How to choose and use mini-screwdrivers?

The need for screwdrivers occurs when it is required to twist or unwind screws, screws, screws. The tool works much faster than manual devices, while spares the surface. But for manipulations on hard-to-reach areas it is necessary to choose a mini-screwdriver, characterized by smaller dimensions.


A small tool is suitable for working with screws and screws about 4 to 16. You can use a little big fastener. Relevant self-tapping screws and screws are used mainly in the furniture assembly. Designs represented by various firms may have a significant difference. It concerns the appearance, and practical characteristics.

The mass of a small screwdriver varies from 0.3 to 0.7 kg. Because the tool is perfectly suitable even for high school students. Since push when working with small fasteners is unlikely needed, handle make a small one – and it easily lies even in a miniature palm. For greater convenience and safety use non-slip plastic overlays. In the form, the device most often resembles a pistol, although T-shaped structures are made.

Recommendations for choosing

How powerful the screwdriver will indicate its torque. Simply put, this is the force with which the working part of the tool twists hardware. If the torque is more than 5 Newton meters (the indicator of a strong human hand), then work is careful. Great risk accidentally damage material or attached product. The number of revolutions varies from 180 to 600 turns per minute.

If the indicator is close to maximum values, the device allows you to confidently work with large fasteners, twist them into solid bases. To screw the small screws and screws into a soft tree, even a simpler drill screwdriver is suitable, outstanding no more than 400 revolutions. Accordingly, the first option is more suitable for lovers to make everything and refine, and the second is for ordinary people, which you only need to periodically twist something or disassemble. As for the batteries used, everything is simple – the total response time is determined by the capacity capacity. With the help of household mini-screwdrivers storing charge from 1.2 to 1.5 amp-hours, it is possible to twist or unscrew 60 – 80 small screws. The exact indicator is determined by the type of substrate material.

Lithium-ion batteries are good at home, where it is always warm. But if you plan to do a small part of the work in winter on the street, nickel-cadmium batteries are preferred. True, they have the effect of memory, which requires more careful circulation. The collet fastening is more reliable than the use of the magnet. But here much depends on the habit of masters, from the varieties of work carried out.

Miniature screwdrivers are rarely sold “in pure form”. Almost always in the kit includes nozzles and bits. It is necessary to carefully check which devices are included in the kit, whether everything is needed there, whether it will be necessary to overpay for obviously unnecessary items. Attention is worth paying and reputation of the manufacturer, how much quality service it can arrange. When buying experts, it is advised to always “accommodate in your hand”, is it convenient to use the device.

Undoubtedly, good products under the Bosch brand. This manufacturer supplies mini-screwdrivers of household and professional. Makita brand products are not less qualitative, in which the recent developments are often implemented. Constructions are continuously improving.

Useful to pay attention to the brands:

  • Metabo;
  • AEG;
  • Dewalt;
  • Ryobi.

The lineup

Hitachi DS10DFL With a mass of 1 kg, has a powerful battery – by 1.5 amp-hour. It is charged very quickly, but the tank of the only battery may not be enough for intensive work, the more torque does not please. Also, consumers complain about poorly thought-out illumination.

Another Japanese miniature screwdriver – Makita DF330DWE – has a torque of 24 Newton meters. What is important, it does not interfere with the charge of the battery in 30 minutes, but even a great design does not cancel complaints on the weakness of the cartridge and the appearance of the backlash. Metabo Powermaxx BS Basic is considered a better example of experts – despite the mass of 0.8 kg. Device develops torque 34 Newton meters. There are no special reasons for complaints about branded products, fakes should be fear.

Rules and nuances of use of the screwdriver

The first requirement that consumers so often ignore, careful familiarity with the instructions. It is there that the most important instructions and recommendations are set out, the observance of which allows you to work comfortably, with the best result. Much attention should be paid to the battery: depending on the specific type, it is discharged or charged before the full discharge comes. It is categorically impossible to rub any contamination and stains wet cloth, especially pouring water. Only the use of dry or slightly wet sponges is allowed.

Keep a mini-screwdriver only in a dry place where it does not definitely fall and will not be crushed by other things. Check the serviceability of the device before starting work helps idle start. The nozzle must be oriented according to the axis of the fastener. It is recommended to put a slightly smaller speed value than it seems necessary, otherwise the risk of damage to the slot. You can not apply a screwdriver instead of a drill for a long time – it will overheat and will be Paul.

On how to use a mini-screwdriver, see the following video.

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