Festool Systainers: Selection and Model Review

The correct organization of storage and transportation of tools is not only saves the time of the master, but also allows them to ensure their safety. Therefore, it is worth considering the review of Festool Systainer Models and familiarize yourself with the recommendations on their choice.

Information about brand

The rights to the Festool brand belong to Festo, which was founded in Germany in 1925 called Fezer & Stoll. In the first years of its existence, the company produced mainly equipment for wood processing. The company began to develop and produce innovative products to the market for that time products, among which were the world’s first mobile chains (1927.) and disk (1930 g.) Saws.

In 1933, the name of the German company was changed to modern. Since 1975, the company has changed its priorities and, instead of producing machine tools and hand tools, switched mainly to the production of power tools. In 2015, the company noted his 90th anniversary. It is noteworthy that the company’s leadership is working in the company’s granddaughter of one of the co-founders, so Festo is still fair considers herself to be a family enterprise.

The main office of the company is located in the German city of Vendlingen. In the same place, as well as in the neighboring Tsiggengen, Illertissen and the Czech city of Cesky Lipa, most of the company’s factories are located. Subsidiaries are open in 25 countries around the world, including Russia, in 68 countries there are branches. Festo employs more than 16 thousand people, and the annual turnover of the German enterprise exceeds 2 billion euros.


It is Festo that is the inventor of Sisteners. The first such product on the market appeared in 1993, he was called Festo Systainer. Since then, this name has become a nominal, and any tool box that can be used to organize modular storage and transportation systems, is customary to be called Syasener. At the same time, branded sisteners have such basic advantages over ordinary toolboxes as:

  • Strength and reliability – Festool boxes are freely put on each other, can be used as a stand or stool;
  • Prepared place for all common types of tools;
  • the ability to create its own modular systems that combine many boxes arms;
  • dust, moisture and implacability, resistance to temperatures from – 40 to + 90 ° C;
  • Ability to connect branded dust removal systems.

All boxes of the company are distinguished by a stylish design, combining a white background with green elements.

Unlike older models, all modern boxes from Germany are equipped with a T-LOCK branded lock, thanks to which the container can be opened or close, without disassembled the entire modular system.

Even the newest models of Syaseners (except SYS-MINI) can be interconnected and containers of earlier series, including the legendary Systainer 1993.

Size range

In order to ensure the ability to build modular storage systems from different models of their products, Festool releases a five standard dimensional system, which differ only in height:

  • SYS 1 is the most compact option that has a height of 10.5 cm (3 inches);
  • SYS 2 is characterized by a height of 15.75 cm (5 and 1/16 inches);
  • SYS 3 – has a vertical size of 21 cm (7 and 1/8 inches);
  • SYS 4 is characterized by a height of 31.5 cm (11 and 1/4 inches);
  • SYS 5 is the largest option with a height of 42 cm (16, 5 inches).

Width of most products – 26.7 cm, height – 39.6 cm. Systainers of all formats are conveniently placed in the rack, the dimensions of which are given in the drawing.

If you are going to embed sisteners to an existing system or want to estimate in advance whether to accommodate all the tools you need, then you should familiarize yourself with their drawings. Dimensions are given for SYS 1 format.


The actual range of Festool modules is included in the following Options.

  • SYS-T-LOC – classic product without internal liners. Comes in all five dimensional versions. Depending on the height, the mass will be 1.30, 1.50, 1.80, 2.10 or 2.70 kg.

  • SYS-Combi – a hybrid version of the combining system (a vertically open box in which it is convenient to store tools) with a sternerier (a drawer with a retractable shelf, ideal for storing fasteners and small spare parts). Produced in two versions with a height of 27 and 32.2 cm.

  • SYS-Toolbox – Model with open top and carry handle, comes in the size of SYS 1 and SYS 2. Convenient for carrying light tools, fasteners and snap.

  • SYS-STORAGEBOX – Sistineer’s hybrid and classical folding drawer for instruments operating on the principle of “harmonic”. It has dimensions of 39.6 × 29.6 × 16.7 cm and a mass of 2.5 kg.

  • SYS MAXI – Option of high capacity with increased dimensions (up to 59.6 × 39 × 21 cm). It is compatible with standard models (dimensions correspond 2 Systorenes installed nearby).

  • SYS-MIDI – Extended model size 49.6 × 29 × 21 cm.

  • SYS-MFT – Sistener and workbench hybrid. The upper surface of this box is equipped with a MDF panel on which it is convenient to fix the workpieces using clamps. Comes in SYS 1 format.

  • SYS-POWERHUB – Unique Hybrid Box for Tool and Electrical Extension Conductor. Inside the device there is a cable drum with a 10-meter cable, and 4 powerful outlets are displayed on the surface. 1 more socket is located inside the tank. It comes only in SYS 2 format and has dimensions of 39.6 × 29.6 × 15.75 cm with a mass of 4.2 kg.

  • Sys-mini – series of mini-systems incompatible with the main lineup. Such models are suitable for storing fasteners and small inventory. Length – 26.5 cm, width – 17.1 cm.


    To facilitate the organization of the workspace, the company offers auxiliary to their system. Among them:

    • Sets of protective inserts and lining;
    • Mobile MW 1000 workbench with retractable shelf and fastening for drawers;
    • SYS-ROLL 100 trolley;
    • RB-SYS roller board;
    • Steel rack YS-port 1000/2 on rollers for storing and transporting five boxes of different dimensions;
    • SYS-AZ retractable shelf for installation in modular systems;
    • Plastic mini-rack SYS 4 TL-SORT / 3 with 12 drawers for storing fasteners and other small parts that can be installed in the system system.

    Festool Sistine Review See below.

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