Features of overalls “Torch”

Overalls is one of the main components to ensure an employee to more comfortable conditions and safety during labor. Modern technologies do not stand still, so you develop all the most necessary and new for the production of this type of clothing. Among the companies that are engaged in the release and implementation of workwear for different professions and directions, it is worth noting the “Torch” brand.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Russian Firm “Torch” is engaged in providing workers with workwear and facilities for labor protection since 2000. During this time, many models were developed, and the production organization was built to satisfy all the wishes of the client. All products have reasonable prices and good quality that comply with GOST and all safety and safety requirements. All products passes multi-level quality control, starting with raw materials and finishing finished clothes.

Thanks to the automated control system, hundreds of orders are processed without downtime. All overalls are designed for both men and women of different configuration. Dimensional grid begins with 44 to 62 size, and the size of the shoe begins with 34 to 48 size.

All clothing has a memorable style and its own logo. It is applied in this way that it is impossible to separate it from the fabric, it can withstand the highest temperatures.

Assortment overview

The entire range of products of this company is divided into several line.

For all 4 seasons

Overalls has winter and summer options. In the range of winter clothes there are costumes, jackets, winter pants and semi-overalls, as well as vests. For example, Winter Suit Profline Specialist Winter consists of a jacket, semi-overalls and vest.

Jacket has a direct tailoring, zipper in the center. It is reliably protected from the wind by three straps, two external are insulated, and the inner is equipped with a snow saving. Between themselves, the planks are connected by ribbon. The lining in this model has windproof properties, and the shelves and the back are sewn from reinforced fabric. The jacket on the right chest provides pockets on the snake, in the bottom of the square pockets with the valve are sewn. On the left side under the plank there is also an internal pocket on the zipper. Volume on the waist and at the bottom is regulated by the inner scene. Each sleeve is fixed at the bottom with the tape. In the area of ​​the neck there is a patch collar, which has a fleece basis. On the jacket there is a hood with a visor from the wind, it can be disassembled by lightning.

As for semi-overalls, then he is direct cut, fastened in the center with the castle. It is reliably closed with a warmed windproof strap, on the right chest there are pockets on the snake. The upper part of the semi-overalls is equipped with side pockets. Bottom sewers from dense material, there are pads on the knees. In the lower seams there are reflective elements. Straps are adjusted with a fat and flexible lace. In the bottom of the overalls, the windproof apron is sewn.

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Same Included there is a vest Direct cut, which in the middle is fastened with lightning, and on the shelf there are common side pockets. All components of the costume are sewn from the East membrane fabric, which consists of 100% polyester and has water-repellent and waterproof impregnation. The model is designed for all climatic belts and complies with GOST. Insulation is based on hollofiber. Lining sewn from durable fabric “Oxford”.

Summer options for clothing consist of suits, jackets or bathrobes, as well as trousers and overalls. Suit Legion-2 SOP It has 5 options for colors, consists of a jacket, fastened with buttons, and semi-overalls. The jacket has a postponed collar. Its volume is elasticly adjustable at the bottom. On the chest there is a common pocket with the provided compartment for the handle. In the lower part there are also common pockets. The sleeves are equipped at the bottom of the cuff and buttons with buttons. On the elbows there are tight overlays.

Semi-overalls It has one large common pocket in the top of the chest and two internal pockets in the hips area. The knees provide special reinforced lining. The length of the semi-overalls is adjusted with straps. Bocames are fastened with buttons. The costume is sewn from the fabric “Greta”, which consists of 65% polyester and 35% cotton with a density of 210 g / m², has a water-repellent impregnation. The costume is resistant to various pollution and abrasion.

For security structures

To work in security structures, special clothing is provided, which highlights the employee among ordinary people and determines its belonging to a specific group. Overalls for protection has suits in its assortment, semi-overalls, sweaters and caps. Winter security guard CMF “NATO” Consists of a jacket and trouser brewing.

Jacket equipped with a hood, the amount of which is regulated by the cord. On the neck there is a postponed collar, as well as a warmed collar of artificial fur. The jacket is fastened in the middle with the castle, which is reliably protected from wind with a special insulated bar.

Breasts include pockets with valves, as well as there are lateral inner pockets. The volume of jackets is adjusted by the lace on the waist. Pants have wide loops under the belt, their length is adjustable on the straps. Wide belt insulated. There are 2 overhead pockets in front. This suit is designed for three climatic belts: 1, 2 and 3. Equipped with a synther from a synthet board. Sewing from the tissue “Oxford 210” with 100% polyester, has a steady water-repellent impregnation. The dimensional grid begins with 44 and ends with 70 size.

The costume is protected from various contaminants, from abrasion and low degrees, from moisture and microorganisms.

