Features of building hairdels with temperature adjustment

Hair dryer can be technical, industrial or construction. It is used in a variety of necessary modifications. The design features of construction hairdels with temperature adjustment are variable, as their technical parameters and equipment from manufacturers.

Description and appointment

Construction hairdryer – a specific tool that is always available in a professionally arsenal. Its distinctive features are the speed of air exchange and temperature modes with high indicators. The extensive scope of application caused the demand for adaptation. Manufacturers following the laws of the market regulated by supply and sales rating, have developed many models and modifications, provided them with additional functions and devices

Professionals use a hairdryer in various purposes:

  • To heat the heat shrink insulation and cleaning surfaces with paint coatings;

  • softening the primer layer;

  • drying putty and facing materials;

  • welding of non-metallic products;

  • For classic soldering with the use of traditional connections.

Attentive learning allows you to determine the similarity of models and modifications, the general principle of operation. Each device has a heating element, a motor and nozzle through which air heated to a certain temperature is supplied.

Manufacturers try to maximize a person working with a tool – for this, heat-resistant materials with insulating properties are used, a durable case, additional devices that allow you to adjust the temperature, the speed of the air flow, its direction.


There is no classification that allows you to differentiate a technical hairdryer in all its differences, the most common method of difference by type – the presence of adjustment. Special literature provides three common types.

  1. In the first one can adjust the temperature to two degrees – They are determined by the material being processed and the distance to its surface. This is a relatively simple device, which can be used at home, during repair or individual construction.

  2. In the second – there is an electronic system with a sensor, allowing you not to just install the required temperature, but also maintain it automatically at a given level.

  3. Third type – with indication, showing real degrees at the exit while working.

There is another method of distinction of thermofen. They are divided into:

  • amateur;

  • Professional.

It takes into account not only the number of temperature control methods, although it also matters. All tools can be divided into these two categories, given the time of smooth operation, weight, cost, maximum temperature and additional features.


Domestic thermofents include all devices that can work out without a break a quarter of an hour regulated by simple ways. In this case, the upper limit of heating should not exceed 560 degrees.

A good manufacturer even household hair dryer can be with an additional complete set and an electronic system with a display, but they don’t have a special need if the owner is not going to work at a construction site, acquires for short-term need to repair or build his home.


In permanent application, construction hairdryer requires advanced functionality and additional configuration. A good tool will serve for a long time and come in handy in a variety of situations. Performance of processes at a professional level requires a higher temperature and maintaining this level on the desired mark. From here and higher equipment requirements – not only smooth adjustment, but also electronic stabilization, LED sensor, the casing is preferably removable, with a good thermal protection, and the handle is closed, with different configurations. Included to expensive professional devices usually goals that allow you to simulate an air jet, perform complex processes that require certain skills.

Rating the best models

Experts are confident that any review of such tools will be incomplete and tendentious, since even the proposals from well-known manufacturers are not one-tenth of position. Since the emergence of building materials of a new type, the use of innovative technologies has a need for high-quality cleaning of repaired surfaces, welding polymer coating, working with primer and plaster. Therefore, in the top list – only the leaders of sales of the end of last year, the beginning of the current, who received the greatest demand for buyers.

Bosch Universalheat 600

This is a relatively inexpensive household hairdryer from the manufacturer with a world-famous and excellent reputation. It is convenient for use, ergonomic, low weight, with a protective plastic shield. Sold without Case and nozzles that can be purchased separately if necessary.

From the positive moments of a separate mention deserves a wide temperature range, operation, trouble-free even for an amateur. No smooth adjustment, display and nozzles – not minus, but a feature of a household hair dryer.

Makita HG551VK

Successful development present in many ratings due to the positive moments laid down in the design of the developers:

  • The lightweight body of plastic is not only heat-stroke, but also resistant to shocks;

  • The temperature is adjusted by the switch with 11 positions;

  • Air flow can be installed in three modes;

  • Equipped with nozzles, packed in Case.

Power and temperature range indicate an electrical appliance belonging to household discharge, so there is no display in it. But it is designed to use nozzles from other manufacturers, durable and reliable.


Excellent example of a universal destination device – suitable for professionals and home masters. Even the most picky critics do not find deficiencies, except for the lack of display. Bonuses for the buyer – a huge number:

  • Work without a break is more than half;

  • perfectly staffed – there is a case, nozzles and even a scraper;

  • there is adjustment of temperature and flow of air;

  • The limit temperature is higher than that of domestic;

  • convenient and ergonomic;

  • Democratic at cost.

Received a lot of positive feedback not only in price category, but also for useful features: latitude of application, ergonomics, ease of management, unusually rich configuration.

“Vichr TP-2000”

Excellent way to replenish a home set of tools without spending unnecessary means. Fast heating, cold blowing, very comfortable closed handle, temperature up to +600, and all this costs at times cheaper than products from advanced brands.

For everyday hair dryer – indicators are simply excellent, although fans of foreign articles find not very high quality assembly.

Criterias of choice

Choosing a suitable type of tool, the masters are focused on a number of indicators.

  1. Maximum Maximum Air Flow temperature (most indicator is 600-650 degrees, but there are more powerful, giving from +750 to 800 degrees).

  2. Performance is determined by the amount of air transmitted through the thermofen per minute. The difference in this indicator at the useful tool may vary from 200 to 650 l / min.

  3. Power – another criterion for which differentiation is carried out. It happens from 500 to 1.5 thousand. watt. This is a set of indices of the heating element and a fan that bulk air. The most powerful construction hairdryer certainly weighs, has large sizes and very expensive.

  4. Availability of additional devices facilitating continuous workflows – Ability to adjust the temperature, maintain it at a given level, increase or decrease the flow of heated air. There are other pleasant features – indication, air filter, overheating protection.

But even under a collective term, construction hairdryer with temperature adjustment has variable offers:

  • with thermal protective casing;

  • with a special ergonomic handle that makes it easier to cope with considerable weight;

  • with a cylindrical handle – to work in hard-to-reach places (instead of the usual pistol).

The handle with a cylindrical handle can be closed, open, swivel, with overlays against slipping. All this defines the functionality, ease of use, ergonomics, safety, and, of course, the cost. The pricing is often affected by the proven reputation of the manufacturer, case and equipment.

The selection of thermofen with the regulator is unlimited, but it is recommended to choose a device in which not two, and several levels, especially if we are talking about the use of professional activities. On the devices easier, the temperature and direction of the air flow is adjusted by a handle. More expensive devices are equipped with a control panel with display. These are building hair dryers with a smooth temperature adjustment, allowing them to apply them in a variety of challenges and processes. Some craftsmen even persuade with the help of such a hair dryer to fry meat instead of a barbecue, although it is not the best use of a multifunctional expensive device.

On the shelves of equipment supermarkets and online stores there is a huge range of professional hairdryers. For home use, you can find inexpensive household thermofen, in which there are different ways to adjust the temperature. The rest of the selection priorities every potential owner can determine in the sphere and the need for which the tool is purchased.

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