How to choose a sealant for windows?

Through the windows from the room there are a large amount of heat. To reduce this factor, use sealants that are intended for window structures. There are many of them on the market, there are many differences between them. To not disappointed the result, you need to know about the rules of their choice and own some subtleties.


The sealant for windows is a plastic mass with polymers. After applying to the surface, the mass gradually hardens. As a result, it turns out a layer that is a barrier for air and moisture. The application of the sealant allows to get rid of drafts, increase the tightness of the design and its ability to maintain heat.

Available window maps in special containers that differ in volume. The compositions of various sealants differ significantly, but one component remains unchanged – this is a solvent. When applied to the working surface, the material begins to harden quickly.


Window sealant is divided into many varieties. Not to understand this assortment will be very difficult. Thanks to this review, the problem of choice is greatly facilitated, everyone will be able to determine which option will be better for a specific task.

Silicone material is considered universal, because it can be used indoors and on the street. It has organic silicon-based organic compounds. Such options have elasticity, characterized by simplicity of application and good adhesive properties. Also cost cheap.

Silicone sealants are produced in several varieties. Acid variants have an unpleasant acetic smell that quickly disappears. For internal works more suited sanitary type. It has a white color, immune to the formation of fungi.

Different components may be present, which determines the selection of use and features of the sealant. The main varieties include antiseptic, which are used with high humidity, heat-resistant, intended for hot surfaces, neutral and acidic.

The latter option is intended for plastic, it is categorically prohibited to apply it on the metal.

Silicone sealants, in turn, are divided into three groups:

  • Universal acidic smears are called construction, it is inexpensive, but also the quality of high boasts also can not;
  • Universal neutral materials are often selected to work with plastic, concrete, stone and mirror surfaces;
  • Sanitary sealants are in their composition anti-grab components, therefore are recommended for use in high humidity facilities.

Acrylic sealant is often used for plastic windows. His characteristics and features are not inferior to a competitor on silicone basis. Acrylic material is easily removed from the surface until the moment of frozen, resistant tolerates the effects of ultraviolet and weather conditions. Such a mask can absorb evaporation, which leads to. Since the material is vapor-permeable, it is not recommended for internal work.

Polymeric material is also called liquid plastic. It quickly solidifies and grips perfectly with surfaces, forming a single whole. But the loads can break out, which is a significant drawback. The polymer is expensive, due to its high technological characteristics.

Polyurethane putty attracts a high elasticity user, Waterproof and ability to maintain its form regardless of external factors, including weather conditions. From above you can apply a layer of paint or varnish. This material is frost-resistant, so can be used on the street. But in the room with it it is undesirable, because the sealant is not safe for a person. Able to bind various materials: concrete, metal, plastic. The durability of the sealant reaches 25 years, this indicator does not affect atmospheric phenomena and tight operating conditions.

Butyl is created on the basis of rubber, withstands the temperature from -55 and to +100. It has no harmful substances in its composition, it is elastic and durable, not afraid of the sun and precipitation. Not only the seams are processed by butyl sealant, but even repair work with double-glazed windows is carried out, since it is a vapor insulation material.

Bituminous materials can be used exclusively on the outside of the building. For internal works, such sealants are contraindicated. They are used for drainage, roofing, repair of foundations. Such smears are elastic and completely waterproof, can be applied to crude seams without any preparation.

The combination of polyuritan and silicone in one sealant is a new type of material. Such plugs are called MS polymer, they are created from siliconized polyurethane. The cost of the novelty is considerable, but the performance characteristics are very high. The seams have durability, strength and elasticity, may be stained and repair.

Tyocol sealant is created on the basis of polysulfide substances. Frozening is carried out at any temperature and conditions. For outdoor works of the best option not to find. And in frosts and in the heat he will perform his functions in full.

“Stez A” – a popular material that is often selected for embedding seams on windows from the outside. Also used when mounting window structures. It is equally well grapted with all construction materials. For internal works, “Steres in”.

Cork sealant – another novelty, Which in a short period of its existence won consumer favor. As part of such a mask, there is a cork crumb, which in some cases can be up to 90% of the total volume. The scope of application is enormous: heat protection systems, sealing of building structures, installation of flooring, filling the mounting seams, soundproofing. Cork sealant is available in different volume, may differ in composition and color.

Scope of application

Sealants have already become indispensable in many industries. Even in the home set of tools and materials sealant is a must.

Such materials have a large scope of application:

  • Protection of PVC seams and openings from atmospheric phenomena;
  • compound frames and glasses among themselves;
  • insulation of window blocks;
  • Filling emptiness and fixing windowsill when installing them;
  • filling out the outer / internal cracks / seams between the wall and the window design when installing and re-sealing wooden, aluminum and plastic boxes;
  • sealing of seams in concrete, reinforced concrete structures outside and inside with deformation not more than 25%;

  • Prevention for the winter of drafts;
  • glazing balconies;
  • Installation / repair of the roof, windows of vertical type, attic and other construction objects;
  • Filling the slots between the wall or the facade;
  • Installation of ventilated facades.

