Grandco wallpaper in the interior

Grandeco – The world famous Belgian wallpaper manufacturer, who achieved the first peak of its popularity back in 1978.

To date, Grandeco Wallfashion Group Belgium appear as one of the most popular wallpaper manufacturers. In his Arsenal, Grandeco has many different models of wallpaper with high quality material, which allowed them to become favorites for most lovers of vinyl cavuls. In the catalogs of the company, everyone will find the embodiment of their most unusual ideas, the most unthinkable combinations of textures and paints.


Wallpapers Grandeco are created with the full realization that each of us is a person with its own unique preferences and tastes. The embodiment of any desires can be found in brand collections.

Basically, the wallpapers are presented vinyl, phlizelin and paper web, and the secret techniques of production make them simple for sticking.


The features of this brand are: a large assortment, modern drawing technologies, thanks to which the colors are especially juicy and deep, and special cutting technology of rolls, which ensures the edges of the canvas perfectly smooth slice and junction with the subsequent roll. Also, the absolute advantages can not be attributed to the design attractiveness of Belgian canvases for your walls.

In his collections, Grandeco creates spectacular collections through the game of light, colors and textures.


Among the products of this brand, you will find an endless set of design solutions:

  • Realistic recreation of a tree – from the effect of wood bark to its cuts;
  • Stone – from small rocks to brick;
  • The effect of movement on the wall due to glare, geometry strips;
  • Floristic ornaments, so long have loved by all.

Undoubtedly, in numerous collections of prints, you can detect monophonic canvases, and abstract, classic, in the style of Damascus, Provence, Art, Modern, Avangard, Glamor and many others.

Prints of the company’s cloths are very diverse, but all models of one collection are perfectly combined with each other. The choice depends on your taste and fantasy.

In the interior

It has now become fashionable to combine several options for the pattern on the canvases from one collection in the same room. Since the wallpaper is made of environmental clean materials, the risk of developing allergies is minimal, they do not require additional processing, therefore it is perfect and to create an interior in the children’s room. Do not forget about the above pluses.

Price of brand goods average, which is another undoubted plus. Combine these materials can with interior items from various eras and style solutions.

Belgium is famous for its recognizable all style. Thanks to the gentle palette of soft coffee tones, the interior of a special comfort and heat, the place of your habitat becomes stylish and elegant.

How to glue?

Glue fliseline wallpaper or fliselin-based models, as they have high strength, do not rush and do not deform under the action of adhesive bases. On the market, these products occupy a confident position, therefore, the options for glue for them are many.

As a glue basics for wallpaper, GRANDECO will suit any high-quality glue for Flizelin: “Metylan Flizelin Premium”, “Quelyd Flizelin”, “Kleo Extra” and other well-known to you or the seller Consultant of the manufacturer of adhesives.

The advantage in pasting is that the wallpaper is not needed with glue. It is enough just to treat the glue base of the wall or the ceiling, depending on where you glue the canvas, and attach the flap of wallpaper, carefully smoothed it.

Customer Reviews

Among the most common feedback, buyers are noted as advantages:

  • ease of pasting on the prepared and smooth surface;
  • lack of wrinkling, beeps and discrepancies of the seams;
  • High quality and depth of color of cloths;
  • the presence of seamless models, which makes it possible not to resort to the help of professionals when pasting surfaces, and cope with themselves;
  • water resistance of wallpaper;
  • The canvas will not fade and do not dug over time;
  • Low cost.

That is why these wallpapers will delight their owner for no one year.

Among the minuses also noted the fact that the wallpaper shades between the real web and the model presented in the catalog.

When wrapped wallpapers, it is necessary to customize the wallpaper.

Further see the review of the Wallpaper from the Collection of Origine from Grandeco.

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