How to choose Eurovanda?

Lining – Environmentally friendly material for finishing, which is made from different varieties of natural wood. With proper care, namely: timely coating with varnish or painting, this material is able to serve an average of 15-20 years.

What it is?

His name glued lining was obtained due to the initial scope of application: finishes of trains. Initially, these were thin wooden slats, however, in our days, each rail is equipped with a special lock for the convenience of mounting. Tree is still considered in demand material in the construction sector – it can be found in the finishing of the premises of both external and internal, as well as in the construction of houses and any structures. One of the main advantages of wood is the ability to accumulate and evaporate moisture, making graphs of temperature and humidity at the same time.

Lining, as material for finishing, has a mass gain:

  • convenient installation due to a well-thought-out fastener system and connecting parts with each other;
  • a large selection of colors, sizes and material, from which the lining itself is made;
  • a light weight;
  • Wide scope of application;
  • Democratic value.


Production of lining is divided into steps and begins with the release of the edged board. Using the sawmills, the desired billets are cut down, corresponding to the exactly specified parameters and sizes, the material of the best purity is used: between the bark and the core of the tree trunk. The next step is drying – it is precisely from it that the correctness of the geometric size of the material and their stability depends. During drying, all microorganisms that are both inside and on the wood surface are destroyed, excessive moisture is removed, which reduces the weight of the material and simplifies its further processing.

The final stage is the final processing of the front side and the lighting, then it turns out perfectly smooth and smooth board. Some unscrupulous manufacturers are often negotiated by this stage, without driving themselves with high-quality grinding and removal of bitch that can fall. Also, dishonest manufacturers often do not hit the board, because of which the buyer has huge problems: the lining begins to change geometry, bending, respectively, further use is impossible.

Types and characteristics

The lining can be both a classic, made of wood and created from the materials of absolutely different class, such as plastic or MDF. Plastic lining. The type of finishes used using such a material is also called finishing with panels. This type of finishing material is extremely resistant to the effects of moisture, very light compared to the counterparts and does not lose the appearance under the action of sunlight, however, due to the effects of low temperatures, it often becomes fragile, and damaging the panel becomes extremely easy.

Plastic lining wider than the ordinary wooden version of approximately 2-3 times. It simplifies its installation. The ability to go up the corners of both internal and external – it is only necessary to cut a small amount of rigid rinother from the inside of the panel and heat it. In addition, such a material can possess any pattern, both stylized under the tree and in any pattern or even a whole image that will be folded from the panels.

But still it should be remembered that plastic is not an environmentally friendly material, so you need to carefully select high-quality panels so that they do not produce harmful substances into the air in the air.

Lining from MDF. Panels made from MDF – This is an absolutely environmentally friendly and clean finishing material that represents good competition with plastic panels or classic wooden lining.

MDF panels produce a presses fine and dry wooden chips under the influence of high temperature using high pressure for molding. The fastening of the material is carried out by the allocation of the natural substance present in the wood – Lignin. Due to this, MDF – absolutely safe material that does not emit harmful substances, since epoxy resins do not apply.

From the characteristics of this type of product it should be noted a variety of patterns and stylization under various materials.

Wooden lining – the most common type of finishing material. She first appeared in the construction market.

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Wooden lining has many decoration styles, but in appearance it can be divided into two types:

  • with a flat face panel;
  • with a rounded front panel that mimics the structure of the bar.

Types of wood:

  • Aspen – light, solid wood, not prone to cracks, has a small weight.
  • Pine – high strength wood, pretty heavy, has a yellowish, and sometimes red shade. Over time a little darkens. When processing specialized funds, pine lining perfectly opposes fungi and mold, as well as insect.
  • Larch – Durable Wood, practically not changing its sizes under the action of external factors, the color scheme can variety: from light yellow up to red-brown.
  • Cedar – Very durable and expensive wood. It has a pleasant aroma and useful resins that are endowed with attending properties.
  • Spruce – light yellow wood, according to the properties of similar to the pine, however, less common.

Benefits and disadvantages of material

The best properties belong to the larch lickening, pine, as well as cedar, spruce and aspen. Evrovaga, made of coniferous wood, is used for all types of finishes: both outdoor and internal. However, the material made of hardwood is suitable only for installation inside, since it does not tolerate moisture.

