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Geodesic roulette is a popular measuring instrument and is designed to perform accurate earth measurement. The popularity of this device is due to the simplicity of construction, low cost and ease of operation.


Geodesic tape measure is a measuring device consisting of a shockproof housing of an open or closed version, a built-in drum and a measured ribbon wound on it. The coil is equipped with a comfortable handle that allows you to open the measuring canvas manually, or is equipped with a system of automatic twisting, significantly facilitating the operation of the roulette at a measure of large distances.

In the latter, a reliable stopper is installed, not allowing uncontrolled twisting of the canvas and eliminating the risk of injury about sharp edges of the tape.

Manual drum systems are less convenient and require additional temporary costs for linse. Models are available with different turning coefficients, of which 1: 3 and 1: 5 are considered to be the most common, denoting that For one rotation of the handle drum makes 3 or 5 revolutions. Almost all models are equipped with a sharp peg, which, if necessary, sticks into the ground and reliably fix the device. Roulets handles often have a two-component performance and are distinguished by ergonomic comfortable forms.

The measuring canvas of the roulette can be width from 125 mm to two cm and is made of metal or PVC. On its surface by etching, engraving or embossing the scale is applied, which in the course of operation does not fade and is not erased. The resistance of markup is due to the presence of a thin wear-resistant coating that is required to be present on all types of tapes. Polyamide, anti-corrosion phosphate layer, synthetic resins, high-strength enamel or transparent wear-resistant varnish are used as a protective layer. The end of the measuring tape is often equipped with a special ring, allowing to engage the canvas for a dumping peg, which is the starting point of reference.

Features and scope

In contrast to the usual construction and hydrogeological roulettes, the size of which is often limited to 10 meters, the geodesic model is characterized by a large length reaching 30, 50 and even 100 m. And the highest popularity is the 100 meter ribbons. There are also 20 meter samples, however, due to insufficient length, they are much less commonly used by experts.

All geodesic models are designed to work in extreme climatic conditions and are able to operate in the temperature range from -40 to 50 degrees and 100 percent humidity. Moreover, thanks to the use of durable, but at the same time elastic materials, the tape is not afraid of shocks, fuss, strengths and looping. Stability to deformation is especially necessary when using a tool on a complex relief in difficult measurement conditions.

The measuring scale of all geodesic roulettes without exception allows you to measure distances not only in meters, but also in inches.

The scope of the use of geodesic roulettes is quite wide. They are used to determine distances between points located at a significant distance from each other. The tool is indispensable in geodesic, cartographic and topographic work, as well as in construction and with the integrity of garden sites. With it, the age-related horizontal deformations of sushi are measured, determine the points of the coordinates of various objects, carry out land butter and spatial-geometric measurements with further application of the results on plans and cards.

In addition to geodesy and cartography, roulette is widely used in the arrangement of territories and formation of landscapes, as well as on athletics competitions, where it is measured by the range of spears, hammer or nuclei.

Modern measuring equipment market represents geodesic roulettes in a wide range. Below are the most popular samples, more often than others mentioned in the requests of Internet users.

  • Chinese Matrix Master Corresponds to the second class of accuracy and is produced with the size of the measuring canvase 12.5 mm x 50 m. The body of the product is made of impact-resistant plastic, and the handle has a two-component execution and provides a convenient capture. The model is equipped with a sharp tip that allows you to fix the device in the ground with distant measurements, and the measuring belt web is covered with a polymer composition, rather resistant to abrasive effects. Roulette dimensions make up 47x27x6 cm, cost 641 ruble.

  • Chinese model Gross Produced in a closed rubberized case and is able to measure distances up to 20 m. Metal ribbon has a double-sided measuring scale and covered with a nylon composition that increases the service life of the working path of 6 times. The dimensions of the model are 21x15x4 cm, cost 1 399 rubles.

  • Russian roulette “cobalt” 646-904 Equipped with a fiberglass measuring path with a width of 15 mm and 50 m long. The model corresponds to the third class of accuracy, has an open shockproof case and equipped with an accelerated ribbon winding mechanism. Dimensions 35x23x5 cm products, cost 1,796 rubles.

  • Chinese Roulets brand Dexell produced in two variants of length – 30 and 50 m and are the most budgetary samples. So, the 30-meter model will cost only 400 rubles, 50-meter – in 500. Both models are equipped with a closed shockproof case and convenient ergonomic handle. The tape-tanta is made of synthetic web, has a metal ring at the end and is wounded with a coil handle.

  • Roulette FISCO PR 100/5 able to measure distances up to 100 m. The measuring tape 13 mm wide is made of carbon steel, covered with enamel and is not afraid of exposure to chemicals and solvents. Product dimensions – 35.6×26.6×5.5 cm, Weight – 1.94 kg, cost – 4,344 rubles. Manufacturer England.

GROSS 31480 Geodesic Roulette Overview You can see further.

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