Hammer screwdrivers: characteristics, varieties, selection and application subtleties

There are many tools for imported and domestic production in the modern market. Hammer brand screwdrivers use in great demand. They, in turn, are divided into shock and unstressed.

The most effective is a rechargeable screwdriver drill with a drilling function, It is suitable for working with solid coatings and solves the most difficult tasks in the construction process. Despite the high cost, the products of the American brand Hammer still managed to gain popularity among Russian masters.

Tool Features

Screwdrivers are produced in two varieties – network and rechargeable. The second most mobile, as they allow you to use the tool on away works, to transfer it to any distances, and all this happens due to the energy-intensive battery, which is charging from the network, providing uninterrupted operation for several hours.

In addition, an important feature of this equipment is fast charging – only 20 minutes will need.

From the technical parameters of the Hammer screwdrivers, several most important.

  • Torque. This feature is the most significant for professionals. High torque (VKM) provides drilling of dense materials, as well as work with fasteners of large diameters. For such complex works, the manufacturer offers a portable apparatus with great features – Hammer 18 V screwdriver. The model presented allows the wizard to regulate VKM to select the optimal mode for work.

  • Rotation frequency. From how the spindle will rotate, the diameter of the hole is dependent on the device. Also, the rotational frequency affects the ability to twist the fastening elements into solid coatings. Using low speeds during the work, you protect the engine from unnecessary overload. The manufacturer recommends to give preference to the screwdriver equipped with a reducer with two high-speed modes.
  • Type of cartridge. There are key and quick-mode cartridges. Most of the work takes place using rechargeable drills with quick-sample type of cartridge. Updated models are endowed with shaft lock, such a feature provides fast and fairly simple bits.
  • Weight equipment. In case of a selection of a heavy tool, the working hours are significantly reduced, since it is long to keep it hard. Brand Hammer offers powerful professional apparatus, distinguished by a long working mode in combination with light weight.



  • Hammer DrL400A – Simplified model with a powerful engine. Suitable for household repair / construction works. It has only one speed, therefore the switch is missing. But there is a KM adjustment. Allows you to make a 20 mm hole, for example, in the wood. Smaller holes can do in a metal coating. Price of this unit – 2 000 rub.
  • Hammer DrL420 – differs from the previous screwdriver the presence of two angular velocities – 1 100. / Min. and 350 obligations. / Min. Power is 280 W. Cost varies from 2 to 3 thousand rubles.

  • Hammer DrL500A – Similar model at one speed, but the torque is 24 nm. Price – 2 300 rub.
  • Hammer DrL600s Premium – power consumption on average is 500 W. Corner speed – about 1,600 about. / Min. Allows you to drill hole holes, although KM is 15 nm. It is a screwdriver 2 500 rubles.
  • Hammer DrL320 Premium – similar model, only equipped with two high-speed modes (1 500. / Min. and 450 obligations. / Min.) for this there is a switch. Quick-type cartridge. In stock There is a hit function. The cost is much higher – ranging from 3,000 rubles and more.


  • Hammer ACD3.6le – is a low-power screwdriver with a cartridge under the bit, battery – 3.6 VOLT. Corner speed does not exceed 250. / Min. Includes spare bits. The device is suitable for assembling furniture, fastening sheets of plasterboard. Price – about 1 000 rub.
  • Hammer ACD3.6C Premium – Equipped with a lithium battery with an angular velocity in 180. / Min. Cartridge also under the bit. Cost – about 1,400 rubles.
  • Hammer ACD121A – This drill screwdriver has only one speed – 550 revolutions / min. The tool has a rather weak mechanism, but it copes perfectly with household works, therefore it is endowed with a minimum set of additional features. Price of the aggregate – 1 300 rubles.
  • Hammer ACD120LE – The tool is equipped with a 12 volt nickel-cadmium battery. Worth this drill more than 2,000 rubles.

Recommendations for charging and exploitation

Included with the rechargeable tool is a charger. According to the instructions, before the first inclusion, the device must be fully charged, because they pack and sell the tool in the discharged state, that is, it is unsuitable for operation. The power of the charger is designed for two batteries at once, no more.

Before charging, it is recommended to explore the time of the full charging cycle. For HAMMER devices, these parameters are settled within 3-5 hours. In a fully charged device, power recovery takes three hours, this time is calculated for the battery at a temperature mode at 20 degrees. In addition, it affects as a decrease in temperature, so insufficient voltage in the power supply.

The entire process of charging the device is fully controlled, since the tool provides a special accurate indicator. As soon as the charged battery will be installed in the charger – the red light will be displayed, and when fully charged – green. Flashing red sensor means incorrect battery installation or device malfunction. If you have connected the discharged battery to the device, and the sensor does not light up, remove it and let it cool to room temperature.

Proper charging device is possible only if the specific temperature is met. It is also recommended to carry out a humid procedure. According to the instructions, the optimal air temperature – from -10 to + 40 degrees. The manufacturer claims that these parameters can provide correct charging, avoid supernormative at low degrees and battery overheating. As for moisture, the requirements here are not particularly tough, the main thing is that the room is well ventilated.

Basic rules of operation:

  • Planning the intensive work of the screwdriver – at the beginning to rally it;
  • For a set of complete power, it is necessary to discharge / charge the device for about 5 times;
  • Using the unit, do not allow a deep discharge of the battery, it is enough to wait for a significant reduction in power;
  • Do not recharge an unspecited battery, it is quickly wearing and becomes faulty.

As the main spare parts for urgent repairs are used the same batteries that wear out through some amount of the time of regular use of the device. Acquire this item best in specialized stores, where the screwdriver bought itself. The main thing is that the battery corresponds to the same container and the same parameters. Also worth determine the material from which the battery is made: Nickel or Lithium.

The manufacturer offers a universal version of the lithium battery by 12 volts, there is such a spare part of about 1,400 rubles. It is almost half the cost of a whole tool.

Customer Reviews

As for feedback on this product, they are mostly positive. Especially there is a rechargeable drill screwdriver, which perfectly copes with household uncomplicated works. In addition, stores present more professional models, characterized by power and speeds that allow working with different surfaces.

American brand Hammer is quality, reliability, durability and good result.

In the next video you will find a detailed review of the Hammer ACD 182 screwdriver.

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