Hitachi screwdrivers: varieties of models, selection and applications

Construction tools are pretty popular goods around the world, in the light of which in this segment of the market there are trademarks that occupy the leading positions in terms of sales.

Among the companies that are engaged in releasing screwdrivers, it is worth highlighting the Japanese brand Hitachi, who has proven itself from a positive side in the segment of sales of professional and household tools for repair and construction.


Based on the specified characteristics and tests, the Hitachi screwdrivers have formed a reputation of tools with decent characteristics that are little inferior to German analogues. In the light of what Japanese screwdrivers have been held by the leading positions in demand for several years.

The trademark regularly works on improving devices, due to which new tools become more ergonomic, as well as safe. Now there are more than three dozen diverse Japanese screwdrivers on the shelves of supermarkets and building markets. Tools may have different characteristics relating to the main parameters, such as the type of battery, dimensions, as well as a list of tasks with which the goods can cope during construction and repair work.

Such a variety allows you to choose a suitable worker with maximum accuracy to perform industrial tasks, as well as for personal use regarding small domestic repairs.

Distinctive properties that beneficially distinguished Hitachi’s drills are a number of parameters.

  • Corps of all products Made from high-quality raw materials of the last generation – polyamide. This material ensures reliable protection of the mechanism, since it has shockproof qualities.
  • Ergonomic handle The screwdrity has an anti-slip effect, at the expense of which the tool at the tool provides the perfect grip with the hand of a specialist.
  • Components of reducer, and the device lock systems are made exclusively from heat-resistant steel type. Such a feature reduces the likelihood of breakdowns, in the light of which the tools rarely fail.
  • Dimensions and configuration Devices are selected from the individual characteristics of the Human Constitution, due to which the shurtpers drill in most cases is highlighted by minimal dimensions. The tool mass is average of about 1.5 kilograms, most of which falls on the battery.

  • Best models Tools have a perpendicular handle that contributes to the most efficient work.
  • Screwdrivers are equipped with refined systems and control of the device speed switch.
  • In the line of Japanese devices, networks are presented and Rechargeable models, And the latter gradually displacing electrical types of tools.
  • Hitachi offers the following models of rechargeable screwdrivers – 10.8, 12, 14.4, 18 volts. With a capacity from 1.4 to 5 A. C.

Principle of operation of the device

Before you start working with a tool, you should connect it to the power or to control the removable battery status.

The scheme of work is highlighted by its simplicity. To bring the tool to effect the end of the screwdriver nozzles in the slot of the screw screw, apply a small force, as a result of which the tool will begin rotational movements that will allow fixing the consumable material on the selected area of ​​the workspace.

If the pressure on the screwdriver stops, then it will automatically post turns and stop. To bring it again, contact the screw and the working area should be installed.

In order to interact with the device, there is no need to resort to great efforts for its part, because, as practice shows, it will not increase the efficiency of work. But An important condition in the course of working with the instrument is its placement only perpendicular to the head of the screw, Otherwise, you can damage the screwdriver or reduce the quality of the work performed.

As a rule, screw screws with low rotation speeds, and high speed will be needed when the tool will perform a drill function.

Varieties of models

Today the market presents a large number of models of the screwdrivers of this brand, however Several devices are particularly popular for household and industrial purposes.

  • DS9DVF3 drill screwdriver. The device can operate on metal and wood, while the diameter of drilling in the first case is 10 mm, in the second – 18 mm. The mass of the tool is 1.3 kilograms, torque – 22 nm. In the standard configuration, the battery screwdriver comes with two removable batteries, lantern and charger.

  • Hitachi DS 12DM Shanoppers. There will be somewhat harder than its predecessor, in the light of which the mass of the tool in working condition will be about 1.6 kilograms. Torque is in the range of 36 nm. The diameter of the drilling tool for metal 13 mm, the same indicator with a tree will be 27 mm. Among the characteristics of the model, select the presence of spindle lock and two rotation rates. The handle has a convenient anti-slip pad, a device from Ni-CD batteries.

  • Impact Hitachi DS14DL. The tool is additionally equipped with a belonging strap on the belt, the mass of the device is 2 kilograms. Torque – 52 nm. The handle has a plastic ergonomic coating, a lithium battery is designed for 1300 charging cycles.

