How many unstained boards in 1 cube?

Calculation of the number of unedged boards in the Kubometer of wood is required when calculating the costs and quantity of building materials for decoration and the reconstruction of the structure. The number of unstained wood pieces will also be needed to select the final width of the circumcision of the same boards.

How many unstained boards in 1 cube?

How many unstained boards in 1 cube?

What affects the volume?

Before starting counting, pay attention to the following factors.

  • Wood moisture – Compared with her dry slightly compressed due to leaving the volume of a significant part of the water. The household example is the swelling of the wooden doors and windows in the bath: the sash, yesterday opened freely, today after using the bath (due to high humidity) and shifts with difficulty.
  • Diameter of cutting trunks: With significant fluctuations in this magnitude, the unedged board during the side circumcision will give a significant amount of waste.

The weight of the cubometer of the Unedte Board is a secondary factor that is greater importance for the supplier company than for the consumer: a large tonnage will require more machinery and high engine fuel costs. Weight depends on the breed of wood, humidity of dried blanks, board sizes.

Pereaded wood can crack – the vehicle is recommended to sprinkle no later than the year from the day the trees.

How many unstained boards in 1 cube?

How many unstained boards in 1 cube?

How much in cuba of different unedged boards?

Before the real calculation, the unedged board should not be stacked chaotic. Even when the billets lie flat sides and are not parallel to each other – do not fit, and they can be perpendicular to, air gaps in the stack are made minimal. The maximum coefficient of airspace in the unedged board should not exceed 9%. If it exceeded this level, then the workpiece turned out to be not quite similar. Finding this discrepancy, manager or zerkladomus will give an indication by the loaders to double-check the stack. Those remove the blanks from it, differ from the limiting tolerance in size. The fact is that customers pay for a tree, and not for the air.

Having a limited amount of space given for a stack of space – for example, all the same 1 m3, 6-meter boards should not differ in medium width. For example, it is impossible to place instances of 4 and 6 m in a length of 4 and 6 m in one stack of the windbreaks of 4 and 6 m – as well as a width of 20-30 and 40-50 cm, as well as a thickness of 2.5 and 3 cm. The latter is taken from the table of the denominations available in a warehouse catalog or a forest base where the unedged material is purchased.

As an example – unedged blanks of 30x150x6000 and 50x150x6000. They are often present in the catalogs of most logging warehouses. Simple calculation of the simplified formula, without having to re-measure each instance in the stack, is as follows:

  • It is logical to assume that the width tolerance is 145-155 mm in both cases. The volume of the board is 0.027 and 0.045 m3, respectively;
  • the number of entire billets on the cube – 22 and 37 of the whole pieces;
  • By placing their stacking – on the cubic meter – we get taking into account the airspace, not closed wood, 20 and 33 pcs. In the worst case (taking into account 9% air corrections).

Here it is recommended to compact their location to 21 and 34 boards – such is the task in front of the loaders (or in-load drive) operating on this login.

How many unstained boards in 1 cube?

How many unstained boards in 1 cube?

How to calculate the cubature?

Before starting counting, know the following:

  • when sawing the trunk on the bands of the unedged board, according to statistics, on sawdust and trimming leaves to the fifth part of the vehicle;
  • Purchase is carried out taking into account these 20%;
  • Getting a cutting board cubic meter, the amount of unedged adjust to 1.2 m3 by volume.

The following GOSTS are taken into account:

  • 13-24-86 – regulates the methods of calculating the volume of the unedged tree strip;
  • 65-64-84 – strokes of sawn timber (and other features of their balance in production).

Unedged board – an element obtained by cutting wood of a freshly powerful trunk for two of the three dimensions. These two dimensions are reservoir (cropped in length) and the cross section (in thickness). The width remains an arbitrary value.

Thickness is calculated by the storage according to the standards of the above GOST. For measurements with the help of the caliper, the 166th GOST operates, for measurements with the help of the line – 427th. Thickness measurements are carried out not closer than 15 cm from the location of the transverse cut. Length is calculated with an accuracy of a centimeter – with the help of super long (from 6 m) roulettes or by means of clamps and a high-precision laser rangefinder.

To measure the width of the unedged boards, each of them is pre-taken into account the largest and smallest natural width, the values ​​of which were formed by the time of the tree was cut (and delivering its barrel from branches). Both values ​​fold and divide the resulting amount in half (get the average arithmetic).

If the side faces have noticeably gone from parallels (the tree has grown crookedly) – the same distance on the reservoir excluding Ozol is used.

How many unstained boards in 1 cube?

How many unstained boards in 1 cube?

Despite the seeming simplicity, according to GOST 13-24-26, a sample of the number of edged board copies in the cubic meter, taking into account moisture and breed of wood treated. With this purpose, corrective multipliers are adopted, equal to 0.96 for conifers and 0.95 – for hardwood. Wood humidity at the same time not less than 20% (by weight of the tree). Carefully dried wood, the amount of moisture in which does not exceed 1/5 by weight, does not take into account these amendments. Approximate amount of umbered blanks in the cubic meter can be calculated and without accurate measurements of each of them (which would take much time).

For example, Having the dimensions of the stack 2 * 2 * 3 m, in which the pine board is lying, dried up to 12%, with a thickness of 2.5 cm, the client calculates the volume of the stack equal to 7.92 m3. Possessing the scatter of the boards width of 10-15 cm, we will get a common (approximate) amount of blanks, equal to 844 unedged boards. The number of cubic meter products is approximately 106 pieces. The numbers obtained are rounded to a whole unit – to a smaller side. The variable value of the width should not differ by more than 10 cm. This does not mean that on the ends of the width of the umbered blank, for example, from 20 to 35 cm.

To this end, given the features of the structure of the real living tree, too high, for example, pine, grew up to 12 m, saw longitudinally twice. The trunk is placed and cut into two 6-meter blanks: afterwards the loader is quickly loaded (and by the panel – it is easier to process) shorter cuts of trunks. A variant is possible when 12 m of the same pine saws on 3 4-meter segments. Cut the pine – “overgrowth” in 24 meters harder – it is divided into similar segments, then they are cut alongward along. It is necessary that the process of manufacturing the unedged board fit into all the same tolerances of the variable width of the required billets for wood processing.

Stems that have received significant differences in diameter – more than 10 cm for every 4 or 6 m, take away and go to the manufacture of other blanks other than the board, for example, cubes, stick or parallelepiped. Or go to the shredder – say, for the manufacture of pine chips. Ospen, which has a significant difference in the specific width of fragments of trunks, is transported, for example, on a match factory.

How many unstained boards in 1 cube?

How many unstained boards in 1 cube?


Determine the number of boards in the cubic meter of the unedged vehicle – the task solved and the client itself. The manager of the firm will check and, if necessary, will adjust these values ​​for quick order execution.

About how to calculate the cube of the stack of the unedged board, see the following video.

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