How to choose a transparent metal lacquer?

Metal symbolizes strength and durability, but at the same time it is easily exposed to exposure to its appearance. It easily reacts with air, water, humidity and chemical solutions. Today there are many different ways to get rid of the damage to the metal surface, but it is better to use the means for the prevention of their appearance. For this, it is enough just to cover the surface with special varnish. Varnish envelops the metal with a transparent protective layer, and may also give it a light shade.

Nakov species

To choose the most suitable metal lacquer, you need to study the composition and action of each type. Consider a brief description of some of them.

Bituminous lacquer

As follows from the name, it contains bitumen and polymer resins. After drying, the agent gives the coating black shade, similar to tint. They can cover not only metal, but also wooden, and stone surfaces. The product is heat-resistant, durable and safe for human health. At the moment it is very popular in the market, since in addition to all the listed advantages, it also has a low price.

Polyurethane lacquer

It includes polymers that, when applied, create a solid grip with a surface. It has an anti-corrosion property, so used to process metal products, and most often – for metal dishes. This varnish can be inconspicuous (colorless), glossy and even matte. The coating may have a different shade, can be used as a protective layer before applying paint for metal.

Acrylic lacquer

It forms a very resistant film, well carrying constant humidity and temperature drops. Varnish is available in the form of aerosols and conventional fluid, which is applied using a brush. In the modern world, it is most often used when processing the surface of car parts. The product easily transfers the effects of chemicals and can even extend the service life of various metals.

Alkyd Lac

Unlike previous species, after drying it gives the surface of the metal glossy glitter. Sold means in the form of spray and in liquid form.

Varnish is waterproof, heat-resistant and resistant to mechanical influences.


Due to special thermal resistance, this species applies only for brickwork and stoves.

Useful Tips and Small Tricks

As a rule, the surface of the metal before applying the varnish is grinding. This is done by a special apparatus, and then sandpaper, since after hardware grinding on the surface there remain scratches, and the sandpaper helps to smooth them. After the surface becomes a glossy-matte, we can assume that grinding is completed.

The lacquer coating will be better if it is applied with an aerosol method. Using this method, you can avoid divorces. It should be noted that with multi-layer application you need to wait for the complete drying of the previous layer.

With long-term storage, the varnish can stick or decompose into components. If in the latter case will help the usual shaking of the jar or stirring of the composition, then the first situation may cause difficulties at the beginning of work. However, it is possible to cope with this problem – if it is spray, it is possible to warm it in a water bath, constantly increasing the temperature. After a few minutes, the solution will become homogeneous and liquid.


Before you finally decide on the choice of varnish, it must be borne in mind that such funds can protect the surface before painting, and can perform and simply decorative function. Each of the species described is resistant to temperature and humidity drops, and some even in different degrees are protected from mechanical damage. Select it follows from the type of metal and follow-up operational conditions.

About how the varnishing of the polished disk occurs, look in the following video.

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