How to choose glowing and neon wallpaper?

Every day, luminous wallpapers are becoming increasingly popular in the design of the premises. Preference to them give those who love non-standard in the design of walls and people who have children. If most recently this segment was rare on the construction, today neon wallpaper can be found in the widest range in almost any construction store.

However, not always the choice that people do when buying wallpapers in the bedroom, children’s or living room is suspended and conscious. Luminous materials can become not only an interior highlight, but also a ridiculous decor element, regularly “cutting eyes”.

So that this does not happen, the choice of such crafts should be approached very seriously.

What it is?

Luminous called wallpaper, which in the form of a pattern causes phosphor paint. The properties of this composition are that the day covered with them pieces of decoration absorb sunlight, and at night a very soft and unobtrusive glow radiate. This is a very large help for families with young children, because if the child is afraid to fall asleep in complete darkness, the option with glowing wallpapers will be a good compromise.

Neon materials in the construction market are sewn into two categories:

  • Ordinary finishing materials with printed luminophore patterns. According to manufacturers of such wallpapers, paint does not contain phosphorus and absolutely harmless to health surrounding. As a rule, the color of the pictures emitted at night – green, blue and yellow-orange. Wallpaper from this category can be called relatively inexpensive.

It is believed that you can try to do them yourself at home. To do this, you will need a stencil with a pattern that you would like to see on your wall and luminophore paint.

  • There is even more expensive and absolutely harmless to humans – Finishing materials made according to a special technology known to the manufacturer only. The only thing that can be said about the way of creating such wallpapers – the effect of the glow is achieved due to the combination of phloorephore paint with fluorescent. Initially, the material is covered in the right places of fluorescent paint, and after everything is sprinkled with the finest layer of phosphor powder.

It turns out a very unusual effect; During the day, wallpapers have a view of a surround image, and a small and very soft glow is added with the pictures at night;

  • Special LED coatings appeared in stores relatively recently, so few people today are well versed in this type of neon wallpaper. They look very creative and suitable for the interior in a futuristic style. However, immediately follow from them to refuse those who are looking for a wall covering or ceiling in the bedroom, a study or living room.

Whatever category of these finishing materials you choose, in any case, professionals advise the use of special Wood lamps (they are also called BLB lamps or black lamps). They do not give visible light, but when the beam from such a lamp falls on the paint, the glow becomes brighter and interesting.

As a rule, such sources are attached around the perimeter of the image, but it can be done and point, on some special places to which you want to attract attention.

With point backlight you give the image on wallpaper some volume and depth. It is recommended to mount these lamps no closer than 1 m from the subject of illumination. If the neon composition is placed on the ceiling, these parts are placed behind the ceiling plinth.

Types of luminous wallpaper

There are the following varieties of luminous crafts:

  • Roll wallpapers are designed for zoning. Extremely rarely used to finish the whole room. As a rule, with the help of 1-2 rolls of such a coating, you can visually separate from the rest of the room to sleep zone. It is especially appropriate to this in the child’s room, when one room is at the same time both place for games, and a working space for homework, and a seating area. If there is a need to more categorically separate one part of the room from another, you can stick a baguette around neon finishes.

  • Genre wallpaper – real work of art. They are not sold by rolls, but in the form of crafts, which, like a mosaic, are going to either in a full picture with a specific plot, either in an abstract motive or ornament. It is on this option that it is better to stop your choice if you also assume the task of visual expansion of space with the help of finishing materials. They are often used to finish the ceiling, because that can be romantic than lying at the bed at night and admire the starry sky mysteriously in the dark.

  • Panoramic wallpapers fit well, as a rule, in spacious interiors, and rooms with a small metro station they are unlikely to fit. Here, there are very often plot patterns, as well as natural abstractions, such as marine smooth or cosmic depths. It should be noted that it is this kind of glowing wallpaper that belongs to the premium segment in the building materials market, so they must be treated as weighing as much as possible.

In particular, consider that panoramic luminescent wallpaper give a much more intense light than rolled, so it is better not to glue them on the walls in the bedroom or children – people with increased sensitivity will be uncomfortable in such a room.


It is believed that it is a durable and unpretentious finishing material. Special care does not require such wallpapers, succumb to light humid cleaning (they can be calm with a wet cloth or a cloth, but without detergents). In addition, they will not fade away from old age and are not deformed. Blooming such wallpapers, you can not think about repassing for 5 years.

The only thing that should be considered is that such wallpapers need natural sunlight. For complete “charging”, the drawing is needed somewhere around 10 hours, depending on the intensity of the sun’s rays. Enough energy is also about this time.

Shove such wallpaper too. Most modern photoluminescent canvases are self-adhesive, and those that do not belong to them are very easy to glue using the most ordinary wallpaper glue.

The main thing is not to refer to dubious suppliers and take the goods only from proven and trusty manufacturers. As a rule, the phlizelinic wallpaper is taken, covered with luminous pattern, so do not fear problems with repair – in this case, everything is done, as usual.

Where is better glued?

Of course, the choice of decorative premises depends solely on who makes repairs. But to create a harmonious interior, which will only subsequently please the eye, and not to cause discomfort, it is better to listen to the designers’ advice.

Successful Locations for decorating with glowing wallpaper are considered:

  • Bedroom. ZMost often placed by neon wallpaper ceiling, creating the illusion of the starry sky, or they allocate a small zone in the head of the bed, or opposite;

  • Children’s. Neon wallpaper asked for children, because it can be amazing than a room in which the magic princesses or incredible beauty flowers suddenly occur with the shutdown of light;

  • The corridor. Very often, the fluorescent ceiling can be a special highlight of the room, which we extremely rarely pay due attention;

  • Living room. With the help of neon wallpaper, you can create an atmosphere, ideally continuing the leading interior line. A urban landscape will suit the futuristic living room, and the room in oriental style will be elegantly complemented by gently luminous in the dark by monograms and ornaments.

What to choose?

Before the selection of such crafts should be wondering how quickly you get tired of the selected motive? Will you not be unrivored and guests shining in the dark city or a bouquet of flowers?

The answer is simple: Of course, no, if you choose a picture correctly:

  • Psychologists assure, based on perennial research that the calmer of the whole human psyche reacts to Images of natural motifs. It is the stars, waves and birds much slower to make a human eye, while, say, industrial landscapes, after a couple of months, begin to annoy a little. And it is definitely not recommended to glue the wallpaper with the image of human figures – in the dark they may look even somewhat urgent.

  • If you doubt how much your choice is, you can always pay your attention to removable glowing panoramas. Such a mobile option leaves for you the possibility of changing the decor and renewing room decoration.

  • We must not forget that neon wallpaper is not only an element of decor, but also a source of scattered light. Remember this when it will choose the color of the radiance. Otherwise, it can join dissonance with a common room style. For example, a living room, weathered in soft and warm colors, plunging with the shutdown of light into a bluish radiance, will cause a person in humans.

  • Also, remember such a rule – wallpaper with an intense fluorescent pattern, which takes up a large area of ​​the canvas and attracts a lot of attention, it is better to glue into rooms with a minimum number of furniture.

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