Features of eccentric grinding machines

Grinding machine is a tool without which it is impossible to do during the repair of various premises. With this equipment, you can effectively and quickly polish a variety of surfaces. Eccentric grinding machine is a popular unit in a group of similar devices.


Eccentric grinder is designed to prepare a variety of surfaces under the coating of varnish, primer or paint.

Materials that can be processed by this device:

  • plastic;
  • wood;
  • metal;
  • natural stone;
  • glass.

The technique on the principle of rotation of the circle with two pulses: orbital and radial. ESM makes it possible to polish the plane of varying degrees of curvature and subtleness.

There are various types of aggregates, each of which is intended for a certain type of work. For example, the ribbon machine is unable to polish the plane intended for the coating of varnish, and the eccentric machine can make such work without any difficulties.

When choosing a grinding machine (in the people, it is called “orbitalka”) it is important to pay attention to a number of important characteristics.

  • The power of the unit directly depends on the energy that is consumed.
  • Rotation frequency. Standard rotation frequency – 12,000 revolutions per minute. However, this indicator may vary from 2,000 to 20,000 revolutions. Many devices have electronic stabilization that reliably controls the number of revolutions.
  • Parameter of the platform (it ranges from 2 to 7 mm). The smaller this indicator, the more accurate will be the processing.
  • Weight. Often you have to work with this device at a height, keeping the device on weight, so the weight of the machine is important.
  • Dial diameter (115, 125, 150 mm).

Device and principle of operation

Before starting working with an eccentric grinding machine, you should familiarize yourself with how it is arranged as well as with its work modes. ESM are designed both for coarse and for filigree polishing of a variety of materials. For this, the rotating abrasive circle makes progressive and reciprocal movements.

Works such a tool for a simple principle: The drive is attached to the base (sole), a removable work circle is mounted on it. The circle rotates and at the same time fluctuates (this impulse is possible due to the presence of eccentric in the form of an ellipse). Rotation speed can reach 20,000 revolutions per minute. With such indicators, any materials can be processed using abrasive materials.

ESM generates increased vibration, so the presence of one or more handles on the instrument is often determined. For small working models with a “pistol” handle can be the best choice. Such a device has classic parameters and conveniently fit in the palm of palm. Especially convenient with such ESM work on hard-to-reach elements, which are often found when repairing cars.

Much during the operation of the aggregates has the presence of a stopper – it allows you to automatically hold the unit in working mode.


Choosing the ESM, it should be exactly what to know her purpose, as well as how often it will be applied. If the device is operated once a month (or even less often), it is reasonable to acquire an inexpensive grinding machine. In the case of professional use of ESM (for example, for construction), it is recommended to look at more expensive models.

The quality of the machine depends on such indicators:

  • power;
  • amplitude;
  • rotational speed;
  • machine weight;
  • source of power;
  • diameter of a circle-nozzle;
  • frequency of revolutions;
  • Current adjustment and t. D.

ESM power is one of the main indicators. The power fluctuates from 165 watts to 950 watts. The use of aggregates that have a power of 300 to 600 watts are used. The machine can feed from the energy installation or from a 220 volt network. If you have to work on removing stationary energy sources, it is better to use the battery version.

In the production sites (for walls and ceilings, for work on the plaster), a pneumatic eccentric machine is most often used. Such units are easy to handle: they have a minimum of dynamic nodes, do not need to be powered by an electric motor IL of a battery device. One of the best manufacturers of such equipment is Dynabrade, which manufactures DynorBital machines.

An important point that should be remembered when choosing ESM, the speed of rotation is reduced by increasing the power of the unit. The amplitude of oscillations is responsible for surface treatment. There are models with amplitude of oscillations from 2 to 5 millimeters. On some models, you can install additional nozzles that will adjust reciprocating movement. Such additional devices change the dimensions of the “orbits” necessary for grinding.

    It is also important to take into account the diameter of the grinding “plates”: the greater the size, the greater area can be processed in one approach. Typically, such an indicator varies in the range from 120 to 155 mm, however, there are other dimensions: 75 mm, 95 mm. Small diameters “Plate” make it possible to work with angular joints.

    Devices with small diameters – is an exclusive production. Such units produces only a few companies: Rupes, Metabo.

    There are special ESM with a horizontal layout of the engine that has a forced rotation.

    Such machines are designed for combined work, so professional builders are most often used.


    ESM are classified for several signs:

    • machines with which you can work on a tree or metal;
    • ESM, which operate from the electrical network or from batteries;
    • Professional models and devices for household needs;
    • Miniature units with revolutions and large pneumatic ESM.

    ESM can make the surface perfectly smooth. The quality of the work of “orbitals” is achieved by the movement of the remnal and rotational nature of the canvas itself. For large revs (more than 10,000 thousand per minute) there are a large amount of energy that is transmitted to vibration. It is transformed into a power impulse, due to which the polishing process occurs. Eccentric needs a counterweight that is necessary for smoothing extra vibration.

    Consider the most popular ESM manufacturers.

