How to choose oak boards?

Natural wood enjoys in great demand in the field of furniture construction and manufacture. Oak boards are a common material that has a lot of positive characteristics and a number of advantages. There are several types of building materials with a wide selection of sizes in the market. You can call a number of areas in which the use of oak boards will be relevant. Before buying a material, it is important to get acquainted with the recommendations of specialists to purchase high-quality products.


Oak board is a natural building material that has earned an honorable place on the market due to its advantages and unique properties. The presence of a rich natural texture allows you to produce products that purchase a noble appearance, so they are able to fit into any interior. For example, flooring from oak board look stylish and aesthetically, the same applies to furniture designs. It is important to note the stability of the material to the loads. It is not amenable to scratches, defects do not appear on the surface due to mechanical damage.

Oak is considered one of the most durable rocks that attracts builders and manufacturers of furniture structures. Even adverse atmospheric conditions will not affect the properties of a material that is thorough treatment with the means, so its physical functions are preserved over the years.

The big plus of the material is its moisture resistance, the board will not absorb water, so the structure will not be flawed, and this is extremely important if we are talking about outdoor and street structures. Long service life is also a great advantage of this building material. It is worth noting that the oak board is environmentally friendly, so you can make children’s furniture from it and create any products without harm to health and the environment. Working with the material is easy and simple, it is easily cutting and sawing, despite the density of the structure and high hardness of the breed. Many attracts the ability to make artificial aging, which gives the stunning effect of wood.

As for color, there are no problems with this, since the wood can be repainted from the dark into a light shade, choosing any decision.


In the building materials market, a wide range of oak boards is offered, each classification has its own characteristics and advantages with which it is useful to familiarize themselves.

The edged boards are cleaned of the crust and various bitch at the processing stage. The end and wide parts are mechanically cleaned and make it very carefully. As a result, the product from this material becomes durable and have a spectacular appearance. The scope of such a board is a lot – floor covering, finishing works, furniture industry, construction of stair structures and T. D.

An unedged board is also found, which is processed on both sides. This is a rough material that is best used in carpentry, construction and furniture manufacture. From the board, durable frames, fences, stools and roofing structures.

Dry board refers to the most common types of sawn timber. It passes the drying process in the chambers for several weeks depending on the thickness of the product. This is a valuable industrial raw material that is used to create sexual coatings, partitions and furniture production. It is important to note that products from such a material are less influenced by fungus and mold, so they will not need to be processed additionally.

However, drying should be engaged only by professionals, since at home to achieve due effect will not work.

Universal sawn timber is a planed dry board, which is subjected to high-quality processing not only from the end side, but also from all others, so it is called polished. The main features of the product are in a smooth surface, proper geometry and wear resistance. With such material, you can make a stylish and durable facade cladding, to build a fence and gazebo, release a false-bar, decorative beams and T. D.

The planed calibrated board has a beautiful, aesthetic look, but its main advantage is functionality. The material is deeply treated on professional equipment, so fit accuracy is guaranteed.

Thanks to this, the framework of such a board will be most reliable as possible, and this is important.


Depending on the type of oak board, the parameters are offered in different versions. If we are talking about the edged material, the thickness will be 30 or 50 mm, the passage of the bitches is allowed with a diameter of up to 20 mm. Unedged board is offered in the same amount, if the material is required for cladding, you can choose a 10 mm board. The length of the sawn timber can also vary, so the range starts with 500 mm (up to 3000 mm). The weight of the oak board depends on the dimensions, as well as the percentage of wood moisture. For example, if the presence of moisture in the breed is 30%, the proportion of the cubic meter reaches 760 kg, at 25% – 740 kg, 15% – 700 kg. Thus, in the market you can find material with different indicators: 30x150x3000, 50x100x2000 and t. D.

Scope of application

Oak breed is used for making not just stylish, but also durable, reliable furniture, which will last for many years, without losing initial characteristics and presentability. Wooden board is well bend, so you can create intricate designs of any complexity. The material from the white oak is often used to arrange the floors, besides there is a wide selection of any shades that can be selected for one or another interior design.

As mentioned above, oak boards can be used not only inside, but also outside, so they design terraces, make facing facades, gazebos and much more.

Tips for choosing

Acquisition of an oak board may take a lot of time, as it is necessary to consider different parameters and pick up a reliable manufacturer. To begin with, it is important to determine what kind of material will be operated: for the construction of the stairs, the creation of furniture, shelves, ceiling finishes, table top or room frame. If you want to get an expressive texture pattern, then pay attention to the type of selection of Rustic, which is in great demand. As an outdoor material, it is better to choose boards with a thickness of 15-20 mm, and the width can be allowed to 200 mm.

It is important to take into account the method of finishing the material, since manufacturers can use varnish, oil or toning formulations to express texture. Need to take into account whether there is a correspondence of the geometry of the boards, otherwise it will be about violation of technical processing conditions. If the ends of the material are burned, it is better to look for another manufacturer. The board must be wrapped in dense polyethylene, which will save it from moisture and mechanical damage during transportation. Make sure the tree has no defects, not damaged by insects, and the surface is smooth and aesthetically attractive.

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