Features of profiles for partitions

Know the features of profiles for partitions and the main dimensions of the partition profiles are necessary for everyone who decides to equip their homes. They have to learn and other theme – how to make a frame. It is important to draw attention to the PVC profiles for sliding partitions and metal profiles, and their other possible options.


Profiles for partitions are the main components of the framework. They are responsible for keeping the partition in place, for the preservation of its main geometric and strength characteristics. To build without a profile any large design is absolutely impossible. For attention, be sure to take the supports of such profile nodes and their other important properties. Modern manufacturers can offer many of the options for specialized products, including differing by material, by execution.

The specificity of the profile also concerns the scope of its use:

  • in the whole apartment;

  • for the shower cabin;

  • for a plumbing cabin or bathroom;

  • for deaf plasterboard partitions;

  • for office use;

  • Under various materials (one thing is the same plasterboard, and the other – the all-glass partition).


Features of profiles for partitions are their large range. Consider the main varieties.


The partition guide profile is usually mounted on the floor and the ceiling. In some cases, it is installed on the walls, but it is not found so often. Such products are designed to provide a very high quality connection. You need to buy them only from proven manufacturers who have already proven themselves very well. Standard height – 40 mm, but the other dimensional indicators can vary greatly; In many cases, the initial design of the holes is envisaged.

Even very large companies are engaged in the production of guide profiles, such as All well-known Knauf concern. In most cases, the guide products have a length of 3 m. But by individual order they can be made with other dimensions. It is always necessary to take into account the features of specific premises and even specific surfaces, then the probability of the error will be minimized.

It is advisable to order profiles from the same firms that deliver plasterboard or other finishing materials to ensure compatibility.


These profiles may be called rack; The main purpose of such products is the creation of a node in the design. It is understood that all such parts are put in the guides at an angle of 90 degrees. It is from these elements that the total strength of the frame depends. If it is not enough, probably the appearance of the roll. The concave edges are also not an accident – such a solution allows to ensure the highest holding ability.

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The length of the racks can reach 6 m. The sidewall is usually 5 cm. In some cases, carrier parts are made of galvanized steel, and not aluminum. Such a solution is quite justified, if you remember the increased supporting characteristics of steel alloys. Corrugated shelves are used for additional amplification of carrier abilities.


We are talking about narrowly specialized profile products of the most complex shape. They have a convex or concave configuration. Based on such products, you can create sophisticated frameworks and ensure visual smoothness of execution.

You can easily get a very original bending, thereby enhancing the quality of space. Initially, designers think over the maximum flexibility of their products.

In a separate category, a profile is distinguished for sliding interior partitions. Most often talk about mobile partitions – and this is indeed. Without work, you can move these screen on the apartment or office. Their relief is just achieved through the use of a well-thought-out aluminum profile. It is absolutely resistant to corrosion, perfectly suitable for staining with powder paints; Aluminum is stronger enough to create partitions height up to 3 meters.


Quite often for reasons of lightness and amenities Choose a plastic partition profile. It is quite reliable and inert chemically. Such products have proven themselves very well in apartments, and in offices, and in other premises. PVC-based structures successfully solve both formed and purely practical tasks (effectively divide the space, distribute zones). Polymer:

  • looks beautiful;

  • It is convenient to operate;

  • extinguishes sound oscillations;

  • Comparatively durable mechanical.

In some cases, a metal-plastic profile is used. It does not differ much from those products that are used in window production. Yes, and make such products on some production lines. The claimed period of operation is at least 40 years. It should also be noted ease of installation and care.

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If you need to provide the highest carrier ability, a metal profile is used. Along with pure aluminum, galvanized steel varieties are used. They show themselves rather reliable, work effectively for many years. Diffarnation of some special gravity is not worth – modern metal structures are relatively easy. It is only necessary to carefully choose their supplier and take into account other subtleties.


Many experts note that need to try to use a profile cross section 50 mm. It’s not at all by chance. The same designs of 100×50 mm provide almost perfect fit. But in some cases it is necessary to apply the designs with a cross section of 60 per 27 mm and other dimensions. Typical block length for mounting drywall is 2.4 m, 2.8 or 3 m; A number of manufacturers can offer models up to 4 meters.

But there is no sense to look for long profile elements. They do not affect reliability, contrary to popular belief. The acceleration of the frame assembly does not justify itself. But the thickness of the design is not worth it. You need to take a profile that does not bend in your hands – this is quite enough.

Criterias of choice

Immediately it is worth saying – the same type of profile designs can also be used for functional needs, and for zoning room. Moreover, it is equally suitable for structures:

  • from plasterboard;

  • from OSB;

  • from chipboard;

  • From Ledsp.

The main thing is to have enough support ability to design. It is calculated according to the mass of the materials used.

Important: It is best to choose products equal to the length and height of the room or proportional to these indicators. If it is impossible to do this, it is more correct to use those design for interior works, which will allow minimizing the amount of discarded segments. Otherwise no special tricks.

Tips for mounting

To make a frame for plasterboard sheets, usually use guide profiles by cross section 50×40 mm. Them should be exactly so much to successfully sow the entire need perimeter. Optimal freezing rack profile 50×50 mm. Specialists are recommended Select dowels and screws of two lengths – 35 and 45 mm. The first will be useful when fastening sheets on the frame, and the second – for mounting the framework elements themselves; their installation allows you to mount jumpers.

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Very important stage – preliminary markup. Mistakes at this stage are most often incapgravable. Place the future partition from the bottom from the bottom up. For single-layer trim, it is required to make an indentation from the main line to the thickness of the sheet used. New feature will show where to accurately put the guide profiles. When it is spent, you can transfer the marks for the ceilings and walls; It is best to recall these laser level indicators.

Collect the frame from the guides is the easiest starting with the floor.

To strengthen sound insulation, on the floor and on the ceiling at the installation point, we glue sealing tape. It can always be bought in the same stores as the profile itself.

Attach guides are usually trying to dowel-nails, and self-tapping screws can be driven into the wooden floor. Only after the perimeter notation, the guides can be taken over the cutting of the rack profiles in size.

The rack elements must be 1-1.5 cm below the ceiling. Then the construction of the design will not be labor. The distance between the profiles is kept exactly so that the sheet of sheet falls into the middle of the support. Additional assembly gain is made by horizontal jumpers. To easier to put the doors and windows, use mortgage bars.

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