    • Company “Metabo” Releases inexpensive and compact units.
    • “Bosch” produces models big (more than 650 W.) and medium power. The company’s products are characterized by good quality and many different additional options (rotation adjustment, frequency of revolutions and T. D.). Such technique most often acquire professionals. It costs it quite expensive, but it is very reliable, and also has a long-term resource in terms of operation.
    • ESM from the company “Makita” In terms of quality are not inferior to German units from Bosch. Devices are ideal for working in a hundred and garages. Especially efficiently on models mounted dusting system. Each model has its own design features. Some ESM are equipped with a revolt regulator (up to 6 positions).

        Now consider some distinctive parts and features.

        • “Orbites” for professionals are equipped with special relays that control the constant rotation frequency during operation. In this case, the torque automatically goes into the flushing mode, while the engine backup power is used.
        • The start current limit unit is applied to several reasons: when it is required to reduce the load, as well as to avoid the screen when the engine start. This adaptation is found exclusively on professional models.
        • The sole brake adjustment is necessary for the operational stop.
        • Flavor that allows you to connect the vacuum cleaner, there is 90% ECM (sometimes the vacuum cleaner replaces special capacity from PVC package or paper bag).
        • Professional tool often equipped with a housing around the eccentric node.
        • D-lever makes it possible to work more comfortable.
        • The switch in which the retainer is present is most often in expensive professional models.

        It is important to note that ESM does not have the ability to work in hard-to-reach places, since the sole of the tools has a round configuration (in such cases a plane oarsal unit is used).

        Also ESM cannot be installed stationary. It usually happens when it is necessary to work with small format products. If there are voluminous depressions on the workpiece or deepening, then the ESM does not penetrate there, there is also a chance of damage to the edges by a rotating machine element.

        Rating the best models

        The best models of electrical tool for grinding various surfaces:

        • “Bison 452” – a high-quality apparatus, which is inexpensive;
        • Black & Decker KA-199 is perfect for working with cars;
        • Hammer OSM-435 is usually used in a small workshop for commercial purposes;
        • “Interskol ESM 125/27” is a very compact machine having a small weight;
        • Ruobi ROS300A has high quality manufacturing and fitting parts.

        Of the professional tools, the best are considered:

        • Metabo FSX-200 is a compact device with a slight weight;
        • AEGEX 125 ES – the tool is suitable for commercial use;
        • Bosch Gex 150 AC is ideal for small workshops;
        • DEWALT D26320 – a powerful tool that can handle large volumes;
        • Makita BO 6030 – the most powerful machine from all represented by ESM.

        Tips for choosing

        Modern ESM are equipped with various functionality.

        • It is important to choose the right speed adjustment – this function allows you to adjust the coarse and thin grinding that you need to do during most works.
        • It is also important to have dust collectors. Some models (for example, devices from Makita) can be 3 protective capacity of the dust collector: PVC box, rag bag, paper bag. Some models are also additionally used by a small vacuum cleaner, which is important if you need to process large areas.
        • An additional handle (often it is screwed) is often in demand, it allows you to distribute mechanical pressure, which makes it much easier for work. Very convenient in this respect ECHM DWT – models from this manufacturer are supplied with side handles that allow you to comfortably work with vertical planes.

        • It is also important for the presence of a soft launch of a device that ensures the safety of the workpiece. After the sharp turn on ECM, there is always an excessive vibration that can generate defects and chips.

        Gradual output to the desired turnoves allows the master to fully prepare for the workflow.

        • The indicator of the press force is also important, which allows you to smoothly launch ESM. The power indicator allows you to more accurately handle appliances and workpiece.
        • Important abrasive fixators. The most popular among them is a sticky tape. There is also a Quick-Fit that provides a block replacement.

        It is important before the start of work. So, for example, there are universal abrasives, which are prepared specifically for a specific workpiece: the more grain fraction, the more coarse processing.

        Important: metal abrasive is suitable for working with wooden blanks.

        One of the important points – perforation. Holes on the equipment and platform, as well as on the support plate must be conjugate. Such a modification is not always found, so sometimes it is easiest to buy a sheet and make holes in manual mode.

        Subtleties of application

        In the course of work it is necessary to comply with simple rules.

        • During the workflow, it is necessary to use a vacuum cleaner.
        • When laying the foundation, ESM should pay attention to the fact that the holes on the “plate” coincide with the holes on the circle.
        • Correct work on the “orbitank” is the ability to adjust speeds. To make finishing surface treatment of any material, should not be included in large speeds.
        • During polishing, it is impossible to press too much – the engine will fail very quickly.

          • Before completing the work, ESM should be removed from the workpiece to not damage it.
          • In the presence of excess vibration on the body, it is best to put a palm – it softens excess oscillation.
          • During long-term work, interruptions should be taken, otherwise the engine can quickly overheat and fail.
          • Regular prophylactic examination of the instrument should be made and pay attention to the presence of lubrication on dynamic elements.
          • Before you buy a tool, you should definitely determine what works will be performed.

          Survey of eccentric grinding machines See in the video below.

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