Features of using sealant for glass

All glass products must be not only durable, reliable in use, but also hermetic. This primarily concerns conventional windows, aquariums, automotive headlights, lamps and glasses. Over time, chips and cracks can appear on their surface, which, with further operation, provoke mechanical damage. To prevent this, it is enough to perform sealing with special sealants for glass. This construction product is easy to use and allows you to solve two tasks at the same time: seals the place of consumption and protects the glass from the negative impact of external factors.


Glass sealant is a unique material that is based on liquid polymers and rubbers. Due to the special components, the product, the product when entering the air begins to interact with the environment and becomes elastic or solid (polymerizes). In the process of manufacture, sealant use special technologies that provide a molecular compound of organic substances and polymers. As a result, a durable material is obtained, it forms a mesh structure on the surface of glasses, resistant to moisture and mechanical damage.

The main advantages of glass sealant can be attributed.

  • Reliable sealing. This indicator is considered important, since it depends not only to the excerpt of the load on the glass surface, but also the obstacle to the hitting of dust and moisture.
  • Elasticity. Material has a special structure, which is easily applied to the base and creates flexible connections between the surface and glass. It is important for when finishing automotive windows, as they are often exposed to oscillations and vibrations, after which the mechanical load and glass can be deformed, crack. Thanks to the properties of the glass sealant, the surface from the outside is solid and protected, and from the inside remains elastic.

  • Resistance to mechanical damage. In independence from the scope of glass, it may be subject to water, chemical solutions, dust and small trash particles. As a result, the foundation loses its strength and begins to collapse. The glass sealant does not react with sources of external exposure and creates a reliable film, thereby ensuring a delicate connection.
  • Ability to use in any temperature mode. There may be various non-standard situations when the glass first can heat up, and then cool sharply. If you correctly perform sealing, then the sealant will be able to withstand the temperature range from -40c to + 150c.

This material has other features, but they, as a rule, depend on the type of product and its composition.


To date, the building market is represented by a huge selection of glass sealants. Each of them is characterized by individual characteristics and scope of application.

Depending on the basis on which the material is made, there are two groups of products:

  • Acetate.
  • Neutral.

Sealants related to the first group are most often used for the structural seal of double-glazed windows or for glazing windows. As for the second type, it has high adhesion, so it can be used not only when sealing windows, but also for putting the external seams of facades, carrying structures from metal.

The sealant may differ in the components included in its composition and is a variety of.

  • Acrylic. This material is considered ideal for sea sealing. They can be covered as new double-glazed windows and apply it to seal old. The sealant creates a durable layer between glass and frame and prevents air penetration. As a result, a dense compound is obtained, which is resistant to moisture and low temperature. Most builders consider this sealant universal to work with glass.
  • Butyl. Is a building product that is designed to decorate double-glazed. It is mainly used in the case when several glasses are needed to be shy. Such a sealant is characterized by excellent protection and is well opposed to the penetration of wet steam and air into the space between the glasses. It is necessary to apply it on the working surface at temperatures above 100 ° C.

  • Polyurethane. Material has an excellent seal structure, so it is often selected for plastic and glass sealing. In addition, it can additionally perform the role of thermal insulation. Surface after sealing such a sealant acquires strength, its life is increasing. Masters most often use this material at the edge connection. Reinforced with sealant glass not “afraid of” temperature differences, acids and oils.
  • Silicone. Is the most common and sought-after view of sealants. It is used almost at all stages of construction work. Well suits the material also for sealing the facade glass, as it has high performance indicators. Popularity on this product is explained by the fact that it is inexpensive and characterized by excellent quality.

Thanks to the unique characteristics and special composition, silicone sealant for glass allows you to securely seal the seams and glue materials. In addition, the product has been applied and in the winder repair, as it can perform the role of pads. Often it is necessary to deal with the problem of seaming of seams between glass and plates like metal, ceramics or brick. Many adhesive compositions do not cope with this, but silicone sealant for glass perfectly gluits all objects, including the elastic polymers, plastics, aquariums, car parts.