For tourism, hunting and fishing

For hunters and fishermen, which are often in conditions of unfavorable weather, special clothing has been developed that protects from cold and rain, preserving temperature regime. It has high strength qualities, has a specific color, does not stand out among the natural environment, protects against various insects, provides silent movement. In a ruler for hunting, fishing and tourism, there is a winter, summer and autumn-spring clothing, which consists of a thermal electricity and sets of various options. You can also pick up special gloves and mittens with a point coated, which not only warm your hands, but will allow you to take slippery items.

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Anti-Deechephaal suit “Anti-Nignus” (T. To. Mixed, 210), CMF NATO consists of a jacket and trousers, recommended for socks in forest and natural conditions.

Jacket Performed by direct cover, has an adjustable hood with a removable insertion on the snake from the mosquito net. On the chest on the left side there is a pocket on the buttons with the valve. Pleats traps are provided on the chest and sleeves. Powers and crawls from knitwear are provided on the sleeves. The lower part of the jacket is tightened with gum with limiter.

Trousers Smooth with a private belt with strap straps. There are internal side pockets on the buttons. Under the bottom of the trouser, there is a soft cord on the lock, and on the knees are nurts. The costume sews from a durable fabric Greta, which consists of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, has water-repellent impregnation. Designed for socks in the summer, protects against pollution in production and abrasion. The dimensional grid begins with 44 and ends with 66 size.

For medicine

Special clothing for doctors is made according to GOST standards and is subject to control at all stages of sewing. Clothing of this industry should be made of natural materials without toxic impurities that can evaporate and damage to health. The range of clothing for doctors includes pants of different banins, bathrobes and costumes, as well as special clothing for surgeons, nurses and other specialists.

Special Men’s Surgeon Suit (T. To. TISI) turquoise shade consists of an extended blouse of casual and straight trousers. The costume sews from TISI fabric with a composition of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Water-repellent impregnation suit, designed for socks all year round. A short sleeve blouse has a V-shaped neckline, and in the hips area on the sides there are two common pockets, and one pockets on the left chest. For freedom of movements on the bokes of blouse there are small cuts. Pants on an elastic band have a trunk belt. The dimensional grid begins with 44 and ends with 66 size.

For service areas

The line offers a huge amount of clothing for various areas of services. There are comfortable and practical sets, shirts, jackets and more. All of them are featuring convenience and practicality, affordable price, meet all quality standards. Women’s suit “Fashionista” Made of blue gabardine with red inserts. Consists of a jacket and trousers. Smooth Croes Short Sleeve Jacket Buttons In the center with lightning, has an interesting neck.

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On the sides there are common pockets decorated with contrast fabric. The backrest without decoration is smooth, the belt is adjustable. All suction sections are covered by kapron border. Seams near the central clasp are made with increased strength. Pants straight cut in waist on a rubber band. The dimensional grid begins with 40 and ends with 62 size.

This suit is designed for socks all year round.

For food industry

For employees of the catering, special clothing is provided, which highlights employees among visitors and has resistant to smells and the action of pesticides. In this lineer there are cook suits, bathrobes and costumes for the food industry, as well as aprons and wrappers.

Suit men’s cook “Su-Chef” Completed from tissy tissue, which consists of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, has a water-repellent impregnation. The kit consists of a nurse, apron, trouser, headdress and our headscarf. The twig chatter has a two-breasted clasp on the bullets of red, the V-shaped collar decorates a triangular red scarf. On the chest there is a small patch pocket with edging.

Long sleeves in bulk, with red cuffs. Smooth crumb trousers are equipped with a rubber band on the dirty belt. An apron without a breastst part below the knees, tied on the waist with ribbons. The cap consisting of a peduncle and Tuli, rear tied ribbons for the correction of volume. Suit can wear all year round.

The dimensional grid begins 44 and ends with 66 size.

How to choose?

The main difference in overalls from the usual is the presence of protective properties. Special equipment depends on the scope of work and climatic conditions. For winter and demi-season clothing, it is characterized by moisture-resistant and waterproof fabric coating, all seams must be punctured with ribbon. For some specialties, special signal elements will be particularly important, who denote the finding of the worker in the dark. Any clothing should always fit the size.

When choosing winter overalls, you need to know exactly in which climatic belt it will be used and according to this choose the appropriate kit. The fabric should be durable, without unpleasant odor. In its sewing there should be no extra elements that could interfere with the employee during the fulfillment of his duties. Winter, demi-season and summer clothes should not create a greenhouse effect.

In winter versions, there must be air-trap in pockets or inserts, and summer should be made of natural fabrics. Recently, blended fabrics are used that have ease and durability. Clothing should save for a long time its protective properties, as it will often be washed and dry cleaning.

When choosing any workwear, it is necessary to take into account all moments to choose the right model correctly.

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