Fronton siding

Since the fronton is a kind of “facial”, homeowners always try to make it beautiful. Most often, various types of siding are used to finish this part of the house.

Pros and cons

FRONTONE SIDING CONCLUSION AND PLUSES AND COULDS. To begin with, it is worth learn about the advantages of this material.

  • It is very easy to install. Credit with the process of mounting siding can be without the help of professionals. The main thing is to study in advance all the characteristics of the panels used and prepare for work.
  • Material looks beautiful and stylish. It can be used in the finish of both a private wooden house or a bath and a brick building.
  • Siding does not need additional care. Sole exception – wooden panels.
  • The material has a small weight, Therefore, it is possible to install it on a slope of galvanized profile or simple wooden bars.
  • There is a large selection of materials, which differ in color and texture. So you can easily find something suitable for yourself.
  • Panels and all additional items are cheap. You can buy them in almost any construction store.

To the cons of this material, it is possible to take what if necessary to repair, you will have to disassemble all the web at once, because only one panel cannot be replaced.

Selection of material

There are several different types of siding that use to sew a fronton.


This type of siding is a light plastic panel. They are different colors and size. This type of siding can also be used to cover the walls and socle. It is worth noting that for panels from this material it is easy to find additional accessories: profiles of the desired shape, platbands, window planks, internal and external corners.

Vinyl siding is distinguished by high quality and durability. Such panels can serve several dozen years without losing external appeal. In addition, this material is fully safe for humans and resistant to temperature drops. Care for vinyl siding is very simple, because the panels are easy to clean ordinary water.

By the cons of this material include the fact that bright panels can be fused with time. But if you choose bright siding, it will not be so noticeable. It is also worth noting that the panels are easily spoiled from mechanical effects. Therefore, when installing, you need to act very carefully.

To avoid trouble, buy vinyl panels need from proven manufacturers.


Such panels are made of durable galvanized steel. From above for greater attractiveness they are covered with polymeric materials. Like vinyl panels, metallic are found different colors and sizes. Fronttones are cured with metal, because it is durable and resistant to sunlight and temperature drops. Besides, Such panels are not afraid of mechanical effects.

But the disadvantages of this material also have. So, if the upper coating layer was damaged, the material may be subject to corrosion. In addition, it is worth considering that the metal panels are more expensive than plastic. Establish them also harder.

As a rule, metal siding is used to clamp non-residential buildings.


There are 3 types of textures of ground panels. They are stylized under wood, brick and stone. You can use them not only for the facing of the fronton, but also for the sewing of the whole building.

The main plus of such panels is a wide variety of textures and colors. In addition, almost all note their high strength and ease of installation.


This material began to be used for finishing relatively recently, but it has already managed to gain popularity among lovers of unique and originally decorated buildings. Ceramsiding is distinguished by high strength and refractory. It saves the external attraction for a long time and does not need additional care. But despite all these positive qualities, it is used for the plating of the frontones very rarely.

The fact is that the panels are pretty heavy and expensive. In addition, they are difficult to mount themselves.


Externally acrylic panels are very similar to vinyl. At the same time, they do not fade into the sun as quickly, so you can safely use to cover the houses of the panel of more saturated color. Acrylic siding is very durable and distinguished by resistance to chemicals. Therefore, in care of such panels, you can use any detergents.

The only drawback of acrylic panels is that they are more expensive than vinyl. But since this material is better, then its price is quite justified.

The rest of his minuses are manifested only if a serious error was made in the process of its production.


There are 2 types of wooden siding:

  • Flat panels stylized under the timber;
  • Volumetric panels resembling their log form.

Singing specifications depend on which wood rakes are made from. Angora pine is considered the highest quality material. It is resistant to temperature drops and practically does not change its appearance over time. Also popular siding from larch.

The material is lightweight, durable, not afraid of bad weather, heat and cold. But if he was dried incorrectly, over time he could crack.

Those who want to save, you should turn your attention to the siding from composite wood. Externally it is practically no different from the present. Due to the high characteristics, this material serves as long as the panels from more expensive materials. therefore It can be safe to buy for decoration of a residential building or other buildings on its site.

But all these options have their own disadvantages. So, they are all flammable. In addition, they need constant care. Otherwise, the material will quickly lose its attractiveness, and the panel will have to replace.


Concrete siding includes sand, cement and fiberglass. Material is distinguished by high quality. It is environmentally friendly and fully safe for people and for the environment.

Concrete siding is easy to install. For its installation does not need a frame. It can be attached straight to the wall. Consis is the same as ceramic siding: high price and high weight. In addition, it is difficult to handle and cut.

