Features of plotting of cork boards

In the process of registration and decoration of any room (regardless of its functional purpose) it is very important to choose the right to choose the right thematic elements and accessories in the desired stylistics. One of these can be a corkboard. Cork board in the interior can do not only decorative, but also a functional role. Today in our article we will talk more about the features of plugging of traffic boards.

How to decorate the board?

First of all, it should be noted that the cork board is often used in the design of the interiors. This is due to the fact that it has a lot of positive characteristics. These include:

  • low weight;
  • elasticity and elasticity (even after mechanical impact on the material, it quickly restores its original form);
  • antistatic characteristics (thanks to such properties on the cork board, dust is not assembled);
  • long service life;
  • Resistance to various chemicals and t. D.

In the process of registration and design of cork boards, it is very important to focus on all the characteristics that were listed above.

Generally speaking, today there is a wide variety of boards decorating options. You can use one of the common methods or to show creativity and creativity.

Special paint

Due to the fact that initially the cork board itself has a fairly inexpressive natural color of the tree, many people trying to create a bright accent and give the color saturation of their room, cover her paint. At the same time, on the market (or in a specialized construction store), it should be purchased precisely such paint that is suitable for painting cork boards (it is desirable to consult on this issue with a qualified seller-consultant). Depending on your desires and preferences, you can use one or more colors of paint.

In addition, the board may be monophonic or decorated with patterns and patterns.


Another option to make the cork board of originality is to cover it with decorative cloth. Thus, You do not need to constantly use such a way as painting, and if possible and desire, you can change the fabric quite often. At the same time, it is desirable to choose such a material that will fit well and will be harmoniously combined with the common interior of your room.


In order to give a cork board, a finished and neat look, it can be issued using a frame. Thus, The decorative element can fit even in a serious, classic interior, such as the working office.

Other ideas

In addition to the above options, there are other ways to decorate the cork board. For example, You can give the standard rectangular web to the desired non-standard form: for example, more simple variants include a circle or oval (or any other geometrical forms), and to more complex – the outlines of continents, plants or animals.

    Thus, In the process of decorating the cork board, there are no restrictions. You have the opportunity to exercise your unlimited creative abilities. At the same time, remember that the design of the cork board must be harmoniously combined with the common interior of the room.

    What you can hang?

    Cork board is traditionally used as a kind of “cloth”. You can hang any decorative elements on your choice. Pretty common is the way of decorating board photos. In this way, you can arrange a teenage room (both for the girl and for the boy). Consider several other options.

    • From paper, cardboard or fabric you can make peculiar “pockets” that can be hung on a plugboard. Thus, you will create an additional storage system where various little things can be placed: for example, keys.

    • In the presence of necessary materials, as well as appropriate skills, from wooden plates you can create a small shelves for the cork board. Such homemade shelves can be placed souvenirs or any other decorative items of your choice.

    • On the board you can hang various sheets and postcards with inspirational and motivating quotes.

    This is especially true if the cork hangs over your desktop.

    In addition to the above options, there is another common way to design cork board. So, from this decorative accessory you can make the so-called “Board of Desires”. Such a stand will be inspiration for you and will motivate on productive work that will promote you to the desired goal. It should be borne in mind that the “boards of desires” must be as individualized as possible and personalized. You can hang various cuts from newspapers and magazines on the plugboard, printing inspiring and attracting you images from the Internet and T. D. Such a stand should be placed in a prominent place so that you can constantly visualize your goals and desires.


    In the process of design and decorations, several universal recommendations of specialists should be taken into account.

    • First of all, it is necessary to remember that the design should fully fit the style of the interior of the room in which it is. Moreover, it can be both a harmonious addition and accent (for example, color or semantic).

    • In order to in the room you feel at home, it must be as individualized for your taste preferences and functional needs. It is recommended not to use templates from the Internet, but to exercise your own creativity.

    • When choosing materials for registration of cork board (paint, fabric, frame and t. D.) You should give preference only to the highest quality and environmentally friendly options (especially this is true if you will decorate a children’s room using a corkboard).

    • Adjust the assignment of the board depending on the functionality of the room. So, for example, a cork board in the kitchen may contain a list of purchases or cases, and a decorative element in the living room or a bedroom can be decorated with photographs.

    • Do not overload the board too heavy elements. Otherwise, it may not withstand the load (for example, to deform or fall). In addition, it should be remembered that the fasteners should be as strong as possible and reliable.

    Thus, if you adhere to all recommendations and councils of specialists, you can create not only aesthetically attractive, but also the functional element of the interior.

    Beautiful examples in the interior

    Consider several beautiful examples of plotting of cork accessories in the interior of various premises.

    • On this photo you can see a plugboard, which is framed using a massive wooden frame. Such an element of the interior looks quite attractive, but at the same time it is practical: here are operating records and notes, lists of cases, inspiring and motivating quotes and t. D.

    • This cork board performs exceptionally functional value, as it is a storage system for jewelry. Thus, your chains and bracelets will always have at hand, do not confuse and do not lose.

    • Such a cork board is suitable for a teenager room or room in a hostel. Stand contains a large number of disparate information. For example, here you can see photos-memories, inspirational pictures and other elements.

    • In this photo you can see pretty non-standard, stylish and functional solution. Using a cork accessory, a whole wall of the working office. It is attached to it a large number of elements, but they do not create a feeling of chaos.

    • This design of the wall with a large number of small round cork boards will be relevant for the kitchen or for the hallway. It looks pretty effectively and unique, attracts the attention of guests at home.

    • Here you can see how the cork board is one of the numerous functional elements of the working area.

    How could you make sure about the design, decoration and the location of the cork element in the interior there are no restrictions. You can use the examples offered by us or come up with your own option. One way or another, with a skillful embodiment, the accessory can become a multifunctional decorative element of the interior of any room.

    About how you can make a plugboard, see the following video.

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