Coniferous wood breeds always contain a large amount of natural resins and oils, Due to what can be used with high humidity and resist the formation of mold. This material is suitable for finishing indoors, but it cannot be used for facing the sauna and baths – due to high temperatures, the resin is released, so the material is covered with a sticky layer and can even light up independently and arrange a fire. Therefore, before lining with a sauna or bath with cladding of coniferous rocks, you should save the boards from resin – this is done in some European countries.

Hardwood wood, such as linden, alder, oak or ash, has a smaller service life, but does not contain a large number of resins, therefore it does not allocate them, which can be used in baths and saunas. The lining of the deciduous breed requires regular and timely processing, otherwise the surface loses due appearance and black. It should be added that it is possible to use wood for baths and saunas only with a small density, as it is less transmitted heat and, accordingly, heats up.

Sold lining in packs of 1 m2. Metal mesh is usually incovered around it.


It should be noted that the Eurolution and ordinary lining have different sizes that are often indicated in tables on the sites of manufacturers. The dimensional lining dimensions are installed directly by the material manufacturer itself, but there are the most popular, which have become standard, parameters.

Dimensions of wooden lining can be varied overwhered:

  • thickness – from 12 to 40 mm;
  • width – from 76 to 200 mm;
  • Board length – from 20 cm to 600 cm;
  • Spike height – 4-5 mm.

Dimensions of Eurovantia

For Euromagle, more standardized parameters are inherent:

  • Thickness – 13, 16, 19 mm;
  • width – 80, 100, 110, 120 mm;
  • Board length – 50-600 cm;
  • Spike height – 8-9 mm.

    Possible errors:

    • thickness – up to 1 mm;
    • width – up to 1 mm;
    • Length – up to 5 mm;
    • Spike height – up to 0.5 mm.

    It should be mentioned that short boards lining have a much less price. This is explained by the fact that details of small length are often trimming the final processing of long boards. The reason is that on long details in the final processing process you can see the dead knots that need to be removed, since they can fall out in the process of use – it will save the grade of the lining.

    What differences between varieties?

    Different varieties of lining apply in the decoration. Below is a description of each class.

    There are 4 classes:

    • class “Extra”;
    • class A;
    • class B;
    • Class C.

    In category “Extra” Includes light color board with a complete lack of bitch. The board in this class is completely devoid of cracks, chips and other defects. The humidity of this type of product should not exceed or be lower than the standard values ​​by 12-14%. The class “Extra” implies the highest quality material – it can easily be used to finish residential premises. Boards are extremely carefully processed and have a nice view without flaws.

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    IN class “A” Parts include light-colored boards, on the surface of which there may be bits in small quantities, resin sites, cracks and chips. However, their presence does not have a significant effect on the strength of the board. Material moisture should not exceed or be lower than standard values ​​by 12-14% percent. Also suitable for finishing the inside of the premises.

    IN Class “B” The dark-color boards are often characteristic of the presence of bitch, chips, cracks and other defects. But at the same time their number should be no more than 20%. Dimensions of resin sites should not exceed 15 cm. Material moisture in such a grade should also be within standard values ​​with deviation to 12-14%.

    IN Class “C” Enter the lowest quality boards of various colors. Defects can occupy up to 30% of the entire area of ​​the board. The material of this variety is deprived of finishing, so installation indoors is undesirable. This type of lining is used for external finish.

    Types of lining profiles

    It should be mentioned that only wooden lining has a variety of profiles – the remaining types are made in a standard profile.

    Profile of type “Standard”. The front side of the board is flat, and its edges are bevelled at an angle of about 30 degrees. The edges of the board have special grooves and protrusions of the type “spike-groove” for a reliable connection. The spike height makes somewhat less than the depth of the groove to compensate.

    CHTIL’S PROFILE. This type of wooden lining is different from the classical only rounded corners of the boards. The rest of the product is completely similar to the standard option, but it looks better than the classic lining with its sharp edges.

    Profile of type “American”. The profile of this type has the front part with the bevered edges, because of which the effect of laying the flashes is manifested when installing.

    Eurovanda. Unlike the ordinary, the usual lining “Euro” has a thicker thorns, which guarantees greater reliability and strength of the finish during operation. In addition, the Eurolution after installation forms a whole drawing, and not chaotic, as in the case of a classic option. Such material is quite easy to put and, if necessary, you can paint with your own hands acrylic paint.

