Glowing ceiling: Beautiful interior design options

To date, thanks to the use of all kinds of modern technologies, we have the opportunity to implement any, even the most bold design decisions. One of the most popular, unusual and original ideas in the design of the interior is the glowing ceilings. With their help, you can create a romantic flickering starry sky in the apartment or stylish glowing drawings – the design is selected for every taste and color. Such a ceiling design will bring a stylish highlight to the interior, make it a unique, interesting and unusual.

Varieties of luminous ceilings

There are several different methods with which it is possible to implement a luminous ceiling.

The most popular options are:

  • Luminous stretch ceilings with built-in lighting devices;
  • glowing wallpapers for ceilings;
  • the use of special fluorescent paints for ceilings;
  • Use of luminous stickers.

Let us dwell in more detail on each of these options.

Stretch glowing ceilings

There are two varieties of stretch luminous ceilings – in the first version LEDs are used, and in the second – special discs from aluminum.

LED ceilings have a stunningly beautiful appearance and always cause delight. To create such a ceiling, a polyvinyl chloride optical film is used, which has quite high transparency. It is mounted in a standard way, but the lighting is ensured by the use of LED tapes (monochrome or multi-colored).

The main advantages of such ceilings can be attributed:

  • Beautiful and spectacular appearance;
  • In cases where the glowing ceiling is the main source of lighting, the room visually becomes lighter and spacious;
  • The possibility of adjusting with this lighting of the size of the room is for example, if the room is narrow and long, you can create wide perpendicular luminous strips on the ceiling, which visually expand the room;
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  • a huge selection of various design options – you can choose any colors, designs, patterns and drawings;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • the ability to adjust the brightness of the illumination due to the presence of electronic control panels;
  • practicality and long service life;
  • small heating;
  • The ability to control the luminescence modes of multicolor LED ribbons.

But there are luminous stretch ceilings and a couple of flaws – this is a high cost and complexity of replacement of blown light bulbs in composite structures.

    Stretch ceilings from aluminum discs are less popular. Lighting elements can act as LEDs and optical fiber. It is possible to program and configure the inclusion of various lighting effects using a special control panel.

    Glowing wallpapers for ceilings

    There are several types of luminous wallpaper.

    • Fluorescent wallpaper Produced with three-dimensional images, polyester serves material material. The effect of the glow Wallpapers give special lamps, also called “Voodoo lamp”. Images on such wallpapers look as realistic and effectively. Carrying out the sticking of luminous wallpaper in the same ways as the usual.

    • Silver wallpaper Developed quite recently, taking into account the newest technologies. Silver protrudes as a lighting element. There is an opportunity to remotely control the glow.
    • Luminophore wallpaper Excellent suitable for use in any rooms – in the bathroom, corridor, living room, bedroom. Most often, these wallpapers are used to design the ceiling in the children’s room. The design is usually made in bright colors with acrylic paint with the addition of a special substance – phosphor.

    Special paints

    With the help of these paints there is an opportunity to even create your own unique masterpiece – to portray the night sky with the moon and many stars and comets that will glow in the dark. This design of the ceiling will look fabulously beautiful.

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    These paints are produced on water based With the addition of fluorescent pigment. The substance is completely safe and causing harm to human health.

    To create a glowing ceiling with data of paints, you need to pick up a few selected shades, purchase or independently make stencils, buy sponges and brushes.

    The ceiling will pre-apply to the primer and the base layer of ordinary paint. After complete drying of the base layer, you can apply a glowing design. During the day, elements drawn by glowing paint absorb the light, and at night – they give energy through the glow.

    This design of the ceiling design will not be able to serve as a source of room lighting, however, it will create an amazing, magical and unique design.

    Glowing stickers

    To date, on sale without problems can be found special glowing stickers in the form of stars, month and planets. Popularities are also popular with sets of hearts, colors and butterflies.

    Such stickers are excellent for registration not only the ceiling, but also any other surfaces. The surface material can also be any (drywall, plaster and other), because the stickers are perfectly attached to any ceiling coating.

    It is important before sticking to wipe the dust from the surface, then the stickers will hold more firmly.

      It is also very important to consider the location of each sticker in advance, since after it is glued to make adjustments will already be extremely problematic.

      The effect of glow of stickers is ensured by their properties of energy accumulation from sunlight or artificial light lamps. When the room becomes dark, the stickers begin to glow and give the accumulated energy. For the glow of stickers for several hours, it will be enough to turn on the light literally for 5-10 minutes.

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      Light ceiling installation See next video.

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