Features of hydraulic bottled jacks

The main features of hydraulic bottled jacks are determined by the principle of operation of such mechanisms. Such lifting devices are now widely used in a variety of spheres and regions. At the same time, the most often hydrodomkraths can be seen in the arsenal of many modern motorists. The key to the correct operation of this equipment and the longest life of their service life will be knowledge of the design features and the principle of operation.


Each species of hydraulic jacks, including bottled, assumes certain features of the device. However, all of them, regardless of the type and models, have the same rift mechanism.

To understand the principle of action of the described equipment, it is worth examining its design features.

The list of the main elements of such devices includes the following elements.

  • The lever performing a key role when pumping the working fluid (oil) between the tanks inside the lift.
  • Plunger that moves in parallel with the lever. At the same time, during the movement, the liquid is recruited from one container, and when the descent is pushed to another. Similarly, the required pressure under the rod of the jack.
  • The piston, which is the base of the rod, which is most adjacent to the inner surface of the hydraulic cylinder and driven by the increased pressure of the working fluid.
  • Rod, which is a finite structural element, resting directly into the cargo, and moving along with the piston.
  • Reverse valves (2 pcs.), due to the work of which the oil moves from one cylinder to another and does not flow back. So, one of these devices opens when vacuum formation, and closes as only pressure is created. In parallel, the second valve functions on the contrary.
  • The valve bypass – an important element of the mechanism responsible for normalization of the working pressure. Its functions are to open the damper located between two oil tanks. Due to the operation of this valve, the stem drops under load.

Taking into account all the technical characteristics, operational indicators and structural nuances, bottled jacks can be called the most simple. This is due, first of all, the absence of additional devices and mechanisms.

Principle of operation

Using the example of the Bottle-type jacks, you can consider how any hydraulic lifting mechanism works and works. Today, on the expanses of the World Wide Web, you can easily find schemes in the context of different types of hydraulic machines with more than detailed descriptions. At the same time, regardless of modification and carrying capacity, they all work on the same principle.

The mechanism itself is the most simple as possible, and it is based on the piston, driven by the pressure of the working fluid. Most often, its role is performed by high-quality mineral oil. All device is driven by a plunger, that is, a small pump.

It is this element through the bypass valve that the fluid is injected into the tank under the piston of the jack.

The main task of developers at its time was the maximum reduction of the accompanying efforts. This was achieved by the difference in the diameters of the hydraulic cylinder and plunger. As a result, the injected fluid begins to push the piston, which raises the cargo through the rod. With slow pressure sweeping, the entire node moves in the opposite direction, and the load is lowered.


Bottle jacks are a separate type of hydraulic lifts. Wherein There are varieties of such devices that are subdivided into account of key performance and design features. First of all it is worth considering that it is not about low pickup hydraulic. Based on this, it is necessary to consider mainly carrying capacity and maximum working height.

Now on the market you can choose a model of bottling jacks with a load capacity, varying in more than a wide range. But with the main distinctive feature is the type of stock. It can be both single and telescopic. At the moment, manufacturers already offer a rich selection of modifications, including a three-stroke jack.

Rating models

Choosing a specific lifting mechanism, a potential buyer primarily focuses on operating conditions. Nowadays, many firms represent their products in this segment of the tool and equipment market. At the same time, it is sometimes difficult to choose the best option. In such situations, topical ratings of the most popular models come to the rescue.

Based on user reviews and recommendations, the following bottled hydraulic acids can be distinguished.

  • “COMBER EXPERT” – Bottle-type hydraulic jack produced in China, in many ways, is largely identical to the respective domestic models. The unit has a carrying capacity of 5,000 kg, and the height of the pickup and lift is 0.21 and 0.4 meters.

  • “Bison” 43060-12 – Russian-made equipment, distinguished by maximum endurance and durability.

  • Model DG-08 from AutoProfi. This is another representative of the PRC, characterized by increased strength and having a working stroke in the range of 0.2-04 m. Taking into account the carrying capacity of up to 8 tons is widely used when repairing trucks.

