Features of the angular nozzle on the drill and subtlety of its use

Drill is a tool, the main purpose of which is to rotate the drill when you do the holes. Such a tool is usually used when carrying out repairs, which simplifies work. Also, various adapters, nozzles or adapters that make a versatile drill can be used to increase the functionality of the tool.

What it is?

The angular nozzle is designed to do the holes in places where it is impossible to penetrate the usual drill. Its body has parts that are located at an angle of 90 degrees, and inside the drive spindle, as well as a device for holding the drill and its rotation. On the surface of the housing there is an element for fixing the device to the drill itself. Swivel bushings are placed one in the other inside the case, which allows the drill to rotate and not create a lot of noise.

For some types of work, you only need to use drills with angular nozzles, Since the holes may not have enough space to place a tool or screwdriver head. If you have to twist screws into a soft surface, you can adjust and apply other tools, for example, angular screwdrivers. In all other cases, and especially when drilling a metal, you need to use a more powerful tool, and here you can no longer do without an angular nozzle.

Main classifications and functions

Corner nozzle usually Functions for such schemes:

  • mechanical transfer of the axis;
  • Flexible change of axis.

Fixtures of the first type are often located on a professional instrument and are one with it one. Such drills have no more than 1,800 revolutions per minute, which makes it possible to provide sufficient torque to perform complex tasks. These tools are indispensable when working with metal parts, and the nozzles themselves may have advanced functionality. For example, a means to reduce vibration, which simplifies work and speeds up.

The second type of nozzles is usually located in the bormashins and is a flexible shaft, one end of which is attached to the screwdriver, and a bit or drill is installed on the second.

Ends of such a design have the necessary devices for reliable parts securing.

Nozzles differ in the following characteristics.

  • Material of manufacture. Here are usually used by parts that are able to withstand a large load, and made of high-quality metal, which provides the ability to withstand strong mechanical effects. Such devices can be used to screw the screws into solid surfaces.
  • Methods change axis. Represent a gearbox that is enclosed in a plastic case and is able to withstand high loads. When working with such instruments, you can reduce the load on your arms, but the torque in the drill will be small.
  • Height of lengthening bits. Reflects on the functionality of the nozzle.
  • Turning angle knob. Increases ease of use and makes it possible to work with a tool with two hands.
  • The presence of reverse. You can remove the screws, and not only screwed them.

Design features

It consists of a device from:

  • gearbox;
  • aluminum or steel housings;
  • swivel handle;
  • fixtures for fixing bits;
  • Bearings that ensure the rotation of the shaft.

The angular nozzles are installed in the screwdriver cartridge, then the drill is inserted, and the necessary operations are performed. When working with such devices, it is not necessary to apply a lot of effort, as this may worsen working conditions and contribute to the rapid wear of the assembly bearing.

It is also worth remembering that when applying nozzles, the power of the tool itself takes place, and use such a drill only a short time so as not to overload and not overheat the motor.

How to choose?

Every buyer wants to choose an inexpensive product that will be different in quality and will serve for a long time. Most buyers prefer to use nozzles from famous brands.

To acquire really high-quality devices, you need to pay attention to the following conditions:

  • The recommended rotational speed is up to 300 revolutions per minute;
  • There is a magnet to capture bits;
  • The nozzle was released by a proven manufacturer;
  • Included Instructions, description of all parameters and characteristics, quality certificates.

Also, it is also necessary to determine what opportunities have nonces.

The main ones are:

  • adjustment of the required height;
  • Methods for fastening the drill;
  • Depth of screwing.

You should also pay attention to ways to fasten the nozzle to the drill and for the presence of drill to hold devices. Some nozzles are equipped with round transient magnetized rings, which simplifies the installation of the drill in the cartridge.

It also allows you to securely fix the drill, and you can remove the bit from the tip only when you click on the ledge of the nozzle itself.

Subtleties of work

Carrying out various events with this adaptation, it is necessary to adhere to certain safety rules.

We note the main one:

  • The drill must be securely fixed, and the workpiece is fixed;
  • work with a drill follows with two hands;
  • It is impossible to apply large physical efforts and put pressure on the tool;
  • It is forbidden to switch operating modes until the tool stops;
  • It is necessary to use protective devices;
  • immediately after the end of drilling it is impossible to touch the nozzle, as it can be heated

As can be seen, this device makes a drill universal, which allows you to perform various types of work in hard-to-reach places. Buying such a tool will become an optimal and simple solution for any host, and therefore it is necessary to first decide on the terms of use of the tool and acquire a model in accordance with this, paying attention not only to its characteristics, but also on other features.

Review on the angular nozzle for a drill with a cartridge you can see in the video below.

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