How to choose a self-adhesive film for the refrigerator and stick it?

Over time, the refrigerator loses its original attractive look, because the coating on its facade can be damaged due to permanent use. Of course, you can buy a new thing, but such a device is not discharged cheap. In addition, if the equipment works without failures, throw it out or move it to the cottage. But the yield is – it is a pasting of a special self-adhesive film, intended for furniture, household appliances and other interior items.


Film for pasting – Material using which you can transform the kind of old refrigerator, make it a bright accent in the kitchen interior. This is no doubt the best design of kitchen furniture, including household appliances panels, doors, other items.

Decor with self-keys Against the backdrop of other design solutions to optimize the kitchen space, in general, preferable, especially if you do not want to use payable services or change the working equipment to new only because of the loss of its external attractiveness.

The advantages that decorative decoration has, made it popular, in demand.

This is:

  • brightness and variety of colors and images;
  • moisture resistance and high heat resistance;
  • ease of care and gluing;
  • Low price.

The self-adhesive film for the refrigerator happens different types depending on its composition:

  • based on polypropylene;
  • created from polyester;
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

And one-layer and two-layer products are distinguished, while the latter have increased density.

In the color of the self-tech can be a standard type in the form of fabric, tiles, tile, tile with photo printing and other similar. But some products are made in the form of imitation of wood, metal, unusual textures.

Interesting option for restoration of the refrigerator facade – Magnetic panel. This is a unique product with a thickness of only 0.5 mm, made of durable and flexible material, unable to form bubbles. At the same time, such sheets have increased protections from moisture, and they can be cleaned using a wet cloth, without fearing to damage the ornament.


Today you can buy high-quality film for every taste of various sizes and with high print quality.

Refresh the view of the refrigeration device can be one of these decorative film options with different types of surface:

  • Matte, allowing to focus on the game of lighting in the room;
  • colorless (transparent), designed for the design of glass surfaces;
  • Mirror, helping to increase the volume of space on a small area;
  • brilliant, spectacular looking in rooms with a disadvantage of natural lighting;
  • Film with stereo effect (holographic), suitable absolutely for all surfaces.

Calculate the facade can be a monophonic, two-color or bright multicolor material, coated in the form of velor and velvet, wood, leather or marble. Brilliant or mirrors make the kitchen more and fill it with the volume. An extraordinary solution will be a panoramic image, but it is important to not retreat from the style and tone in which the interior of the kitchen.

You can choose any topics for the decoration of the refrigerator, but the designers advise to stop their attention on decorating abstract prints, textured products, landscapes and panoramic views, macro photographs, ornaments and patterns combined with the overall room atmosphere.

How to glue?

Regardless of the product selected, the surface of the refrigerator is first prepared.

  • All products are removed from it. It is advisable to play a defrost in advance, clean the unit from pollution.
  • Before pasting, the technique should be dry and absolutely clean.
  • Additionally, it is necessary to temporarily remove all removable parts and accessories. It will facilitate sticking, will help to avoid defects in the form of folds.
  • Ideally, the door should also be removed, and with it – and sealing gaskets.
  • Wipe the device with soapy water. It will help degrease the surface.
  • After that, even the slightest safes should be sent from it, which can be noticeable through the finest film.
  • Places with irradiated paint can be carefully sealed with plastering.

The second stage of the work is directly the brake process itself.

  • A piece of film of the desired size, taking into account the bending, should be prepared in advance as well as markings on the surface of the refrigerator. To make sure that you can try on the material by applying it to the surface.
  • First, one of the top corners of the product is dug away and the sticking part is pasted, then sticks up with a soft cloth or rubber spatula.
  • The decorative layer is placed and fixed, gradually shifting down as the adhesive side of the head of the top layer. If necessary, the film is important to align immediately and monitor the uniformity of the distribution on the base of the facade, not allowing the formation of folds.
  • Since the material is taken with a margin, it is logical that the edges of the film will remain at the end of the installation, but in the future they can be easily hidden behind the seal.

And you can also use a wet method of applying self-adhesive products. To do this, you will need a spray gun, composition for winding windows, alcohol or detergent for dishes.

The surface of the device is prepared in the same way. In the spraying device, water is poured with several drops of alcohol or detergent, then sprinkled on the instrument cloth. From the film is completely removed substrate. The film must be attached to the refrigerator, position correctly by simultaneously smoothing from the resulting folds and bubbles. Since in this case the gluing does not occur immediately, with an unsatisfactory result, the whole process can be repeated. Compactor, handles and doors are returned to its seals.

The coating will be perfect if you do not hurry and fulfill all of the listed requirements.

Beautiful examples

Restoration of the refrigerator using self-adhesive film – Simple procedure. Rolled material with different textures, color and pattern will not only update, but also makes the kind of household appliances more modern.

Here are some relevant and unexpected decisions of how to optimize the kitchen interior.

  • Beautifully looking bright design of the refrigerator facade on the background of monochrome interior in black and white and gray colors.

  • Coloring and drawing of a household appliance can be selected under flooring, textiles and decorative elements of the kitchen.

  • Do not be afraid to think creatively – the result can exceed all the expectations. As a result, the refrigerator will turn into a telephone booth.

  • Panoramic views of cities and streets will make a highlight to the image of your kitchen.

You can choose from different types of films, but the best option is vinyl. Although compared to other materials it is more expensive, its quality and appearance is more spectacular, and the service life is much longer.

On how to gently stick a self-adhesive film on the fridge, see the following video.

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