In addition, the construction product is used to seal seams between different glass objects. In the car with the help of it you can strengthen the headlights, fixed windows and hatches. However, during the use of this sealant, it must be remembered that it is not suitable for performing work in which it is necessary to connect the glass with polymers. When interacting with fluoroplastic, polycarbonate and polyethylene, a chemical reaction occurs and the material loses its properties. In addition, this sealant can collapse when exposed to gasoline, synthetic oil and ethylene glycol.

Recently, such a new product as a polysulfide sealant can be found in the construction market. It does not contain solvents in its composition, is not available in tubes, but in large banks and is used, as a rule, in the manufacture of double-glazed windows. This sealant is obtained by mixing polymers with pigments and a structuring substance, as a result, a sealing material is obtained, which has high levels of resistance to the penetration of gas, steam and water. As a rule, such a product is used as secondary sealant. Sealant is simply applied, it is not harmful to human health and does not require additional precautions.

Sealing with their own hands

You can perform the sealing of glass yourself with your own hands, as it uses convenient sealants for this type of work. Before starting the process, it is necessary to carefully prepare the basis. For this, its surface is purified from dust and dirt, if necessary, then washed and dried. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the application of the sealant can be performed only in a certain temperature mode, which should not exceed + 40 ° C and not be below + 5C.

For work with glass sealant you need to use a special construction gun, it allows you to economically spend the mixture and simplifies sealing sealing, making seams with smooth. Before placing an adhesive can with an adhesive mixture in a gun, a tip is cut. Apply sealant follows a small layer, do it evenly and smoothly. It is desirable to apply the material with continuous motion, it will provide a quality result. Otherwise, the mixture will be distributed by layers of different thickness and after drying it will have to cut over.

In the event that, when performing a sealing, the mixture accidentally hit the surface of the glass or other material, it should be immediately removed with a cloth moistened in gasoline, otherwise the sealant dries quickly and clean it will be difficult. In addition, sealing should be carried out in special protective clothing and gloves.


The key to high-quality glass repairs is considered not only the right choice of sealant, but also the technology of performance.

To sealing is successful, it is important to take into account the following recommendations.

  • Before purchasing sealant, determine the level of damage to the glass and the need for additional elements such as fasteners, plugs or fees. It is also important to consider, from which material consist in contact with glass parts, since for some sealants there are restrictions in working with polymers.
  • To avoid excessive consumption of the mixture, you should calculate the surface area in advance that you need to glue.

  • To increase the strength of sealing will allow a proper sealing type, so it is necessary to take into account in what conditions it will “work” whether vibrations, pressure, moisture and temperature will act on it. In addition, the Environment will play a huge role. The presence of water, gasoline and oils can negatively affect the operation of the mixture and it will last long.
  • During the purchase of sealant, it is recommended to pay attention to how to apply. Many mixtures are used independently, and some require an additional primer or activator. Also, when applied, the sealant may have a need for painting tape, sandpaper paper and detergents. All this needs to be purchased in advance.
  • Before working with sealant, you will need to prepare such tools as a construction gun, spatulas and brushes.

  • Performing sealing, it should be paid to the fact that each type of material is characterized by a certain surface preparation and drying duration. Subsequent decoration of glass is possible only after complete sealant. It is also important to consider that when using the mixture, not to avoid the formation of its surplus, so you need to clarify the ways to remove them.
  • Undesirable to acquire cheap products, since the available price is not always characterized by high quality. It is best to give preference to well-proven manufacturers who are known in the market and have positive feedback. A poor-quality sealant will quickly darken, it will become brittle and start peeling, as a result of which the surface will require repairs. Therefore, it is impossible to save. In addition, more expensive products have the best structure and are applied quickly and simply.

  • Before buying glass sealants, it is necessary to carefully examine the instructions and pay attention to its physicochemical properties. For some species, the temperature regime is from + 200 ° C. – 70С, but if the package shows the range from + 20 ° C to -5C, then it is best to refuse this product, as it will last long and will not be able to provide reliable protection with windows.
  • It is important during the acquisition of the sealant is its release date and permissible shelf life. As a rule, overdue products will not be able to dry on the glass and slightly gluits the details. In addition, the product with an expired storage will be not transparent, but a black color. If all of the above is present, then the purchase can not be done.
  • Sealing seams, sealing and bonding must be carried out in gloves and at the end of the work.

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