Sealants are actively used in warehouses, in the construction, production of window systems, during the installation process, insulation of the room and in many other situations.

How to use?

Sealing can be performed independently. Contact workers – these are extra and unreasonable waste. With the instructions, you can perform this job in two accounts. We will assume that the slopes have already been made earlier, because they will not stop on this issue.

The algorithm for sealing work will be such:

  • The first point will be the preparation of the tool and consumables. In the process of work, it will take a syringe for applying sealant, water capacity and construction tape.
  • Sucks need to be prepared for further work. The essence of the preparation is to stick the construction scotch, which will protect the window design from pollution and will save us time.
  • Work field need to carefully clean. There should be no dirt and even dust. It is also necessary to remove the protective film to the slightest fragment. For degreasing plastic structures It is forbidden to use solvents with acetone content. With this processing on the surface there may be muddy, matte divorces, stains that differ in color and other troubles.

  • With the help of a construction syringe slowly squeeze the sealant to the seam area. The tool should be located under the angle so that its spout smoothes the material applied.
  • The remaining irregularities and other defects smooth the finger, pre-dipped in water. Such a cunning will allow to avoid sticking material and provide a smooth surface. Seams need to fill well by putty so that there is no void.
  • From the surfaces it is necessary to remove the remnants of the material before it is hardening. In this case, it is convenient to use a wet sponge. It is necessary to act very carefully, so as not to disturb the integrity of the sealant applied to the seam.
  • No need to put a mask on all seams immediately. It is better to work in stages. In this case, it will be possible to avoid hardening the material before aligning and removing residues.


Sealed brand “Moment” produced in a wide variety. You can choose the desired option for a specific task. Also available universal melting, which is popular and allows you to solve problems of various nature. Products “Moment” attracts high quality, which allows her to hold the position of the leader.

Packs “Steizes” – This is a choice of professionals. They are entirely trusted by these sealants, because they are a high-quality, reliable product that does not fail and always performs their functions. A sealing substance is produced in different packings and different volumes.

Company Bauset produces a large number of goods for window systems, including sealants. Under this brand, many neutral maps are made, many of which are universal. Product quality is at a high level, the cost is available, the preservation of operational characteristics is long.

Under the brand name “Vilaterm” A sealing harness is manufactured, which is widely used to seal seams. In combination with the sealant, harness allows you to achieve an excellent result, protect the room from the street from the street, warn moisture getting and penetration of cold.

Tytan Professional – This is a wide range of sealants in which there are options for solving a set of tasks of construction and repair plan. You can choose a universal smear, which will help to cope with a number of small home problems. It will not be difficult to choose a special option to solve a specific purpose. TYTAN PROFESSIONAL product cost is in the middle segment, the quality corresponds to the premium level.

Companies Isocork and Bostik produce cork sealant, which was mentioned in this conversation. There are other manufacturers, but these two produce the most decent products.


It is worth considering several recommendations that will help avoid common mistakes:

  • Although sealing and is a simple process, but compliance with technology is an important condition for obtaining a qualitative result. It is enough to allow one error, and the window structure will no longer get enough hermetic.
  • The choice of mounting foam workers engaged in installing the window is not always justified. Foam has the ability to expand, which can lead to a change in design geometry. Sealant can not lead to such consequences.
  • Any putty should be produced with a special narrow nozzle, which allows you to highlight the gaps of any size. The nozzle for point application allows you to neatly fill in with the material even small gaps and joints.
  • Buying high-quality cramps is half of success. No need to regret money on the purchase of material from the well-known manufacturer, which steals for high quality and protects its brand from fakes.

  • The color of the maidening material must be selected in accordance with the object on which will be used. For white structures, such as PVC windows, you need to choose a white smear. In the case of color objects it is better to stay on a transparent material.
  • When choosing, it is necessary to consider the place of use of the material, temperature and other operating conditions. If the selected putty does not meet these parameters, then all the efforts will go to the pump.
  • When working with wide slits, it is possible, and even in some cases, it is necessary to reduce material consumption. First, it will be possible to save, secondly, thick and wide seams dried for a long time, and in the future they can peel off from the surface. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to put the sealing cord inside the slit, which is intended for solving such problems.
  • From the outside of the window, the sealant can not be applied throughout the perimeter, only on the side parts and joints at the location of the popular. In other zones, the presence of a sealant will eventually cause the accumulation of moisture in the seam mounting foam, which will lead to a decrease in its durability and operational characteristics. In this case, the sealant is replaced by a protective playproof ribbon or plastering.

About how to quickly close the joints and seams of plastic windows, look in the following video.

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