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One of the most common synthetic materials used in domestic and production purposes is a plexiglass, which is produced by polymerization of methacrylic acid and essential components. Because of its composition Plexiglas received the name acrylic. It is possible to cut it with a special device or imaginary agents. When carrying out the cutting of the plexiglass using the power tool, the difficulties are often associated with the fact that the material begins to melt and stick to the cutting cannon. Nevertheless, there are ways that help cut acrylic at home.

What to cut?

Color and transparent organic glass has certain properties that affect the electric tool at the moment when the material cuts. The fact is that Acrylic has a property melting at 160 ° C. If you want to bend a smooth sheet, you can perform it after it is heated to 100 ° C. When exposed to the cutting blade of the power tool, the location of the cut is heated and the material in the molten form will stick to its surface, so cutting the plexiglass – a rather problematic occupation.

Despite the complexity of processing, acrylic glass has a wide scope of application. To cut the material, giving it to him the desired size, modern equipment applies under production:

  • CNC laser machine, where the laser, like a knife, cuts the acrylic surface;
  • Electric milling mill with which you can make holes or a curly cut;
  • Machines equipped with a belt type saw;
  • Electrical plate of disk type.

Laser and milling cutting are characterized by a high degree of performance and are used in mass production. This equipment is capable of cutting acrylic material with a high degree of accuracy and accuracy. Laser processing is currently common, the accuracy of the performance is achieved due to the fact that the ray is formed, the thickness of which is 0.1 mm.

The edges of the cut from the material after working the laser is obtained by absolutely smooth. But the most important thing is that with such a cutting method, waste is not formed.

Performing the cutting of acrylic glass mechanically accompanied by heating material, as a result of which it begins to melt, forming a significant smoke. To prevent the melting process, the cutting operation must be accompanied by cooling acrylic, which is performed using water supply or cold air flow.

Homemade masters often perform organic glass processing independently, using the available tools.

  • Hoven for metal. The cutting canvas is characterized by the presence of small teeth, located at a minimum distance from each other. Hoven canvas are produced from a durable hardened steel alloy, so its cutting part is blocked slowly. Use it allows you to get a smooth slice due to even traffic on tangential. In the process of work it is not recommended to cut quickly so that acrylic does not heat and not exposed in the plastic form. Ready cut is obtained with roughing, which will need to be stamped with sandpaper.

  • Cutter for acrylic glass. This device is sold in retail chains and is intended for cutting a plexiglass of a small thickness – up to 3 mm. To obtain a flat cut on the surface of organic glass, a ruler is fixed, then the material is made using a cutter (approximately half of its thickness). After that, the sheet was cut down on the intended line. Ready cut is irregular, so in the future, a long-term grinding will have a long grinding.

    • Circular saw. Disk for sawing plexiglas should be with small frequent teeth. If you use a disc with a big step between them, chips and cracks may appear on the material being processed. After receiving cut, the workpiece requires finishing grinding.

    • Mill with bearing. This power tool performs a high-quality plexiglass slice, but the cutting knives are quickly blinking and come into disrepair. When working with a cutter acrylic quickly heats up, this process is accompanied by a strong smoke. To avoid the heating of the material, use water to cool the working surface.

    • Electropolitanzik. This tool is convenient because it has the ability to adjust the feedstock feed rate. Special cutting canvases are used to work with organic glass, which are fixed in the idle holder. Replace such pecks can be web for wood, the main thing is that the cloves can be often located and have a small size. Need to work at low speeds, otherwise the material will begin to stick to the canvase. After performing a cut, the workpiece can be stuck or processed by a flame from the lighter. Electrolzik you can make straight or curvilinear cuts.

    • Bulgarian. For cutting a thick sheet of plexiglas, you can apply a disk with three large teeth, which is designed for woodwork. Such a tool copes well with rectilinear cutting. In the process of operation, acrylic glass does not melt and does not stick to the disk. With it, you can process acrylic 5-10 mm thick.

      Some homemade crafts for cutting organic glasses are used ordinary glass cutter. The results of the operation of the listed tools are fully dependent on the experience of the master, and from the possibility of spoiling the material in this case no one is insured.

      Rules cutting

      In order to qualitatively cut the plexiglass with their own hands at home, Experienced masters advise adhere to some rules (they apply not only to acrylic, but also to plexiglass, as well as cellular polycarbonate).

      1. Cut the size of a curly blank or sprinkle a smooth piece of acrylic glass will be much easier, If you warm the material over the source of heat before starting work: Gas torch or construction hairdryer. Do it needed at a considerable distance so as not to bipter the material.
      2. Cutting blanks from a plexiglass of a small thickness from 2 mm to 5 mm can be performed using an electric jigsaw. With it, you can not only make a straight cut, but also to cut a circle. To work you need to take a narrow and thin canvas with small teeth.
      3. Split glass is lighter than the web, which has MP marking. S. Steel for making canvases has hardening and high strength.
      4. Cut the glass is necessary on low rollers of feeding the cutting fabric. Select the speed for each tool in the process of work practically. In the process of sawing, it is important to ensure that the acrylic glass does not start melting.
      5. Perform work on cutting organic glass follows safety glasses or mask. When sawing the material, a large number of fine-sided chips are formed, which is split in different directions at high speed.

      The greatest difficulties in the homeland of the organic glass occur when creating complex curvilinear cuts. The easiest task is to solve the use of laser industrial equipment, where automated control allows you to perform all the necessary functions with the highest accuracy and without human participation. Manually figured acrylic cutting performed by the pre-made template. The easiest way to make a cutoff. The contours of the resulting workpiece will be with jar and roughness, which are eliminated by grinding.

        At home, speed up the process of cutting organic glass can be With a hot nichrome wire connected to a voltage source in 24 V. The heated nichrome wire pays acrylic material through the right place of the cut. The edges of the slice are obtained smooth.

        It is quite possible to assemble such a device. It is quite possible at home, the main thing is to choose a high-quality nichrome wire with the right diameter that it would be withstanding the heating to a temperature of 100 ° C.


        To accumulate an acrylic sheet smoothly during work It is important to monitor the feedstock feed speed. The process of performing a cut is best to start with the very minimum turnover of the power tools. Select the optimal mode can only be experimentally. If, during operation, the acrylic material began to melt and adhesive to the cutting canvas, then work must be stopped, to clean the cloth from pollution, and the collapsed billet give time to cool.

        When cutting acrylic, it is best to work in a well-ventilated room, since the organic glass when heated is very smallers and highlights chemical components, harmful to the environment.

        In order to cut off a small piece of organic glass, you can use Screwdriver with a slot tip. The screwdriver is heated above the gas burner and carry out its slotted part according to the line applied to the working blank.

        Under the influence of a preheated screwdriver section in the material, a shallow groove will appear in the material. This groove can be deepened even more and then break the edge of the glass or take the saw tool and in the direction of the groove to perform further sawing material. After performing cut, the edge of the blank will be uneven. It is possible to align it by long grinding.

        This method is quite a lot of time, but it allows not to spoil the glass with a sudden appearance of cracks or chips.

        In the next video you will learn how quickly and just cut the plexiglas.

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