    This material is manufactured on the European standard DIN. Eurostandard obliges the manufacturer to adhere to the extremely strict requirements for moisture and quality of wood, geometry of the board and thoroughness of pure grinding and processing. Also, the European boards have two grooves or furrows on the back side, which serve to remove condensate and ventilation space between the trim and the wall. It protects both the board and the crate with the insulation from rotting and the appearance due to this fungus or mold.

    Also, such grooves are somewhat helping the boards to withstand the temperature expansion and change in the material geometry due to moisture drops.

    Tips for choosing

    Before choosing a product, first of all, you should decide on the material of the lining.Wooden lining has long established itself in the market as an affordable and reliable material for finishing the premises. From the positive qualities of wood, it should be noted good sound and thermal insulation, as well as the convenience of working with the product itself. Wooden lining has an extensive spectrum of application: it is trimmed and baths, and residential rooms both inside and outside.

    Wood lining can be made from different wood species, Accordingly, they all have a separation by properties. When choosing a wooden lining, attention should be paid only to the Euro woman. The main thing is the quality of. Thirdly castle, high demands for wood and its humidity, as well as surface treatment makes Euro-making incomparable quality with the usual option. However, if you need to save the budget, then the classic lining is also a good option. But should closely monitor the quality when choosing a material, as well as be prepared for difficulties in the form of a poorly connected lock, a rough surface, dropping out the bitch and possible sluts, if the installation is made in a wet room.

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    Mounting wooden lining should be used by kleimers. Kleimer is a bracket that is attached to the crate with the help of nails or screws and presses the castle of the lining to the base, but at the same time it is not fixed rigid to the board itself. This allows the lining without problems to change its dimensions due to temperature expansion and humidity and move vertically, which guarantees the reliability of fastening and the absence in the future cracks or foreign sounds.

    Separately, it is worth noting this scope of application of lining, as a trim of bath and saunas. The lining of conifers is rarely used in the baths, as it can allocate resin, but it helps to resist aggressive conditions, such as temperature and humidity drops, as well as fungus and microorganisms. In the saunas and baths most often use a olhovy or linden lining – such wood after processing absolutely does not allocate resins. The lining of hardwood has a smaller service life due to the porous structure of the material, but thanks to the same porosity, this wood can withstand high temperature.

    Plastic panels appeared on the market not so long ago, however, gained a good reputation. They are not suitable for exterior decoration, but wonderful suitable for facing loggias and bathrooms or shower. Since plastic is immune to water, the panels are withstanding any humidity, as well as insensitive to the sun rays. Unlike wood plastic lining can have any pattern or pattern repeating tree or stone. You should only beware of low-quality panels, which at the slightest drop in temperature become extremely fragile due to the fact that the manufacturer saves on the quality of plastic.

    MDF lining can be laminated, veneered and painted. Laminated options are covered with PVC film, have a lower price and more wear-resistant, rather than veneered, which are covered with veneers of premium tree breeds. Painted panels, as clear from the name, have a homogeneous color. In general, this is a good alternative for previous options. MDF Walking has all the advantages of a wooden version and is produced in a wide range of colors. Such an alternative is suitable for the entire apartment – it can be used both in the kitchen and in the corridor, applying in the wall cladding or ceiling.

    Be sure to follow the quality of the material when it is selected: the surface of the product should be smooth and smooth, uniform color, without darkening and cracks. Do not trust exhibition samples, as the sample can be from another batch, or the lining could be stored in unheated and wet rooms. Unfortunately, it is impossible to learn exactly the quality of storage of the material, therefore, as an option, you can buy one or two packaging of the material and see what will be installed with it.


    Cleaning care practically does not require – just to pay attention to it when installing: if the material of the manufacture of lining is a tree, then it should be covered with varnish or paint. Lining of other types does not require similar manipulations.

    It is important to know that overlooking the wooden lining during cleaning or cleaning should not – the tree willingly absorbs moisture. In no case should not use abrasive materials for cleaning panels – in this way you can damage the drawing.

    Beautiful examples of finishing

                The exterior decoration of the building with wooden lining with the “American” profile looks stylish and beautiful.

                The conversion of the sauna with the help of linden linden – expensive facing option, which will immediately indicate guests to the owner status.

                The decoration of the plastic PVC panels in the interior looks very stylish and emphasizes the main design of the room. In combination with white color, this setting can be even more attractive.

                About what mistakes should avoid when choosing a Euro woman, you will learn from the following video.

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