Features of plastic Khomutov

Clamps relate to reliable and durable widespread fasteners. They can be used at a construction site, in production, for household and household needs. Depending on the scope of use, models of different shapes, sizes and materials are selected. In our article, we will tell about plastic clamps.

Description and appointment

Plastic clamps cannot compete with metal models for strength, but they have their own advantages. High elasticity gives them the opportunity to withstand tangible vibrations.

They can be used for mounting moving elements. Plastic products are not afraid of moisture and do not rust, they are durable, durable, diverse and cost inexpensively.

As for temperature fluctuations, not all plastic clamps are steadily responded to severe frosts, so frost-resistant options should be chosen for street work.


Fastener cable or household construction is easy. It has a tier plastic part in the form of a tape, on one side of which gear strokes are under the slope. The hole of the locking rings is endowed with a protrusion leaving in the opposite direction from the toothed plane. Ribbon passing through the lock hole, moves only in one direction, tightening the fastening item, for example, cable. When the element is fixed, open the mounting strip is no longer possible. Disassembly occurs by the method of cutting plastic mounting. Such a device refers to disposable clamps.

There are fasteners complicated by a rod dowel. They are mounted in pre-prepared holes to the wall, floor or ceiling. To do this, it is enough to drive the dowels into the holes, and in the clamps to fit the cable.


Plastic clamps have many modifications and appointments. Houses in everyday life, in the gardening and garden plot, in the garage they can be used in the form of fasteners in all situations that are capable of fantasy:

  • repair the fence mesh;
  • pack the bag;
  • connect light designs;
  • tie trees branches;
  • repair a hammock;
  • fasten the cap on the wheels of the car;
  • keep thermal insulation on the collector.

Cable clamps easy to assemble wires in a beam. Fasteners with dowels can be fixed by non-searched cable of any destination, making electrical wiring.

Plastic clamps are used to hold water supply and sewer pipes from PVC. However, the load of metal communications nylon fasteners will not stand.

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Review of species

The clamp is a fastener element of a wide purpose, so appearance, dimensions, fastening force, type of plastic in different models of unequal. They can be divided into several types.


The simplest disposable design in the form of a strap, which fixes the elements by tightening and has no reverse. Products are available in large color palette.

With mounting hole

Disposable clamp, described above, but with a small feature.

It has an assembly hole in the form of a head on the castle.

This allows you to mount the cable or other elements with self-stairs to the plane. Select the color and size of these models small.

On a self-adhesive platform

An ordinary tightening toothed strap, which has been produced through a small self-adhesive platform. Such clamps are convenient for light cables and wires.

With double castle

Clamp produced from relatively thick and durable plastic, designed for a load with great strengthen than the usual nylon option. For the reliability of fixation, the model is endowed with two locks.


Dowel-clamps are a small whole solid plastic loop with jar. Sometimes they may look like a bolt, whose head has a hole.

Plastic bracket (clamp) with dowel

Such a model is a clamp in the form of a constant plastic ring bonded with a dowel. The product is not adapted to the screed, intended for fixing and holding cable.


One of the types of nylon clamps, which is a bracket with close to the edges. Both edges have holes and closes in the ring, forming a clamp, with the help of self-tapping screws.


Anchor – tape strap hook – cling to thin steel profile (no more than 2 mm).

With ball grip

Such a product instead of a strip with jar has a ribbon with balls.

Model of reusable.

To tighten the clamp, you need to make balls through the lock hole, and to remove it, all actions are done in reverse order.

Split screed

The castle on the product is endowed with a lever lock – if you press it, the ribbon will free. The model is convenient for fixing the cable with a large volume.

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With a latch upper paw

The clamp in the form of a ring contains loops intended for fixing to a plane with screws. It is endowed with a top folding lock, like a paw. The cable passes along the attached rings, but the effect of the screed model does not have.

Disposable and reusable

All clamps can be divided into disposable and reusable models. Disposable include the simplest options whose lock only on closing. To remove them, you need to cut the plastic screed with a building knife. Such clamps are used for temporary use or for mounting light elements. They cost inexpensively – 35-40 rubles can be paid for the package of products from 100 pieces.

Reusable options are designed for repeated use. Clamps have different modifications of locks capable of opening, freeing the fixed element for adjustment, transfer or replacement.

Reusable locks are used for mounting pipes, thick cable and large structures. Small clamps in the form of straps can also be endowed with locks capable of opening, but they do not use much popularity.

For external work

Ordinary plastic products for work in the conditions of the street are not suitable. The influence of frost, ultraviolet, dampness requires material of special qualities. Well expands the operational properties of the usual coal powder. It is added to polymers as a stabilizer. Additive changes the color of the product on black, and it makes it resistant to ultraviolet and sharp temperature fluctuations.

Special thermal stability have clamps produced from polyamide. They are able to withstand temperatures up to +1200 degrees. They are used for installation of structures and pipes operating in places with high temperature regime.

Frost-resistant clamps produce DuPont with high-quality raw materials with special additives. They are able to withstand not only strong frosts, but also a long-term steadfast heat, their endurance range is from -60 to +120 degrees. Such clamps are used under conditions of the external environment for wire screed, their bangs in a bundle, cable mounting, fastening it to the wall and other surfaces.

Color variety

The presence of various shades of plastic clamps not only disguises the locations of fixation, they act as a marker of electrical lines and other important objects. Black color gives the fastening element to the types of products for outdoor installation.


For fastening pipes, cable and other elements, it is important to consider the size of the clamp. Properly calculated parameters will ensure solid and reliable fixation. The choice of the required size will help to make special tables intended for calculating polymer clamps, they rely on the parameters derived in GOST 17679-80.

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The length of plastic models is presented in a large variety since the minimum sizes from 60 mm and increasing the table up to 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm.

The thickness of the product is chosen by the load by the load, which they will experience: for example, 9×180 mm clamp will withstand tension up to 30 kg. The most narrow straps hold the weight of 10 kg, the widest – up to 80 kg.

Choosing fasteners for pipes, you should know their outer diameter, it must coincide with the inner volume of the rings of the clamp. The maximum size for which the fastening product can be calculated from PVC – a removal with a cross section of 11 cm.

Operating tips

Install plastic clamps forces to everyone should only choose the product correctly, taking into account the load, temperature environment, the type of fastened structures.

Applying clamps, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

  • correctly calculate the clip size;
  • take into account the strength opportunities of the product;
  • Do not forget that special types of models with enhanced performance have been developed to work on the street.

For the installation of water pipes, it is necessary to take into account the uncomplicated rules:

  • Do not install ordinary clamps on too hot surfaces or near open fire – there are special models for this;
  • To correctly calculate the number of clamps, it is necessary to make a drawing of the location of the pipes;
  • The pipe is harder, the shorter the step should be between the clamps;
  • Do not drag the screed, as the plastic may not withstand the voltage.

    Plastic clamps since their invention almost instantly gained popularity. It is difficult to do without them in the production, in the country or at home. Resperating owner always has a pack of disposable clamps, and for more qualified works, complicated clamps without problems can be purchased in construction stores.

    How to open a plastic clamp, look next.

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