Frame dowels: characteristics and selection

Dowels are designed for fastening structures on various surfaces. Products are distinguished by characteristics and sizes. You should know about the features of frame dowels, attachment types, selection and use.


The frame dowel is basically a rod that is externally similar to a conventional metal nail. The part is used for tightening and fastening several parts of the design. The main feature is the presence of auxiliary element that holds the methis in the design.

The structure of the frame dowel has its own characteristics and features. The item consists of a separate spacer part, head and screw zone. The zone of the strut is designed in such a way that when it interacts with a dowel, scrolling in the hole is prevented. A peculiar nozzle also eliminates the appearance of cracks and deformation of the supporting structure. In this case, the element provides a solid and hard fixation.

Frame dowel heads are several types: flat and enlarged. The first option does not require dismantling, self-tapping screw with a flat head can be easily lifted with plaster. The frame anchor with an enlarged hat is made taking into account the possibility of unscrewing without the risk of deformation or breaking the head. Frame anchor produce from high quality steel. Therefore, products have a high service life and are able to withstand a larger load.

All products are covered with galvanized – layer 6 microns according to GOST. The galvanized layer prevents the appearance of scratches. Some types of dowels are covered with a special anti-corrosion substance, which eliminates the appearance of rust and oxidation. As well as screws produce stainless steel and bronze. Hardware from these materials are designed for a very large weight. Latvian dowels are not able to withstand a large mass. They are purchased for lighting structures.

Of the features worth noting a small weight. When installing windows, there is no load on the window binding. Dowels for frames perfectly carry the temperature differences from -40 to + 80 °. Of the advantages also noted the high degree of clutch when fixing to the surface.


Frames anchors are not subject to GOST regulation. When creating a document of this type of fastening was not yet. But manufacturing materials must comply with GOST standard requirements. Product dimensions are regulated by. The window binding parameters have standard dimensions, so the parameters and mass of frame anchors are also standard.

Anchors are distinguished in size, which are selected on the basis of the material of the working surface and the weight of the window frame. With product parameters worth getting close to. The diameter has a small range of values: from 6 to 14 mm. The average diameter of the dowel – 8 and 10 mm. Such values ​​of screws are found in the assortment of any manufacturer. The sizes of frameworks are presented below:

  • 10×152 mm – min drilling depth 5 cm, Max parts thickness – 12, 2 cm;
  • M10x132 mm – the depth of the hole up to 5 cm, Max the thickness of the part is 10, 2 cm;
  • 10×132 mm – drilling depth to 5 cm, Max parts thickness – 10.1 cm;
  • 10×112 mm – the depth of the opening of 5 cm, the max thickness of the part – 8, 2 cm;
  • M10x112 mm – the depth of the opening 5 cm, max thickness of the part – 8.5 cm;
  • 10×182 mm – drilling depth up to 5 cm, Max Detail thickness – 15.2 cm;
  • 10×180 mm – a hole in a depth of up to 5 cm, Max Detail thickness – 14.9 cm.

Types of fastening

There are many options for fixing frame anchor. Hardware distinguished by some features. For example, mounting type. Frame anchors are divided into non-removable and dismantled.

The first wailant has a flat hat. Fully screwed dowel not noticeable on frame design. It can be hidden under the layer of putty or plaster. However, the dismantling of the dowel will lead to the deformation of the window binding. The second option has a large hat that is noticeable on the surface. Screwed with ease twisted without damaging design.

Products have different types of hats. The main distinguishing feature is a slot shape that determines the used screwdriver when installing. Slots are the following types:

  • straight for conventional screwdriver;
  • with internal hexagon;
  • in the form of a star with 6 rays;
  • with a simple cross for a cross-shaped tool;
  • with a cross and a 6-beam star;
  • With a hidden hat.

Dowels for frames produce from different materials: nylon, polyethylene, steel, fiberglass. Nylon dowel – a more common option when installing window designs. Polyethylene product withstands low temperatures and heavy loads. Steel dowel is also designed for a large weight of the supporting structure. Fiberglass methiza has a high cost, but combines the reliability of the metal and the inert properties of plastics.

Screws for frames are two-, three- or many spacer. Depending on the type of strut, the product is equipped with different elements against unscrewing: mustache, special thread or aileron. The main feature of the structure of the dowel is the number of spacer items.

Methiz with one spacer is intended for installation in concrete and full-length brick. Dowel with several spacer sites also implies installation in concrete structures. In addition, it can be used for fixing to slotted materials: aerated concrete, brick and other. If the base of the product is long, the strut zones are located in several places. When one zone is placed inside the surface for fastening, the second hard locks the product due to dense pressed to the surface.

Choice rules

When buying a frame anchor, a number of parameters should be taken into account.

  • Material of manufacture. It is recommended to choose carbon steel anchors. Details have a special zinc coating that protects the surface of the dowel from damage. If the product from brass is purchased, then the weight of the frame structure is taken into account. Brass dowels are designed for a small load.
  • Parameters. Double dimensions include the length and diameter of the stud. The choice of size depends on the weight of the window frame. For massive structures it is better to choose a dowel with a long and thick hairpin. Standard diameter – 8 mm. There are products with a flushing diameter of 10 mm, which are withstanding dynamic loads. The length of the heel starts with 72 mm, the maximum parameter is 172 mm. All sizes are normalized by GOST provisions.
  • Quality strut. Reliable spacer must have a wall thickness at least 0.8 mm. Otherwise, the dowel will not stand the weight of the structure.
  • When choosing a dowel, the material of the surface is taken into account. For each material there is a dowel with its characteristics and parameters.
  • We use the weight of the structures. Dowels are used not only when installing window frames. With the help of them, other repairs are performed, fixing products for various surfaces. For a small weight design, a dowel with one spacer will fit. Fixing products with high weight involves the use of screws with a double and triple strut, which will be reliably held the design.
  • The choice of dowel depends on the tool with which construction work is held. If the wizard has a complete set of screwdrivers, then you will not pick up a dowel. For a separate type of screwdrivers (ordinary, cross, hexagon), there are hardware with an appropriate shape hats.


Earlier, frame hardware applied only for mounting window frames. Products provide reliable fixation of windows and door boxes. To date, the scope of the use of frame anchors has significantly expanded.

Hermatizes are used for fastening parts to hollow materials, such as brick, cellular concrete, aerated concrete. The versatility of the screw attributes its use in construction work and for installation of finishing materials.

Dowel is great for fastening wooden products to various surfaces. For example, it can be a conventional balcony unit with a floor of a tree. Thanks to its design, the wooden bars is firmly attached hard and hard and withstand heavy loads.

Existing species of frame methis allow you to choose a product for various designs. So, with a screwing, lamps, paintings, household appliances are fixed on the wall. For more massive structures use dowels with double or triple struts that are able to withstand a large weight. Thus, using products you can fix on the mounted ceiling massive chandelier.

Frame anchors are used during repair and installation work. Wide sphere of application anchors – installation of window bakes. Features of this or that type of hardware are suitable for a certain weight and structure. Therefore, when choosing some aspects are taken into account. Observing the basic rules of choice, you can choose a quality product that will ensure reliable fixation over the years.

The following video tells about the types of dowels.

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