How to cut a chipboard pubsyk without chips?

Laminated wood-chipboard – one of the most massive materials that is used in the independent manufacture of furniture. Talk about her advantages and disadvantages. But it is much more important to learn how to cut a chipboard with a junk without chips.

Features and recommendations

Experts and experts advise to perform this kind of work with the help of electric jigsaws, already because the usual manual hacksaw is too wearing. It does not allow to cut the material quite smoothly. The correct sequence of steps is:

  • preparation of tools (ruler, electrolovka, measuring tape measure, sewn or other sharp device for dukes);

  • Supplement to these tools (if necessary) with a coal for laying direct angles;

  • Measurement of the desired part (with a reserve of 0.2 cm so that it can be adjusted);

  • Holding a line along the line;

  • Actually, cut along the laid line;

  • The refinement of the place of sleep with the help of sandpaper;

  • With the very poor quality of the end – rubbing it with a small one, like a tonality on the chipboard.

What else to know?

When it is planned to cut off everything without chips on one side, it is permissible to apply the pinks and with the top, and with the lower location of the teeth. Most of the masters prefer small dilches with straight cloths. Such adaptations give up less material, but they work quite well. After drinking it is best to handle ends stretched onto smooth bars. If there is no finished shame of suitable coloring, you can mix different chalks, like paints in the artist’s palette, and get a new color.

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To cut without errors and moreover, it is necessary to always take into account branded labeling. The generally binding standard of designations is not yet, however, almost all firms are strictly followed by the Classification BOSCH specialists. Or at least indicate it with its own abbreviations and terms. For cutting tree and products based on it, CV format fills are well suited (sometimes designated as HCS).

For the processing of laminated panels, the Hardwood Pilking is designed (they will be useful, note, and when processing solid wood).

Some inscriptions speak about what mode the tool works optimally:

  • Basic is a simple canvas that allows you to make pure high quality cuts;

  • Speed ​​- the device, the teeth of which diluted (this allows you to cut faster);

  • Clean – a canvas that did not bred (usually gives the most pure incision).

If the billet is relatively thick, preferably sawing canvas with large cutters that did not bred, then the care from the vertical will be minimal. Longitudinal (with respect to the fibers) incision most often made by cosose-free saws. For transverse it is better for a straight canvas. When it is planned to make a workpiece for furniture, it is advisable to choose less productive, but a more accurate tool. Since most of the pylons produced now cuts the material when retracting, the workpiece will need to be processed from the wrong.

Completing of the work

When the pedel is selected, you need to correctly cut down at home Laminated slab. Exchanges are recommended to cut on the guide (the rack clamps and clamps are suitable). If you use a new, unavoidable blade, you can process the chipboard as purely, as a circular saw. It is advisable to include a jigsaw on the lowest revs, which only possible. This will significantly increase the resource of each filling used.

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The canvases themselves put at right angles to the jigsaw sole. The easiest way to handle the angle with the help of the coated or the transport. Important: Direct, passing through the cutting edge of the instrument, should be parallel to the rigidly fixed part of the jigsaw. It is recommended to use special inserts that reduce the likelihood of split. But that they work more efficiently, they usually cut the laminated layer from the side where the blade will go.

About how to cut a chipboard with a junk without chipping, look in the following video.

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