Features of the choice of wrench “Meat grinder” for trucks

To date, almost any chauffeur has such a device like a wrench. Especially it is needed for truck drivers. After all, these cars are very large and with the help of a conventional wrench with breakdowns it is quite difficult to cope, especially if the trouble happened on the road.


Wrench “Meat grinder” is a completely simple design. In its basis – the housing in the form of a cylinder. It combines all the details, and also ensures their complete interaction. Most often, such a housing is made of polymers or metal (steel). However, in some cases it can be made of combined materials.

Inside it is planetary gearbox. On its main part there is also a drive shaft, at the end of the knob of which is the square. On the other part there is a closed shaft. It is on this shaft that all heads are installed to work with fasteners. Hykovert has a lever with which you can stop the rotation in the process itself.

One of the main characteristics of such a tool is the transfer ratio of the planetary gearbox or, in other words, a multiplier. It serves to convert torque. It is driven by the handle, so it is called “meat grinder”.

Most often on sale you can find wrench with a multiplier of 1 to 56 or 1 to 58. The torque at the same time should be from 2700 N * m to 3400 N * m. In addition, the package of wrench includes two heads that can be unscrewed or tightening nuts from 27 to 58 millimeters.

Principle of operation

Having read the fairly simple characteristics of the wrench, It is necessary to consider how this device works.

  1. First you need to install the head of the required size on the wrench, and after that it is good to secure it.
  2. The head is then put on the necessary part, that is, a bolt or nut.
  3. Next you can start rotating the handle. In this case, this rotation is transmitted to the output shaft. The head itself rotates very slowly, however, at the same time the torque amplifier helps to quickly cope with the specified work. That is, unscrew or spin the fastening items that manually can almost be able to cope.
  4. However, with such a work, it is necessary to know that the rotation of the unscrewed nut and the knob itself is sent to different directions.

Therefore, after the nut is sorted and began to go much easier, it is better to remove the wrench and unscrew the nut manually. It must be done in order not to thread the thread or break the hairpin.

Advantages and disadvantages

Almost all advantages of this design are associated with a multiplier that converts, and also enhances the torque. It is worth noting the following important features of the wrench.

  • The design itself is quite simple, but at the same time durable, and reliable.
  • With the help of a “meat grinder” wrench, you can unscrew very smoothly. In addition, it is possible to do this and with those details that ordinary wrench keys do not cope with.
  • Such a wrench is distinguished by small dimensions, so it is very convenient both in work and in transportation.
  • He is autonomy.

  • It is quite convenient to work with such a tool, because the efforts man applies quite a bit, and the work is moving very quickly.
  • Repair work can be accelerated, which saves time.

One of the biggest flaws, many consider the heavy weight of the wrench. However, this is not entirely correct, given the fact that very durable metals are used in the manufacture of the tool, therefore the weight increases. Accordingly, its strength will be several times more. In addition, those people who do not adhere to the rules for using the tool believe that the high power of the unit is also a disadvantage, because you can just thread threads. Making a conclusion from all of the foregoing, it can be noted that, subject to all recommendations, it is not necessary to encounter the lack of wagon.


Handmade wrench for trucks are needed not all, but the owners of large cars and employees of a service station, it greatly facilitates work. Such tools are several species and types. They are separated on shock and unstressed, electrical and rechargeable. As well as tools with reducer and without it. To determine for yourself, what kind of wrench it is worth choosing, you need to learn the basic information about all its varieties.


Such models are more suitable for domestic use. They work from the network, weigh little and at the same time they cope well with their work. Most often they are purchased for small hundred, tires, as well as for personal car maintenance. However, more expensive and powerful tools may even come true for trucks. True, it will cost a powerful and good model at times more expensive.


These tools are widely used and are popular with many drivers. Rechargeable wrench are found with different parameters, so you should choose them, focusing on the works that you have to cope with.

The battery in such structures is quite powerful, which makes it possible to change the whole set of wheels even on the cargo car. However, when choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to how long the charging can hold. This is especially important for truckers drivers, since a weak battery can be discharged on the road.


Durable wrench with excellent torque indicators. However, the lack of such models is the need to constantly connect them to the compressor. Most often they are used for work in large car dealerships, as well as in production.


One of the most reliable options among all is considered a gear handmade wrench “Meat grinder”. It can spin any of the necessary item without assistance. That is, it will not need a battery or compressed air nor electrician. Such a tool is often called wheeled, as it is used in a tire terminal for trucks. Among their “colleagues” he is the most demanded from truck drivers due to its reliability.


These wrenches have great accuracy, and also have a high torque. Most often, they are used to work with very large fasteners precisely because of this. Such tools are practically not vibrating, in addition, they are rather durable. However, they are unsuitable to work in the tire. Is that as an additional tool that is used in the most difficult cases.

Hydraulic wrench can be divided into two subgroups: Caid and Cassette. The first are used in the most difficult cases: when the nut is too tight or fastener was covered with rust. In this case, it is the powerful hydraulic wrench that helps solve the problem.

Cassette hydraulic wrench can “save” in a difficult moment. They allow you to process hard-to-reach places. This is facilitated by their small diameter and flat form.

Tips for choosing and operating

In order to be able to unscrew the nuts even on the road, it is best to use a wrench with a mechanical device. When choosing, it is necessary to carefully examine its characteristics so that they fully comply with the necessary requirements.

  • So that the wrench served much longer, it is necessary to test it, be sure to lubricate the oil specifically purchased for this, and also check each detail of the instrument.
  • After that you need to completely collect wrench. To do this, you need to wear a head on the nut, and the thrust lever can be installed as close as possible to the nut itself.

Next, you can start rotating the handle and do it until it is possible to break the nut from the spot. After that, it is necessary to rebuild the tool itself to a smaller speed. After testing, you can proceed to any work that will be sat for a wrench.

  • Do not forget that behind the wrench it is necessary to care for any tool.
  • Need to remember about safety technician. Be sure to make sure that on the case itself, as well as on all elements of the multiplier there are no cracks, no acute corners, nor even sharp edges.
  • Do not allow high loads when working with a tool. If you need to work for a long time, you can temporarily stop, giving a tool to relax.
  • It is necessary to ensure that the handle itself sat very tightly.
  • If a hexagon is broken, in no case should this instrument.

  • To extend the service life of the wrench, it is necessary to conduct timely inspections, as well as repair. Do it better in specialized salons to not damage the tool.
  • It is necessary to follow all the product storage rules. That is, make sure that no water nor dirt fall into it. But if it still happened, immediately need to remove all pollution or wipe water. In addition, immediately lubricate all the details so that they are not covered with rust.
  • When choosing a suitable tool, pay attention to this parameter as torque. After all, if you choose the model incorrectly, the nuts will be twisted stronger than you need.

    Considering different types of tools, we can conclude that best for trucks is suitable for wrench “Meat grinder”. It is not only easy to handle, but also powerful enough. In addition, the tool will help cope with any situation that happened on the road. It can also be purchased for work on tire terminal.

    Even more useful and interesting information about the wrench “Meat grinder” you can learn from the following video.

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