Glass equipment in bathroom interior design

Residents of modern apartments are often wondering the choice of suitable decoration for the walls of the bathroom. Everyone knows that this room with high humidity and for design should choose the optimal option. Most often, the bathroom is separated by ceramic tiles, such a material is suitable for small rooms. For a large bath, you can choose glass windows, this is a material that has not been used so long ago when interior design. What are their advantages and there are deficiencies in this material, let’s understand.

What is the material?

Going to any apartment and inspecting the bathroom, most often you can see a tiled masonry. This material certainly has many advantages, as this repair is performed for a long time. This, on the one hand, is the advantage of the tile, and on the other hand there is a disadvantage, since after a couple of years such a coating begins to bother, I want to somehow change the interior of the bathroom. Perhaps some of those who wish to tear the tile and lay a new version of the tile in 2-3 years, this is a rather laborious process.

Much easier to finish the bathroom to choose glass. This material on the market appeared not so long ago. It is used more often to decorate walls in stores, government agencies. German specialists have developed this material, in our country, glass kits have not managed to win as much popularity.

Such wallpapers are a coating for walls, which is similar in its structure with fiberglass tissues. During the production of yarn, all harmful substances are derived. This material can be called environmentally friendly, so it can come even to finishing a children’s room. Fiberglass canvas can be used in a room with high humidity, which is why it will be very relevant when finishing the bathroom.

Such environmental materials are certified, they are indicated as wallpaper class “A”. No wonder this material is used when finishing the McDonalds network restaurants, which is known for its high environmental safety requirements.

Such glass windows are under 30 years old, which allows you to significantly save the budget, all this time will not need to worry about the repair of the room.

Finishing with fiberglass wallpaper will update the design of the room up to 20 times, each time using new colors for coloring.

In the manufacture of glass materials, the material is processed by a special composition, which adds special rigidity and increases the water-repellent properties of the coating. Special paints are used for additional coating protection.

The material is very durable, it cannot be broken or break, stretch. In production, only natural substances are used, such as quartz sand, soda, limestone and dolomite. Due to the fact that there is no nutrient medium for fungus and mold, on the surface with glass windows, they do not appear.

The material is additionally soaked with special means that protect the surface from the development of microorganisms.

For those who prefer painted surfaces, you can choose glass windows under painting. Since the range of drawings is small, it is better to repaint wallpaper every time in a new color, thereby changing the design of the room.

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Games are divided into two types: smooth and embossed. The sleeves are separated by the walls, if further painting or sticking on them wallpaper is assumed, they are canvas without relief. While relief wallpapers have a texture that can be seen even after applying several layers of paint.

Both types of wallpapers have the same positive characteristics.

  • High strength. The material will serve not one dozen years.
  • Anti-vandal properties that allow you to protect the coating from the claws of domestic pets.
  • In their production, only natural ingredients are used, which makes items are environmentally friendly and safe for humans and animals. Material safety is confirmed by a certificate.

  • Gymeloboes have high fire safety, which allows them to be used in places where a large number of people (hospitals, schools, shops) can be. At home, you can use them in the kitchen, that is, in the room where the furnaces, ovens are.
  • The material is easy to care, has a high moisture resistance. Wallpapers can be washed using detergents and disinfectants. They also do not accumulate static electricity, dust does not attract them.

  • Gymelomes have a loop structure, so that they breathe, a favorable climate is supported in the room.
  • Fibergiter can be painted up to 20 times, due to which you can change the design and interior in the room.
  • The material is easy to glue on concrete coatings, plaster, walls made of brick, wood and drywall.

Material and makes it possible to disguise small surface flaws, with big defects, it will be impossible to hide them. Therefore, the walls before sticking should be prepared: they are aligned, the primer is applied. After the primer, it is withstanding 3 hours before the start of work.

If we talk about the value of the material, it is unlikely to be attributed to the benefits. The high price of goods is related to the fact that the material is difficult to make, besides, it should be purchased not only wallpaper, but also the glue for them.

When choosing a material, consider the fact that they can be different in a variety. It is better to choose the first, since the second may be shortcomings in the form of a non-rigorous texture or blurred pattern on the canvas.

Sometimes wood-made wallpaper can be caught on the market, they differ in unimportant quality.

How to choose?

When choosing glass winds for the bathroom, you should pay special attention to their moisture resistance. If the material is glued under painting, then the canvas can be placed even in places where they are directly in contact with water.

