Features of flexible profiles for LED ribbons

Features of flexible profiles for LED ribbons must be studied in advance, even before buying them. The correct use of aluminum bending profiles for diode tapes significantly simplifies their operation and increases the overall reliability. Along with the description of the profiles themselves, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the assembly work.


Aluminum flexible profile for LED tape manifests itself at the design of a semicircular angle. It also welcomes its use for the archer. You can easily prepare the lamps of the original type. For the manufacture of such structures take aluminum with anodization, characterized by increased strength.

Therefore, you can not doubt the perfection of the appearance.

In addition, the anodized profile is perfectly protected from:

  • small chips;
  • scratching;
  • Mud and dust accumulation.

With the help of such a product, it is easy to form a high-flexing message that meets the highest aesthetic requirements and visually reflect the design. It is easily possible to put a profile element even in complex places where other forms are hardly acceptable. Aluminum is distinguished by impressive thermal conductivity. As a result, it helps to remove heat from the tape and eliminate the unnecessarily early decrease in its brightness. The service life of the lamps will be significantly extended.

Since in the manufacture of the profile is usually used aluminum, cheap such a decision clearly can not be. Because any qualified master, and the customer always seeks to save on such a product. The average thermal conductivity rating ranges from 0.01 to 0.15 kW per 1 m.

Attention: this index should be greater than that of LED blocks. Only with this condition guarantees the reliable operation of the finished assembly.

In some cases, along with aluminum to obtain a profile, plastic use. Then it is necessary to more carefully evaluate the thermal characteristics. Corner (and not only) Profile models are preferably equipped with removable diffusers. This reduces the excessive brightness of the luminosity of LEDs, which can harm the vision of people. Modern diffusers reduce light flux on average up to 75%.

Built-in profiles are designed to help organize design solutions, if you need to create a unique interior. You can use the chipboard and plasterboard, placing the ribbon exactly at the intersection. The location of the modules and surface planes is allowed, and on the principle of flush. The edge is made so that all emerging irregularities overlap. Embedded profiles are in demand in kitchen and dining areas; Many designers try to put the LEDs inside the furniture in order to break the light out of it.

The invoice profile is suitable for installation on all imaginable surfaces. Self-tapping screws are used for this purpose, and glue. Plastic overhead blocks help if the surface relief is especially complicated – because they are easy to bend the desired way. For reasons of savings where aesthetics are not too important, steel or aluminum profiles are used. IMPORTANT: such building elements should not be perforated, the ripping is also unacceptable.

Scope of application

Opportunities to use a profile that bent for a diode radiative tape is quite a lot. Among the main options are the illumination of the interior elements:

  • the most winning parts of the floor or ceiling;
  • stairs and separate railing on them;
  • Steps on the stairs and on the porch;
  • decorative furniture;
  • surfaces in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the hallway;
  • arched structures;
  • internal and external niches;
  • Book and Ows Shelves.

But on this sphere, the possible use of the profile under the LED ribbon is not exhausted. You can also take it to highlight:

  • jewelry and similar decorative products;
  • Advertising shields, pillars and posters;
  • Exhibition and trade showcases;
  • Theatrical and club scenes;
  • Halls;
  • hotel rooms;
  • administrative buildings;
  • offices;
  • Cafes, restaurants and many other objects.

Tips for mounting

Before the bending of the profile is chagingly warm it. Help in this business can a usual industrial hair dryer. As the heating increases the flexion angle will increase. However, it should not exceed 90 degrees even at high temperature. The installation procedure itself occurs quickly and simply, no special knowledge and vocational training will be required.

Therefore, you can save on hiring professional builders. It is allowed to use the most ordinary tools. Part of the firms supplies profiles with specific fasteners, which additionally accelerates the installation several times. It is always working like this:

  • fix profile;
  • Mounted tape;
  • Prepare a set of auxiliary equipment;
  • overlap the ribbon diffuse knot.

How to install LED tapes, you can see in the following video.

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