How to choose a power extension?

The power extension is necessary for connecting high-power devices in situations when it is impossible to use household outlets directly. The convenience of such a cable is long – with it, it is possible to carry out repair work at a remote distance from the outlet, for example, in the courtyard, on the household plot.


The power extension on the coil has a cable, fork and outlets. And the sockets are more reinforced here than the usual household extension models.

Such a structure is resistant to voltage drops, endowed with an additional insulating layer that protects the cable from mechanical damage and reflow.

The power cable has three important characteristics that distinguish it from the usual household extension.

  1. Power. Cable withstands the power of connected devices up to 3 kW.
  2. Length. Extension, wound on the coil, can reach a length of up to 50 meters.
  3. Reliability. Has a double insulation system that protects against external factors and risks of lesion to the current.

The use of the power extension is necessary in the following cases.

  • During repair or construction work for connecting non-standard equipment: compressor, concrete mixers, and so on.
  • When performing a node function to connect other electrical carrying.


The brand of the used cable for the extension can divide the models for species intended for solving various tasks.


According to manufacturers, extension cable with a PVA cable can operate at temperatures from -20 to +40 degrees. However, on a strong frost, it is better not to use the product, as they are duby and lose flexibility. But here to hot weather conditions, they have good stability. Operational period for frequent load – more than 6 years.


Extension cable ORS are calculated on extreme temperatures from -40 to +40 degrees. Endowed with good operational properties. Suitable for internal and external work. Service life – more than 6 years.


Extension cable type kg are designed for field work in hot conditions. Withstand the temperature of the external environment up to +50 degrees. At intensive loads, up to 4 years.


Extension cable cable types do not like long to stay under direct sunlight, although they maintain the temperature of the external environment to +50 degrees. They have excellent protection against external mechanical impacts: hitting sparks or chemical reagents.

Criterias of choice

Choosing a power extension, you should pay attention to several criteria.

  • Length. To determine this parameter, you need to know where it will be used. We will have to take into account the fibulation of the relief, vegetation, structures falling on the way to the place of work, that is, you need to count on a margin with a margin.
  • Sockets. Choosing an extension agent, you need to decide on the number of outlets, given how many devices simultaneously connect to it. You should pay attention to the type of sockets – open or closed.
  • Cable. The selection of the extension in the type of cable (PRS, CGN or other) depends on the conditions of its use.
  • Section. The power of the cross section depends on the power to which the extension. For example, a section of 0.75 mm is suitable for street lighting or household equipment (by 2200 watts). And to connect more powerful construction units, you will need a section of 2.5 mm, which will be able to take the load to 3500 watts. The choice is better to do with a stock.
  • Coils. They are metallic, plastic, you can buy an extension camp. The last option is suitable for products, the length of which is less than 30 m. The coil is desirable to choose on a metal basis. You should make sure that the unwinding of the cable does not create problems.

    In addition to the main selection criteria, you can pay attention to the additional points:

    • It is more convenient to use the extension, if it contains a switch on its housing;
    • The presence of a fuse will save domestic equipment and wiring at the time of emergency;
    • To be confident in good quality, you should pay attention to branded products.

    Features of operation

    During the use of the power cable, adhere to certain rules.

    1. Before connecting the extension to the outlet, it is necessary to examine it carefully, make sure the integrity of the insulating layer, and also in the fact that all nodes are in order.
    2. Do not allow the load greater than the manufacturer.
    3. Try not to bend the wire, do not press it, do not tie a node.
    4. You should not lay the cable on the thresholds, under carpets (that is, where they can occur).
    5. It is important to avoid moisture from the outlet.

    With the right choice and operation, the power cable of the extension will serve for a long time without problems.

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