Features of Ferstel LUC

Other masters or creative people, dealing with their business, deal with small details (beads, rhinestones), detailed schemes for embroidery and collecting electronic devices, clock repair and so on. To work, they have to use all sorts of optical devices capable of increasing the image several times. The most common option is Magnaya. Today we will talk about such optics from Ferstel.

Advantages and disadvantages

FERSTEL manufacturer magnifiers have a number of important advantages.

  • Provide maximum comfort while working. These optical devices are able to increase the image several times. In addition, they are produced with bright illumination, which consists of small LEDs. Illumination illuminates the working area.
  • Availability of additional accessories. Complete to the loupe most often goes and small boxing, intended for storing small items for needlework. In some models there is even a compass. It is embedded in those options that are intended for travelers.
  • Durability. These optical products are made of durable and reliable materials. The case of many models is additionally covered with special rubber application that prevents sliding. As well as some samples are available with framed lenses, supporting the protection of the surface of optics from possible chips and scratches.
  • Easy adjustment of the position. Products of this manufacturer are equipped with convenient clips that allow a person while working to quickly install the device in the desired and convenient position.

Among the disadvantages, it is possible to distinguish a fairly high cost of such LUC. Some varieties will cost within 3-5 thousand rubles. But at the same time it was noted that the level of quality of Ferstel optics fully corresponds to their price.

Overview of the best models

Ferstel produces various models of the LUP. Consider more purchased options.

  • FR-04. This model refers to the table mind. It is equipped with a comfortable LED backlight. This sample has a flexible holder. A large lens with a zoom coefficient of 2.25 has a diameter equal to 9 cm. The diameter of a small lens with an increase of 4.5 times is 2 cm.

  • FR-05. This magnifier refers to the clock type of devices. It is produced with a convenient mobile illumination in a blister. Mupa has an increase in x6. Illumination consists of one large LED. The body of the sample is made of light plastic acrylic base. The device works from two batteries. The lens diameter is only 2.5 cm.

  • FR-06. This device with built-in backlight is the most practical model, as well used for needlework, and for household cases. In addition, the product can be installed even as a desktop lamp. On the loupe case there is a special valve that is easily rejected and is used as a strong support. In this case, the hands will remain free for comfortable and convenient operation. The highlighting of the unit works with four AAA batteries.

The diameter of the lens is 9 cm, it increases the image of items by 2 times.

  • FR-09. This model is a transformer lapse equipped with a LED ring backlight consisting of 21 light bulbs. The bracket of this optical device can be adjusted in two positions: to work on a chair or sofa (in this case it is installed at the chest level), as well as at the table or the hoops. The equipment is equipped with a clip on flexible legs. Works product. The lenses diameter reaches 13 cm. It provides an increase of 2 times.

  • FR-10. This option of the magnifying glass is produced with a ring bright backlight from LEDs. In the process of work, they do not heat up and do not require replacement, allow you to significantly save electricity. In one set, together with the magnifying glass, there is also a case for storing accessories and clip to regulate the position of the device. The device is running from the network. It may continuously function within 24 hours. The product is equipped with a lens with a diameter of 10 cm, which provides an increase in items by 2 times.

  • FR-11. Mapa is also equipped with a convenient illumination consisting of 18 LEDs, a convenient holder to regulate the magnifying device position. It can work both from the network and using batteries. In the latter case, the batteries of the class AA will be needed. The model is equipped with a lens with diameters of 9 centimeters. It provides an increase in the image twice.

  • FR-17. This sample is a LED lamp with a clips in a blister. It is distinguished by quite compact sizes, so it is easy to store and take with you. Works product with three AAA class batteries.

Choice rules

Before buying the most suitable magnifier model, you should pay attention to some things. So, be sure to find out the degree of increasing the device lenses. Today in stores most often you can meet specimens with x1.75, x2, x2.25. Pay attention to the material from which Mauda is made. As a rule, such devices are made of glass base, acrylic plastic or optical polymer. Samples made of glass and lenses from a special optical polymer have the highest optical indicators.

But at the same time, the first option is much heavier than others. Acrylic plastic has a small mass, but also the specifications will be worse than all other options.

Remember that there are various types of LUP, which depends on their purpose. In the range of products from Ferstel, in addition to standard appliances for needlework, you can find clock magnifying devices that are most often used by jewelers and watchmakers, as well as magnifiers for travelers who have built-in compasses and another suitable accessory.

In the next video, you will be waiting for a brief overview of the Loupel transformer with a backlit FERSTEL FR-09.

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