Features of the choice and operation of sturm perforators

Construction or repair work is impossible without using special tools. To one of them include a perforator. This device equipped with a shock mechanism. With it, it is possible without much effort to stick the walls, to make holes under a dowel in concrete grounds and perform a number of other tasks. If such works are planned, it is necessary to look at Sturm perforators. They have the optimal ratio of price and quality.

About company

Sturm – a company known in Russia for more than 15 years. Its production relics are in China (there are 40 factories in the Middle Kingdom). This company belongs to several trademarks:

  • Sturm;
  • Hanskonner;
  • Energomash;
  • Baumaster;
  • “Union”.

All realizable products are developed and manufactured with the participation of engineers from European countries, America and Japan. Sturm focuses on an extensive consumer audience and therefore produces both domestic and professional equipment. Product catalog Sustained. The manufacturer launches the benzoinstrument, various machines, power equipment, thermal devices, as well as electrical equipment. The last group includes perforators.

The company uses the latest German, Italian and Japanese equipment. Modern equipment, the use of high-quality raw materials, testing of each new tool party – all this allows you to produce reliable and durable techniques. All production is automated and partially computerized, so that the manufacturer managed to reduce the cost of the finished product.

Sturm releases equipment with regard to Russian conditions. In the Russian Federation there are about 200 service centers in which the consumer will be able to receive answers to the questions you are interested in or to hand out for warranty repair. Buy components or new parts will also not be labor. Every year, the company is increasing the scale of production, offering consumers improved power tools.


Sturm perforators are available in two modifications – with horizontal engine location and vertical. Each of these models are inherent in its own characteristics. For example, horizontal (they are also pistol) are characterized by more convenient operation and less mass. These are budget options designed to solve small household repair tasks. Their disadvantages include low performance, fast heating of the engine, which is why long-term work is impossible.

Sturm vertical perforators (barrel) – durable and “hardy” equipment designed for heavy work. Compared to pistol “counterparts”, such devices are more fun and productive. They have a better cooling system, due to which the engine is heated not so intense with long-term drilling of stone or concrete. The advantages of such models are high power and ability to withstand large loads. The disadvantages include their high costs, as well as large mass-duct.

Sturm manufactures perforators with SDS Plus and SDS Max cartridges (Variation of the Bura Fixation). The first is equipped with most small and medium-wide devices. Such a cartridge has a diameter of a shank 10 mm. This size is enough to install a boome with a diameter of up to 30 millimeters. SDS MAX have shanks for 18 mm. They are designed to join the elongated bers of large sizes. In addition, some models manufacturer staffed with cam cartridges that are suitable for installing conventional drills.

Sturm perforators support several operating modes.

  • Drilling. This mode is used to do the holes under the dowel in various materials (aerated concrete blocks, brick, foam concrete).
  • Drilling with strike. This mode is required to drill concrete, stone, injection or porcelain boundaries.
  • Powder mode. In this case, the device works in a reciprocal rhythm. The function function is needed for the stripping of walls under the wiring or creating holes with a flat bit. But to do deep holes, this mode will not suit, because it will lead to the junction of the drill.

In order not to be disappointed in the purchase of the perforator, it is importantly responsible to refer to the choice of power tools. To do this, you should familiarize yourself with some recommendations from professional builders.

How to choose?

Properly selected drilling equipment can facilitate repair and construction work. Before the choice should be carefully familiar with the technical characteristics of the device. The main one is the maximum impact energy that determines the performance of the device. Sturm manufactures perforators with different indicators, so the consumer has from what to choose.

For home use there is no need to buy productive and powerful devices – The goal will not justify the means. In this case, it is best to look at low-power equipment, the energy of which will not exceed two Joule. It will perfectly cope with the tasks to do the holes for an anchor fastener or dowel.

If the walls are planned using a perforator, it is recommended to choose models with an impact energy range from 2.5 to 3.5 Joule. For professional use, a productive tool will be required, the impact force of which will be at least 4 J.

Also an important parameter is considered the frequency of impact. This indicator, along with the impact energy, determines the speed of the tool. The more often the piston will make reciprocating movements, the less time it will be necessary to do the hole. For short-term work, it is best to select equipment with a horizontally located engine, while vertical models will be suitable for long-term strokes or drilling.

The perforator may include some important options that will facilitate the work of the user.

These include:

  • the presence of a drilling length limiter;
  • device of smooth switching of high-speed modes;
  • Receiver (reverse launch of the shaft in the event that the bore will be stuck in the material);
  • blocking the power button;
  • Anti-vibration system.

Need these options or not – to solve the buyer. It is important to choose what, indeed, it will be useful because there is no need to overpay by the ruble for those functions that the owner of the equipment never takes.

Operating Rules

Due to the violation of the rules for the use of the perforator, his service life is significantly reduced. That is why it is important to comply with all the recommendations of the manufacturer of drilling instruments. Below the above rules will help maintain the performance of the equipment for many years.

  • For the perforator to serve for a long time, it should not be overheating. In the process of sticking or drilling, you need to pause for cooling the engine.
  • It is not recommended to drill a deep hole “in one reception”. Need to stop, pull the boring and remove the construction trash.
  • When sticking should not make a lot of effort, pressing the tool. Such actions will lead to premature failure of the shock mechanism.

  • The tool stands strictly perpendicular to the base in which it is necessary to make a hole. Even the slightest breaks becomes the cause of mechanical damage to the cartridge.
  • Manufacturers recommend using the lubricant of the same name, cartridges and drilling drills.
  • Regular lubrication of the working parts of the perforator – a prerequisite. Special attention should be paid to the shank. And also follow the state of the anther and the brushes of the motor – they need cleaning (sometimes replacing) when contamination.

If the perforator has become extraneous noises or work with failures, you should not postpone the campaign to the service center “For then”. All faults should be eliminated as they occur. So it will be possible to avoid a larger breakage.


Sturm perforators reviews have very contradictory. They are mostly satisfied with those users who bought a tool for household purposes for rare and short-term use. In this case, the equipment works without complaints – just as it positions the functioning of the manufacturer.

Those who bought Sturm perforator for professional use or for carrying out large-scale construction and repair activities – in the purchase were disappointed. In their opinion, the equipment does not correspond to the characteristics declared by the manufacturer.

Among the advantages of household and professional models, noted:

  • budget price;
  • small mass boards;
  • the presence of three working modes;
  • Ergonomic housing.

To the main disadvantages of consumers related to the low quality assembly, due to which the device breaks quickly, loud work and short wire.

In the next video you will be waiting for an overview of the Perforator Sturm RH2590.

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