Features of butyl sealants

With the need for insulation and sealing windows almost all people face. Especially acute this question becomes cold, when drafts from the windows are felt. Conduct the problem is quite easy: it is enough to use sealing materials. It is in this area that boutique sealant is used.

Butyl sealant – what is it? What is its functionality? What are the main advantages and disadvantages? What is the difference between a butyl rubber product in a glass access glass tube from other varieties? What is the composition of the options from Gerbutul?

Features and characteristics

Butyl sealant is a one-component thermoplastic mass, which is based on a synthetic rubber (polyisobutylene), on which the strength of the material and its consistency depends. The sealant filler is half the composition of the material (as for high-quality hermetic materials). Butyl sealant has its own specifics, which lies in the sealing of window seams and joints.

Butyl and polyisobutylene sealant has a different composition, but their properties are very similar. It is due to a wide range of properties and advantages. These materials are in demand and applied in repair and industrial spheres.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any building material is endowed with advantages and disadvantages. Before buying or applying one or another sealant, you need to learn all the pros and cons of the material.

Among the benefits of butyl sealants should be selected as follows:

  • lack of volatile components;
  • High degree of adhesion to many grounds: it is perfectly engaged with aluminum, glass, steel;
  • low vapor permeability and thermal conductivity;

  • increased degree of elasticity, strength;
  • Resistance to ultraviolet rays;
  • affordable price range;
  • Excellent tolerance of different temperature modes: from -55 to +100 degrees;

  • long operational period;
  • Safety for human health and the environment;
  • a short time of setting, solidification;
  • The possibility of applying to a wet surface.

Along with the numerous advantages of hermetic material, there are only a few flaws:

  • produced only in black;
  • loss of tensile strength at negative temperatures;
  • Narrow spectrum of application.

The ratio of positive and negative qualities of the butylene sealant suggests that the material is reliable and high-quality.

Application area

The main scope of application of butyl hermetic materials is the manufacture of double-glazed windows. With the help of sealants, gaps, joints, as well as connecting areas in various designs of wood, glass, metal.

The only lack of butyl rubber sealant is that it cannot be used with internal work.

Sealant glue the heat insulating panels, compact air conditioning systems, and also sometimes seal containers and vessels.

Butyl rubber hermetic material

Modern butyl rubber sealant is widely applicable in the construction industry: building buildings, installation of communications and other.

Gerbutyl use:

  • To insulate the contact of the elements in building structures;
  • For sealing joints between panels;
  • for sealing seams;
  • For anti-corrosion processing of seams of the car body;
  • For sealing seams on water pipes;
  • waterproofing purposes;
  • When insulating window and balcony seams.

Since this type of sealant is well unlocked with many types of surfaces, the scope of application is wide.

Gerbutila includes: butyl rubber, mineral components, organic-based solvent, modifying additives.

It is endowed with the following advantages:

  • increased elasticity;
  • When working does not require heating and mixing;
  • high strength;
  • high degree of clutch with many materials;
  • Resistance to different temperature modes;
  • The possibility of surface staining with paints.


Sealant “Vicar”

Butyl rubber hermetic material “Vicar” is particularly popular because it is endowed with a number of properties and advantages. This is a homogeneous mass, which includes artificial rubber, bitumen, filler, solvent, technical additives.

It is durable, waterproof, elastic, has good adhesion to such basics as concrete, metal, tile, ceramics, PVC, natural stone. Sealant durable, resistant to ultraviolet and temperature differences.

With it performs:

  • sealing of joints, connecting seams in order to increase heat resistance (internal / external work is allowed);
  • Close up of joints of sandwich panels;
  • Sealing roofs;
  • sealing of ventilation systems, chimneys;
  • Sealing seams in automotive vans, bodies in order to prevent corrosion.

The sealant in the tube of 310 ml is produced. Hermetic material happens two colors: gray and black.

Also, the sealant “Vicar” is produced in the form of tapes of different sizes and colors: Gray, Black, Dark Gray. The tape is a bilateral self-adhesive material that does not absorb moisture. During use, it does not need to heat. Most often used when sealing joints of sandwich panels, stained glass windows, facades, rigid roofing, ventilation systems. It is used to connect the elements of vapor barrier, gluing and gluing the canvas and parts, as well as a padding material in plumbing, ventilation, sewer systems.

Orgavyl sealant

Another high-quality butyl hermetic material manufactured by the American manufacturer Orgavyl. Its zone of application is somewhat different from the rest of the butyl sealing: it is used for automotive glasses, for sealing auto optics (headlights).

Orgavyl sealant is particularly popular due to the fact that it:

  • does not form cracks;
  • does not dry out;
  • provides high-quality sealing, waterproofing;

  • It can be used many times, just repeated heating;
  • has a high degree of moisture resistance;
  • resistant to antifreeze and various oil substances;
  • non-toxic, does not smell;
  • endowed with good adhesive properties;
  • does not require time to solidify;
  • Do not dock the details of auto optics;
  • Prevents fogging machine headlights.

In addition to all the advantages, the sealant is easy to use. For this you need:

  • Clear fairs;
  • slightly stretching, placing hermetic tape on it;
  • warm it with a hair dryer and applied glass, spitting well.

Produced in the form of a ribbon of black color defined.

About the features of butyl sealants, see the following video.

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