Separately, it is worth noting that the panels can be placed horizontally and vertically. Secondly mount a little more difficult. In addition, vertical siding is not particularly common in Russia, so it can be quite difficult to find such panels.

It should be remembered that horizontal siding to install vertically cannot. First, it is difficult, secondly, the incorrectly installed panels will last long. Therefore, soon work will have to redo.


Before starting to work, you need to calculate the number of panels that will need to be used in the process. The amount of material used depends on the view of the front. The most common triangular frontones.

Calculate the required number of panels is very simple. Height must be multiplied by width and divide in half. So it turns out to determine the area of ​​Fronton. If the roof is broken or trapezoid, then you need to count in 2 stages.

  • To begin with, the frontton should be conditionally divided by the horizontal line into 2 parts. It will turn out 2 figures: triangle and quadrangular trapezium. The area is first calculated according to the scheme described earlier. With the bottom figure you need to go a little different. The length of the lower and top of the trapezium should be divided into 2 and multiply to its height.
  • After that, it remains only to summarize the triangle and trapezium squares.

Focusing on these numbers, it is easy to calculate how much you need to buy panels. Acquire the material best with a slight margin, especially if it is necessary to sneak the obstruction with uneven edges or window boxes.

How to shepherd do it yourself?

Fronton Siding Cover Can be made with your own hands. It will help in this simple step by step instruction.


Before starting to work, you need to build reliable forests. Use ready-made prefabricated designs. But if there is no such possibility, they can be replaced by ordinary boards. Next, you need to proceed to the preparation of the foundation.

  • From the front you need to dismantle all the protruding elements.
  • Then the foundation must be put in order. If it is wooden, it needs to be well treated with impregnation against fungus and rotting. On Stone Frontone, you must close all existing cracks. The finished surface should be smooth, dry and clean.
  • After that, you can proceed to markup and fastening the crate. First of all, it is necessary to determine the lower horizontal line. For this purpose, you can use the usual building level. Metal profiles or wooden bars can be used as a crate. If the choice fell towards the wood, it must be carefully treated with antiseptic. Metal profile in additional processing does not need. But it should be remembered that it is more expensive and set it more difficult.
  • The distance between the bars, which are attached to the frontoth, should be no more than 40 cm. It is necessary to mount them evenly, so that after the end of the work it looked beautiful and neatly. Control this process is very simple. It is enough to periodically check the construction level, the bars are correctly located correctly.
  • After that, you need to take care of the warming of the front. The space between profiles needs to be filling in basalt mineral wool. Further, the frontone should be seen by a special film to ensure waterproofing and windproof. It can be attached to ordinary brackets using a stapler, paying special attention to the joints. Instead of waterproofing film, you can also use special protective membranes.

Technology facing

Work begins with the installation of the starting plank.

  • Self-tapping screws need not completely. If you screw them up to the stop, they will not be able to move when expanding the panels, which will lead to siding deformations. Starting Plank must be fixed perfectly smoothly. From this largely depends the result of the work. That the starting plank is installed correctly, will indicate a click, which is heard at the moment when it is aligned with the profile spike.
  • Next, you can go to the installation of the rest of the panels. The space between the fastener shoulder and the profile should be about 2 mm.
  • The finishing bar is installed before mounting the extreme row of siding.
  • Next, the joint panels must be closed with a special corner of plastic.
  • Having coped with the cover of the front, you can start designing the sink or installation of windproof strips.

After all the work is completed, you need to remove the remaining construction trash.

Useful advice

Fronton’s finishing siding does not take much time. The process is simple, so you can cope with the cover of this part of the building with panels without any help. If everything is done correctly, the fronton will be reliably protected and will become a real decoration of the facade of the house. To prevent errors in the process of work, you must always listen to the advice of professionals.

  • Panels and all additional accessories are best to buy from one manufacturer. Before buying, you need to draw the frontone diagram and calculate the number of planks that will be used for the trim. After all, if you buy panels from different parties, they can slightly differ in shades from each other.
  • As a heater, you can use not only mineral wool, but also foam or glass wool. For a larger effect, it is possible to warm the frontton, not only outside, but also from the inside.
  • Do not install siding without crate. This can be done only if the front is the perfectly smooth surface.
  • So that the facade of the house looked more beautiful, you can also perform the trim. Molded Material must also put on the crate.
  • If there is a window on the front, it also needs to be properly. To do this, use special window planks. It is worth remembering that they are quite expensive. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the amount of the material being purchased.
  • When facing the fronton in the cold season, the panel must be kept in the room 10-12 hours. This will allow the material to purchase the required flexibility.

How to shelter the fronton at home siding, look in the following video.

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