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Wallpapers are released in different variations: For pasting walls, ceilings, as well as universal models. For the bathroom, it is advisable to choose a universal version, as often not only the walls, but also the ceiling requires a thorough repair.

When choosing glass, the size of the bathroom should be considered. For small premises, designers advise to choose a cloth with a modest texture, wide pictures are selected for a large room. Determined with the color for the bathroom, you can contact the specialists in the store, they will help you choose the appropriate option using a special program.

When choosing a color of paint, it should be borne in mind that in the bank it will seem to the tone darker than it will look on the wall. For the bathroom usually choose bright shades of blue, green, blue.

Often use gray, although such a tone can cause cold feeling.

The material is quite expensive, so it is important to make the most correct choice. 

Before buying, you need to pay special attention to certain points.

  • Carefully inspect the edges of the material, they should not crumble or roll.
  • When choosing a picture it is important to understand that paint consumption depends on its depth.
  • The most popular manufacturers are companies from Germany and Sweden. There are numerous consumer reviews about this posted on the network.

To work with glass, you should purchase special glue, since the usual wallpaper option is not suitable for them: the material is quite heavy. More than this glue makes the producers of glazers themselves, it is packaged into tightly closing buckets. The glue composition may have a pink color so that it can be seen during application.

When choosing wallpaper, you should pay attention to their quality.

It is important to understand that the appearance of the wallpaper in the roll will not always be the same on the surface, while on the wall, an interesting bulk pattern can be soaked with a roller.

How to glue?

In order for working on sticking wallpaper to painting quickly and without problems, one should listen to the advice of specialists:

  • Cut the material follows the ruler, thereby pasting will be better;
  • The ornament should not be too complicated, take into account the docking of the picture in the corners of the room;
  • A pre-thin layer of adhesive will be applied to the processed surface;
  • When the surface of the canvas is completely dry, proceed to the staining process.

Choosing goods, you can trust the reputation of manufacturers, And you can ask for a trim of wallpaper from the seller. After the sticker, the trial piece will become clear how the material will fall on the surface.

For work, in addition to glue, the following tools will be used: a spatula, roller, tank for adhesive composition.

For a large room, buying aquamashin will save a lot of time and effort.

Glue glasses only on a flat surface. You can get a beautiful and high-quality result when complying with certain rules.

  • Before starting the wall and ceiling, you should prepare. They take off the old layer of plaster, the right places should be sharpened, align the ceiling.
  • During the window, the windows must be closed, there should be no draft.
  • Marking the ceiling, cut wallpapers into pieces that are necessary for this room. To mark the walls on them, they conduct a line diagonally, at the point their intersection will be the center, and it is worth native.
  • Wallpaper glue should be purchased special. Apply it to the surface in a small area so that it does not sweat until the wallpaper will be attached.
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To fix wallpapers on the wall, the glue should be applied to the surface and attach a piece of the canvas. When working glue is applied to the wall, and not on the wallpaper. Using a rubber spatula, get rid of air bubbles. If further painting is planned, the canvas should be trusted, for this use the same composition as for sticking. Applying glue to the surface, it is important to take into account that excessive use will lead to the fact that the coating will become separated from the walls.

Wallpaper painting allows the interior to the interior, it can be performed in any selected color scheme. Coloring is made in two navigation, the interval between them should be at least 12 hours.

Latex glossy and semi-convailed paints are more suitable for painting.

When working with the material, specific security rules comply. During the cutting of wallpaper, they can crumble, so they work in protective glasses and special clothes. After completion of the water filter, small particles are removed from the floor surface, the room is well ventilated.

Gymelomes – the product is not quite familiar for many consumers and reviews for their use are controversial. The use of poor quality material and insufficient experience when working with it does not always allow to achieve the desired result.

When sticking glass, it is better to apply to the help of specialists who have already conducted such repairs.

Beautiful examples

Fiberglass wallpapers are the most durable material for wall coverings today.

Using this material, you can choose a variety of textures and colors that will go to any bathroom interior.

Spectacular rich blue glass windows will become excellent alternative to the tile.

Bathroom in light pastel colors.

Stylish interior design in gray shades.

Using this, while still new material, you can make repairs in any room, but for the bathroom, glass windows are just perfect. This coating is durable and safe, not requiring special care and incredibly attractive. According to manufacturers, its service life in good care is at least 20 years.

About how to shove the glass windows with your own hands, you can learn from the video below. 

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