Features of sandblasting cameras and their manufacture

Sandblasting camera – Survived unit used to clean various products before painting or other processing. Devices differ in size, appointment and form. It is worth considering what is sandblasting cameras and is it possible to make a similar unit yourself.

What it is?

Sandblasting camera – Special device, the appointment of which is the effective cleaning of surfaces of various materials from pollution. Also, through such equipment, it is possible to eliminate the surface of corrosion traces, remove old coatings before updating the surface of the material.

As an abrasive powder, quartz sand is often used, but this is not the only material that can be sprayed under high pressure. Also for surface treatment involve:

  • Glass granules;
  • slag remaining after copper and nickel;
  • Fraction of steel or cast iron.

Finally, an electrocorundant is equally demanded, which is also placed in a sandblasting chamber. Disks in the chamber do not use.

The principle of operation of aggregates for cleaning surfaces of various materials – and metal, including – is pretty simple. The work of the car organizes a specialist who is outside the equipment. The unit is aimed at performing several tasks at once:

  • cleaning surface from contamination;
  • extension of the service life of the surface of the material being processed;
  • Decorating material.

The design of any machine includes a metal locker equipped with a bevelled lid and an observation window, as well as filters and other parts. On the front wall of the locker there are 2 small holes with hermetic cuffs where the operator inserts his hands before starting processing.

Under the car there is a grid, where it is referred to the exhaust abrasive and dirt from the treated surface. Dust, in turn, in the process of operation of the equipment enters the dust collector, and the products themselves are loaded inside through the door provided.

So, the principle of operation of the device is as follows:

  • First, the operator includes a compressor for injection of air inside the chamber, pre-determining the multiplicity of air exchange;
  • Next, the connection of air flows with abrasive material occurs, and the pressure is increased inside;
  • The cyclone from the abrasive material literally shot on the surface of the pre-loaded product;
  • The base of the product is cleared of dirt, coatings and various plates.

After that, the material remains in a special collection – a large container under the grille.

Review of species

Today manufacturers produce two types of sandblasting cameras – Inhabited and Uninhabited. The most popular are the first machines that are characterized by the following features of operation.

  1. Inhabited sandblasting chamber is a separate room with a high degree of sealing. Inside the room is an operator who is engaged in processing incoming products. It is predominantly industrial equipment.
  2. Inside the sandblasting chamber walls are covered with shock absorbers capable of withstanding and repaying the abrasive ricochet.
  3. After the abrasive material on the treated surface occurs, the destroyed particles of dirt and the abrasive are satisted on the floor grille, from where they subsequently enter the collection and return chamber.
  4. The accumulated mass is sent to the separator working on a cyclone principle. It occurs in the separation of waste and abrasive, which can be reused.

As a result, at the end of work, dust and waste go into a drive, which is located outside the chamber, and high-quality abrasive – in the bunker, where subsequent procedures will wait for.

Honors of uninhabited automatic chambers for processing materials is a small area. If you look outwardly, such machines are not a room, but a desktop rectangular box with holes provided for hand operators.

Child Nuances

When choosing and buying a sandblasting chamber, you need to pay attention to several important characteristics and nuances of equipment. First, you need to make sure the diameters and the length of the hoses for sandblasting. It is also worth considering the performance of the compressor, which will be forged the air to the desired chamber. Additionally, experts recommend paying attention to the following details.

  1. Air Dryer. The presence of moisture inside the chamber makes the abrasive stream uneven, which is why particle bonding to large fractions. As a result, surface treatment becomes poor quality, so it is important that the desiccant is built into the design.
  2. Powder Reservoir Capacity. On average drawer should be enough for 30-40 minutes of work. It is also important that the slope of the reservoir does not exceed 40 degrees. Otherwise, powder will be bad in the dispenser.
  3. Calibration sieve. With it, it will be possible to clean the exhaust abrasive material from large particles and mud inclusions. Site work is especially useful in the case of re-loading abrasive.
  4. Protective grid. The presence of this design element will help prevent glass damage.
  5. Easily download. The design of the sandblasting chamber provides a special door, which should provide unhindered access to the entire volume of the cabinet.

Finally, the future owner of the equipment must take care of the power of the exhaust and the volumetric tank, which will collect dust in the process of processing the material.

How to make it yourself?

To begin with, it should be noted that it will not be possible to make sandblasting inhabited type. This is possible only in the factory conditions, while it is necessary to carefully approach the development of a project such. In addition, the cost of such installations reaches 1.5 million rubles, which is unprofitable for those who want to use a sandblasting chamber in the farm.

Do it yourself to make a uninhabited camera. It is noteworthy that with a competent approach to work the equipment will be at all worse than the purchase option. It is possible to achieve the desired result by preparing the necessary tools and quality materials.

Advantage Stationary Camera – Small Sizes. It will not take a lot of space, and if necessary, it will be possible to perform its transportation. If we talk like a simple language, then the homemade sandblasting camera is a metal box, collect which is possible according to the drawings and pictures from the Internet.

Safety technique

Before proceeding with the assembly of sandblasting barrels, it is necessary to take care of safety technician. Works must be performed in overalls and gloves to prevent damage to gentle skin areas from damage.

Work zone

Under it it is customary to understand the space inside the chamber that is dense closed during the cleaning of the surface. It is important to provide on the floor of the working area a special grid or grille so that the sand or other abrasive in the process does not delay in the chamber, and failed inside.

Also in the device should be equipped with an observation window so that the operator can follow the process and evaluate the result of the work done. At the top of the working chamber, lighting is set to prevent the occurrence of darkened areas. It is necessary that the material cleansing is highlighted at a high level. Lamps need to be made closed so that the abrasive does not damage their surface.

Finally, the camera body needs to be built in gloves and sandblasting sleeves.


Perform most often conical. Wherein It is important that the bottoms have large sizes, otherwise it will not be possible to organize the free placement of spent abrasive and waste from the processed material. Additionally, when the bottom arrangement, it is worth providing unimpeded access to it in order to be conveniently subsequently replicated abrasive and dust in a bucket or other container.


Designed to ensure air discharge and removal of dust from the camera. It is an important element of the design, so it is necessary to take into account this moment when assembling the camera. As an exhaust, the electric motor is recommended, the power of which does not exceed 0.75 kW. This will be enough. When choosing a motor, it is worth a preference to models with a paddle screw.

Sandblasting machine

Is the basis of the system and is a special installation by which it manages to organize the processing of surfaces of various materials. Injector pistols are considered the most demanded. They first injected air into the chamber, and then let the sand, which is self-made by the hose from a separate container.

With the help of an injection pistol, you will be able to remove:

  • Small pollution;
  • matte layer;
  • Fat layer of paint;
  • Layer Rzavchina.

Sandblasting apparatuses of pressure type are the second most popular. In them, the airway is divided into two parts. The first leads to a container with an abrasive, the second – to the output from this container. Such models will speed up the processing process.

Common housing

With it, it is possible to connect attachments and ensure efficient control of the device by connecting the electrician. In the housing it is necessary to provide holes under the hands, which must be located on a convenient height operator. The optimal diameter of the holes is 12 cm. When choosing gloves should take into account this moment.


The device of the device must be equipped with high-quality lighting. It is important that the work area can be viewed completely, and there was no dark plot inside. To protect the lamps from damage to abrasive material, it is recommended to cover them with a plastic casing. On average, two lamps are enough to illuminate a small chamber.

On the features of sandblasting cameras and their manufacture, watch the video below.

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