  • Hitachi DS12DVF3. The device occupies a leading position in popularity in terms of acquiring a tool for carrying out minor repair work. Screwdriver works on metal and wood, the diameter of the created holes in the first case is 12 mm, in the second version of the surface – 20 mm. If necessary, the cartridge can quickly remove with one hand. The device is equipped with a rather powerful engine and a two-speed gearbox. In the basic configuration, the screwdriver is additionally equipped with a lantern, a second battery and charger.

Advantages and disadvantages

All models of the last sample can be safely called multifunctional highly efficient devices. This also applies to both professional, and household devices. To have an objective picture of the characteristics of the Japanese tool, it is worth highlighting a number of positive and negative points.

A number of characteristics should be attributed to the advantages of screwdrivers.

  • Professional construction products present a special distribution of high-speed modes for drilling work or in the role of a shock mechanism.
  • There are models of screwdrivers, which, in addition to the standard opportunities for working with wood and metal, can also be involved in the course of work with concrete surfaces.
  • An important positive feature of the Japanese brand products is the presence of a good backlight, which will be a very useful additional feature during the work. In this case, the device is equipped with LED backlight.

The whole series of batteries, which is used for screwdrivers, has a low level of self-discharge. In addition, the battery is quite promptly recharged, thereby not required to make big breaks in the work.

  • Device models are equipped with a motor cooling system.
  • Reducer copes with high regulatory loads during operation.
  • The tool can be operated in different climatic conditions, because it is well tolerate any temperature.
  • Hitachi screwdrivers have electronic revolutions.
  • If necessary, all components are in open access.
  • Tools are also highlighted by the tightness of the housing.

However, the tools are inherent and some minuses:

  • In the course of working with concrete or metal, it will take small breaks, since the cooling system may not cope with the incoming heat from the friction force, the result is overheating;
  • The cartridges on the tool are fairly quickly clogged with small particles, which are flying away from the impact on the working surface, in the light of which they will need to be cleaned regularly;
  • In comparison with a similar tool, Japanese screwdrivers will be heavier;
  • Products relate to expensive line of construction tools.

Complete set and additional devices

The feature of Hitachi’s screwdrivers is to use instead of bimuft cartridges in the entire lineup of the quick-inspection mechanisms. Such a point made it possible to significantly alleviate the adjustment, since the fixation process itself is carried out when using the external panel of the part.

Manufacturers recommend purchasing all components only by the manufacturer to eliminate the likelihood of unreliable fixation of parts, which can lead to overheating or failure of the device.

However, the entire configuration of the models is made in strict accordance with international metric standards, so that Hitachi’s screwdrivers can work perfectly together with the details and devices of other brands with the corresponding dimensions.

The equipment of the screwdrivers is as follows:

  • AKB;
  • charger;
  • Bag for transportation and storage;
  • warranty card, instruction and other instrument documentation;
  • Cartridge with adapters for nozzles;
  • Set of nozzles, including bits, drills and screwdrivers.

In addition to the components above, the screwdrivers may additionally be implemented with folding tripods or handles, lantern and other types of tool nozzles.

Terms of application

Due to the fact that even minimal errors relating to improper regulation of rotational speeds can lead to honeycomb situations, Before using the screwdrivers, it is necessary to familiarize themselves with the instructions attached to the device.

Based on the functionality of a model, content and recommendations may vary significantly.

Tips for choosing

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of the working tool, first of all you should clearly define the range of tasks that will perform the acquired model.

In the light of the wide model range of the Hitachi screwdrivers, experts recommend to adhere to the following principles of the selection of the device:

  • determine the frequency and intensity of the use of the tool;
  • focus on the conditions in which the device will function in the future;
  • Determine the power indicators that the screwdriver must match.

After analyzing the above components, comparing them with the technical characteristics of the proposed tool, you can make a guaranteed choice.

As practice shows, multifunctional units can be purchased for domestic needs, which will be able to cope with a number of simple tasks associated with minor work.

For a professional and household tool, it is important that the device is equipped with a torque velocity regulator, and the mass of the screwdriver will become the current parameter with long-term operation.

More cumbersome models will usually stand out against the background of the rest of its performance. For some consumers, the maintenance of the device is fundamental, since there may be no main power source on a number of objects. Therefore, in this situation, Hitachi rechargeable screwdrivers will be able to satisfy the needs due to the large selection of various models of such devices.

Additionally about Hitachi screwdrivers, see the following video.

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