Features of self-tapping cassems and their application

Self-tapping screw – with a drill and acute, for metal and wood – is considered an optimal finishing option for sheet materials. Dimensions are normalized according to the requirements of GOST. Color, black, dark brown, green and galvanized white options are highlighted in color. Learn more about the spheres of application, features and choosing self-tapping with PressShibiba will be useful for everyone who is associated with the construction area and buildings.


Self-tappingress with pressshaba refers to varieties of products used for metal work. Its production is normalized by the requirements of guests 1144-80, 1145-80, 1146-80, for products with a tip in the form of a drill applied regulations DIN 7981, DIN 7982, DIN 7983.

Officially, the product is referred to as “self-tapping screw with pressshaba”. Products are made of black or non-ferrous metal, Most often on sale you can meet a galvanized self-tapping screw or roofing option with a colored hat.

The main characteristics of metal products of this type:

  • Thread in the range of ST2,2-ST9.5 with a small step;
  • Supporting surfaces of the head are flat;
  • Cincan coating, phosphate, painted by RAL catalog;
  • tip pointed or with a drill;
  • cross-shaped slots;
  • semicircular hat;
  • Material – Carbon, Alloy, Stainless Steel.

Black Saws with pressshaba apply only for internal works.Galvanized and made of non-ferrous metals suitable for use in the open air. These products do not require pre-drill holes – Self-tapping screw Enters the metal and wood, drywall and polycarbonate easily and quickly.

Screw with pressshabiba differs from other options for greater clamping force, enlarged hats. Self-tapping screws does not spoil the surface of sheet materials, excludes their premium.


The main division of self-presss with pressshaba in the category is made on the basis of the type of tip and colors of products.

  • White options received the greatest distribution with galvanized brilliant coating.

  • Black, Dark Brown, Gray Selflessness – phosphatated, made from carbon steel. The coating is applied to the metal, forming a film with a thickness of 2 to 15 μm. Such screws are well subsequent processing: staining, chroming, hydrophobic or oil.

  • Colored coatings apply only on hats. They are designed for roofing self-pressing with presss, allow you to make hardware less noticeable on the surface of the sheet material. Most often, the screws painted on the RAL head palette are used by mounting a professional flooring on the facades and roofs of buildings, during the construction of fences and fences.

  • Self-tapping screws with golden color These are coated from titanium nitride, are used in the most responsible areas of work, where high strength is needed.


The most versatile variety of self-tapping screws with pressShiba can be called options with a pointed tip. They differ from their traditional counterparts with flat heads only shape head. Slots here are crucible, suitable for use with a bits of a screwdriver or a conventional cross screwdriver.

Products of this type are considered suitable for use in working on metal with a thickness of up to 0.9 mm without additional deployment, well proven themselves when fastening wood plates and other materials.

When screwed into too dense and thick materials, the sharp tip is rolled. To avoid this, it is enough to conduct a preliminary abuse.

With a drill

Self-tapping screw with press, the tip of which is equipped with a miniature drill, is distinguished by increased strength and hardness. For its production, types of steel are used, surpassing most of the materials for these indicators. Such self-tapping screws are suitable for attaching sheets with a thickness of over 2 mm without the need for additional drilling holes.

There is a difference in the shape of a hat. Products with a tip-drill can have both a semicircular and hexagonal shape of the head, because when they are screwed, great efforts are attached. In this case, when working with hands, special cape keys or bits are applied.

Roofing screws also often have a tip-drill, but due to special requirements for anticorrosive stability, they are mounted with an additional washer and rubber gasket. This combination avoids the penetration of moisture under the roof skin, provides additional waterproofing. On the painted profile for the roof, colored self-tapping screws treated with factory-powered material are used.


The main requirement for the sizes of self-presss with pressshabs – their compliance with the standards for individual elements. The most popular length of products – 13 mm, 16 mm, 32 mm. Rod diameter most often standard – 4.2 mm. When combining these indicators, the labeling of the methome, which looks like this: 4.2×16, 4.2×19, 4.2×13, 4.2×32.

In more detail, the size range can be studied using a table.

Scope of application

In its destination, self-pressing with pressShibe is quite diverse. The products with a pointed tip are attached to a wooden basis soft or fragile materials. They are suitable for polycarbonate, organity, plastic sheat.

In addition, such screws without zinc coating are perfectly combined with sheet wood and construction materials. They are used to fasten the profile of plasterboard, creating trim on partitions from chipboard, MDF.

Painted roofing screws are used in combination with a polymer coating straightener, their classic galvanized analogs are combined with all soft materials, sheet metal with a smooth surface. Wash the screws with the tip-drill is necessary for a special tool.

The main spheres of their application:

  • Installation of metal crates;
  • hanging designs on a sandwich panel;
  • Installation and assembly of ventilation systems;
  • Fastening of slopes of doors and windows;
  • Formation of barriers around the site.

Self-savings with a pointed tip even a wider range of use. They are suitable for most types of internal works, do not spoil even fragile and soft coatings, decorative elements in the interior decoration.

Recommendations for choosing

When choosing self-tapping screws with pressShibe, it is very important to pay attention to some parameters that are of the greatest value in their subsequent use. Among useful recommendations, you can allocate the following.

  1. White or silver color Hardware indicates that they have an anti-corrosion zinc coating. The service life of such screws is much longer, calculated by decades. But if the metal work is coming, it is necessary to pay attention to its thickness – the sharp tip is wounded with a thickness of more than 1 mm, here it is better to immediately take an option with a drill.
  2. Painted self-press with pressshabib – Optimal choice for the installation of roofing or intake coating. You can choose an option for any colors and shades. In terms of corrosion stability, this option exceeds ordinary black products, but is inferior to galvanized.
  3. Phosphated methies have a color from dark brown to gray, depending on the peculiarities of their processing, there are different degrees of protection against the effect of the external environment. For example, the oranges receive increased protection against moisture exposure, it is better stored. Phosphatized products are well stained, but used mainly for work inside buildings and structures.
  4. Thread type matters. Self-tapping screws with a press for work on metal. For woodwork, chipboard and organity use other options. Their thread is wide, avoids breakdowns and scrolling. For solid wood, hardware with cutting in the form of waves or intermittent lines – to increase efforts when screwing into the material.

Given all these factors, you can pick up suitable screws with pressshabiba to perform work on wood and metal, fastening fences from the professionalist, creating roofing coatings.

How to choose the right self-tapping screws with pressshibe and not acquire poor-quality goods, you will learn in the following video.

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