  • Matrix Master 507203 – 8-ton lifting device, differing from most closest competitors with minimal weight (only 6 kg). The height of the pitching of the jack is 0.23 m, and the maximum rise, taking into account the retractable rod – 0.4 m.

  • KRAFTOOL 43463-6 – 6-ton bottle jack, which has become a real hit among the owners of SUVs and small trucks. At the same time, the height of the pickup, which is only 170 mm, allows you to use the device and for lifting a passenger car.

  • AJ-TB-12 from Airline. With a load capacity, reaching 12 tons, this jack can be used when performing work with both passenger cars and SUVs and trucks. The height of the lift in this model varies from 0.27 to 0.5 meters.

How to choose?

Often, choosing car jacks, users at the head of the corner put typical preferences.

At the same time, many do not take into account key design nuances and equipment performance.

Specialists recommend primarily to pay attention to the following important criteria.

  • Load capacity, representing a major parameter that is worthy of the greatest attention in the process of selecting a model of hydraulic and any other jack. For example, for the owners of the passengers more relevant, indicators will be in the range of 1.5-3 tons.
  • Height of pickup. In practice, this criterion often turns out to be mistakenly undervalued. When selecting an optimal jack model, a car clearance should be taken into account, which should be commensurate with the minimum working height of the lifting device. Otherwise, the use of a “bottle” will be impossible.
  • Maximum lifting height relative to the point of support. This parameter in modern models of the bottle type hydrodomkraths varies from 0.3 to 0.5 meters. In the overwhelming majority of cases, such a height is enough to replace the wheel and performing some other repair work.

In addition to the listed, choosing equipment, you need to pay attention to its own weight. In many ways, this parameter indicates the quality of materials from which equipment elements are made, including nozzles.

User manual

The design features of the hydraulic, plunger jacks of the category under consideration determine their as simple operation. Almost everyone will be able to use such equipment, not even having appropriate experience. This requires to perform the following actions.

  1. Place the lift under load (car) so that the base is tightly faced to the maximum smooth surface. No less important selection of durable plot points for stock.
  2. After installing the jack, proceed to the object rise. It is necessary to twist the bypass valve and use the special lever, which is included in the package of all devices. The pressure of the working fluid is created due to the movements of this handle up-down.
  3. After completing all the work, lower the piston with the rod. To do this, all the same valve will need to turn away for one turn.

Before you start the descent of cargo, it is strongly recommended to check the piston and rod for the presence of dirt and water.

To avoid the emergence of foci of corrosion, they need to be removed by dry vet.

It is also important to remember that during the operation of the bottle jack, it is prohibited:

  • proceed to the rise of the vehicle and perform any work on the roadway (if possible, the car should be removed outside the road);
  • Work under the body of the vehicle, which is held without stops (supports) by only one jack;
  • use the bumper as a stop for the rod;
  • raise a car with a trailer;
  • Run the engine of the subdomain car;
  • leave passengers in the vehicle cabin;
  • Implement the rise of jerks or too fast – the movement of the lever must be smooth and uniform;
  • use as a backup to fix the raised machine and other goods stones and the more bricks.

In addition to the listed, it is necessary to remember that it is extremely undesirable to use the same working fluid over a long time without replacement. Changing the properties of mineral oil negatively reflects on the operational indicators of the lifting device.

Extend the life of the bottle plunger jack will help the following rules.

  • The working fluid should be changed at least 2 times a year. With the active operation of the equipment, this procedure is carried out monthly and necessarily with high-quality washing of hydraulic cylinders.
  • In winter it is necessary to pour the synthetics.
  • Keep the jack in the most dry and warm place.
  • With low temperature, the time of operation of the device is required to reduce to a minimum.

    It’s no secret that Competent operation and timely maintenance allow you to significantly reduce costs. Quality prevention prevents malfunction, and therefore, quite expensive repair or purchase of new lifting equipment.

    How to choose a bottle jack, look next.

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