plastic circle, it turns on only on low revs, which will avoid damage due to melting edges.


    In the absence of more practical and convenient tools, the PVC can be cut with a knife.

    To solve such a task, the following types of cutting products will be suitable:

    • Kitchen knife. This tool is suitable for cutting several panels in the process of repairing or replacing them. For large-scale wall decoration, such a procedure is excessively long and painful.
    • Construction knife. Among the manual cutting tool, such a device is one of the optimal options to achieve a flat cut with applying relatively small efforts.
    • Stationery knife. With the help of a wooden line or a square, this tool allows you to achieve perfectly smooth panel cuts, so it is often used for their cutting.

    Basic rules cutting

    So that efforts on cutting PVC panels do not disappear, and the result of the work has justified expectations, experts recommend to adhere to a number of rules for working with plastic. These small secrets will help not only significantly reduce the number of spoiled material, but also keeps the wizard from unnecessary financial spending and injuries.

    When carrying out work in the heated season, you should not start cutting panels, which were recently listed. Plastic should be naturally warm to room temperature, which is achieved at least 12 hours. The fact is that at low temperatures, the plastic panel becomes fragile, and therefore it can crack and rolled in large fragments.

    Regardless of the selected method of processing the material, it should be positioned by the face to itself, which will avoid deformation of the panel and difficulties in its further installation. When cut from the wrong side, you can detect microcracks on the front part, which manifests itself with time and will spoil the interior significantly.

    It is necessary to post a direct line of the planned cut, which can be done with a simple pencil and stationery line.

    To speed up the process of preparing the material to installation work, you can cut or saw several PVC panels simultaneously. To do this, it is enough to add them to a stack and create a two-point support. The opposite edge of the stacks is best resting into the wall, which will help to avoid product shift, respectively, resulting from the details of the same length.

    Safety regulations

    Like working with any building materials, the processing of PVC panels requires compliance with several security rules. These recommendations are particularly relevant if it is planned to work using a tool power supply connected to a network, such as a jigsaw or a grinder. In case of cutting plastic, the power tool is a great danger that fragments and sawdust can fly from panels. Therefore, experts recommend pre-acquire goggles in advance, which should not be removed until the end of work. These seemingly simple personal protective equipment will help protect your hands and eyes from injuries.

    These tips should help determine the choice of tools, And also create the interior of your own dreams and avoid most mistakes, because putting a little effort, you can achieve the desired result, saving a considerable amount of money.

    How easy and clearly cutting a plastic panel is described in the video.

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