Features of screws for laptop

Screws for laptop differ from another fastener by a number of features known to all users. We will tell you what they are, their features, how to unscrew cogs with torn or linked faces and imagine an overview of a laptop bolts.

What it is?

Screws are a fastener that connects various parts of the laptop. It is necessary to do it imperceptibly, so such bolts are always black (under the color of the case). Silver meet less often, usually connect the parts inside the case. Heads of such screws are always flat. Some are closed with rubber linings, and the seal passes onto others. Slots may also differ, so when choosing, look at the purpose and location of the bolt.


Screws are used where the latches do not give the desired strength. The following elements are mounted using bolted connections:

  • motherboard;
  • Separate fees in expansion slots;
  • HDD;
  • keyboard;
  • Parts of the housing.

In protected laptops fasteners play the role of decor. More cakes are used in other electronics, for example, in smartphones, tablets, cameras. Of course, they differ among themselves.

What happens?

By the method of consolidation, they are divided into the following types:

  • Bolts are twisted into the threaded holes and nuts, they are attached electronic components;
  • Self-tapping screws are used for mounting parts on the body and for connecting the elements of the housing.

The most unusual screws fix the processor cooling system. They are installed springs that soften the blows and vibration, preventing fragile components from destruction.

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Different firms use different bolts in step and length, namely:

  • In most cases, the length is 2-12 mm;
  • Diameter of thread – m1,6, m2, m2,5 and m3.

The head can be a cross (most often), a straight, 6-graded or 6 and 8-beam star. Accordingly, they need different screwdrivers for them. Apple uses a slot in the form of a 5-beam star (Torx Pentalobe). This guarantees repair only experienced masters with a special tool (others simply will not be such a screwdriver).

As you can see, there are many standards, so the screws are sold by sets. The kit can be large (800 pieces, 16 bags of 50 bolts) and small, high-quality and not very.

Important! To check the quality of the bolt, try to damage the slot with a screwdriver. If only scratches are left on the paint – a good bolt. If the slot was able to “lick” – this set is better not to use. And remember that the main thing – with fasteners you need to contact.

How to unscrew?

Each laptop model has its own disassembly scheme, which shows the sequence of unscrewing. You can find it on special sites and forums, sometimes it is in the user manual. After exploring the scheme, pick a screwdriver.

  • With plastic fault. It is needed for delicate disassembly, because it does not damage the slots and does not scratch the body. If it does not help, apply steel.
  • With steel hardened sting. It is needed if “shuffled” the slots, the faces were broken, the screw is impossible to unscrew. She can jump and damage the item, so you need to act neat.
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If the screw is unscrewed – you are lucky. And if you need to unscrew the linked bolt – do the following:

  1. on the thread or head, the silicone lubricant drip (industrial can damage plastics);
  2. warm the head of the soldering iron; If the screw is screwed into plastic – the soldering iron must be impulse;
  3. Do new slots – To do this, take a flat acute screwdriver, attach a sting to the place of the old slot and hit the knocker to the hammer; You need to beat anything, otherwise the connection will deteriorate; If you do the right – the head is deformed and the new slot will turn out, of course, this screw will need to replace the new one;
  4. The screw with torn edges can be unscrewed if you cut new slots with nadfil; so that the sawdusts do not get inside the body, when working constantly use the vacuum cleaner, after cutting, wipe this place with a cotton swab.

Important! Do not apply excessive effort. If the bolt does not get twisted – look for the cause. And always follow safety.

In the next video, it is described how to unscrew the screw from the laptop.

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