Features of the choice of silicone plumbing sealant

Reliable sealing of sanitary equipment is an important task from which the success and duration of its operation depends. It is especially important to carefully approach the docking of various non-standard details. Provide a durable connection will help specially intended for this silicone plumbing sealant.

Composition and types of silicone materials

Sealant for plumbing works – this is a thick, viscous mixture based on silicon polymers with the addition of fungicidal substances, intended for the prevention of the development of mold, fungus, breeding pathogenic bacteria.

Plumbing equipment:

  • silicone rubber;
  • Silicone plasticizer, giving material plasticity;
  • fillers for additional volume and colors;
  • Vulcanizer making a mixture of rubber-like, elastic and tight;
  • A amplifier with thixotropic properties, a hardening structure and not allowing the mixture to spread.

Vulcanizers determine the type of means:

  1. Neutral sealants (amine, alcohol and amide). Formulations do not have a sharp smell. They can be used for any coatings.
  2. Acidic. They include carboxylic acids, the evaporation of which are toxic and dangerous to health. They cannot be used to treat metal and marble surfaces, building materials containing cement.

Two-component mixtures mainly have a production area of ​​application, and one-component are widely demanded in everyday life.

Basic properties

Plumbing silicone has an optimal coated clutch level, prevents the destructive effect of ultraviolet rays, can be applied on the surface with different temperatures.

The complex composition of the material determines its properties and specifications, among which:

  • high humidity resistance;
  • immunity to temperature fluctuations, in standard compositions The limit of oscillations from -50 to +200 degrees, heat-resistant withstand temperatures up to +300 degrees;
  • Silicone funds are not exposed to an aggressive environment;
  • Sealants are distinguished by maximum elasticity and can stretch by 900%, so the joints are protected with any offsets.

The most popular mixture for plumbing works is a white “moment” sealant. It is easy to use, is distinguished by increased resistance to chemical compositions and climatic conditions. In addition, it contains antiseptics and fugitial additives.

The composition of Kiilto is ideal for works with plumbing and tiles. It is characterized by heat resistance and water resistance, provides a complete coincidence with the color of the putty.

You can also note high quality Soudal tools. This is a neutral, waterproof composition with good elasticity and high content of antifungal components. Suitable for connecting various materials – metal, ceramics, polyester, glass.

These sealants are the most sought-after and safe for sealing in residential areas.

Purpose of sanitary mixtures

Sealing silicone compositions are designed for rooms with high humidity, for processing plumbing devices, sealing seams between different chemical composition surfaces.

Silicone sealant:

  • Protects the technique from temperature drops;
  • Supports the working condition of the connecting pipes and protects them from the destructive effects of various active substances contained in water;
  • prevents leakage with strong fluid pressure;
  • The composition is indispensable when assembling a water supply system for different threaded compounds;
  • It is used in the absence of sealing rings and to harden;
  • Used for auxiliary waterproofing during repair.

The tool allows for both internal and external protection of compounds. Especially it is relevant for facilities from polyvinyl chloride. With the help of such a liquid and hard composition, the joints of the sewage pipes are processed in the socket, rubber cuffs are strengthened, which cannot guarantee optimal tightness. In this way, the desired strength of the design is achieved, and its service life increases.

In addition to processing pipes, with the help of plumbing silicone, finishing works can be carried out, sealing tile seams in high humidity rooms.

Form release

Convenience is a sealant packaging, it is produced in a tube from 100 to 310 ml and is equipped with a piston engine, due to which it is easy to charge a mounting gun for polyurethane foam. With such a tool to work comfortably and you can adjust the number of sealant. If there is a mixture in it, you need to shut a tight hole.

If a large amount of money is required, you can purchase a soft package weighing 600 ml, But for work will have to apply a construction tool for another type.

When buying should be paid to the terms of use indicated on the package. For different surfaces, you can choose different colors of sealing material, such as white, yellow, pink, black and colorless.

Terms of Use

Competent use eliminates the loss of elasticity sealant and the appearance of cracks. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out work consistently.

  • For optimal adhesion, it is necessary to clean the surface if they have dust, dirt and rust.
  • After that, the cartridge with a mixture is inserted into the construction gun and processed joints. It is desirable that the appliance line is not interrupted.
  • Excess the substance that has fallen on the plots for this is not intended, immediately wipe the napkin.
  • 5 minutes after applying, start to do seam. Form it with a moistened spatula or hands in gloves.
  • If the tool still remains in unwanted places, excessively eliminate mechanically or using solvent.
  • Fully dries up the composition after about 15-20 minutes, after that it is already impossible to make corrections.

Features of choice

Going to acquire a means for sealing equipment in a bathroom or bathroom, Some nuances should be taken into account.

  • Silicone sealants are suitable for metal products: aluminum, copper, solid mercury alloys. But they can glue any combination of materials. At the same time, there is no need for preliminary preparation of surfaces due to good adhesion.
  • Acid sealants are more suitable for processing water supply pipes, since they are not subject to biocorrosion. They are better not to apply for non-ferrous metals due to the devastating effects. In addition, acidic products contain biocides, so such compositions should not come into contact with the placement of products.

  • Neutral silicone mixtures are needed when working with plastic equipment parts, but they are poorly staining. That is why you should immediately choose a certain color to disguise the joints.
  • For sealing of plumbing structures, a white or transparent waterproof composition is usually used, which provides a reliable connection of plumbing devices, panels of the shower cabin, gaps between the wall and bathroom, the molding of the toilet. He also helps to avoid the appearance of spots and mold.
  • It is better to acquire sealants that have additional characteristics, such as heat resistance, refractory and other qualities

It is important to pay attention to this question as drying time. This and other information is usually contained in the instructions or specified on the package. The sealant must be selected for its intended purpose and suitable for operating conditions.

It is always necessary to check the shelf life of products, as well as the integrity of the packaging material, as this may affect the quality of sealant. In addition, it is wiser to acquire such goods from a proven manufacturer.

So that the tap equipment lights up for a long time, it is necessary to effectively carry out the sealing of sanitary devices. To do this, you need to choose a suitable high-quality tool and properly apply it. This will be the key to success.

About the subtleties of applying silicone sealant for sealing seams in the bathroom See below.

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