Features of automotive hyperkers

Permanent work with a variety of fasteners proceeds faster and easier when nearby have specialized tools. One of them is a wrench, the main purpose of which is to work with collapsible compounds using threaded fasteners. Such an adaptation can be found in the hands of the auto show, in different car services, it is dynamically practiced on building structures and at home, everywhere, where it is required to work with bolts and nuts.

Characteristic and varieties

The main field of activity of the wrench is rightfully unscrewing wheel bolts and nuts, and this tool is bought, as a rule, for such tasks. There are several options for drives that are optimally suitable for tire-based work, any of which has its own qualities, advantages and disadvantages. It is worth considering the main types of Gaikoverts and find out where one device will win in front of the other.


This is one of the most sought-after wrench for home use. It is still customary to call network or wired. It functions from voltage in 220 volts; there is a slight mass and excellent tightening force. Maneuverability of such a device is determined by the length of the wire attached to the electrical outlet. In most cases, wired automotive wrench are bought for individual use, but can also be practiced in small car services.

Electrific cakes have an average degree of reliability, Since they are equipped with a plurality of small electronic elements, most predisposed to breakdowns. The quality of the toolkit directly depends on the manufacturer and, therefore, the cost. Torque even the most low-cost wired devices enough to turn away and tighten the nuts on the wheels of the car.

More expensive modifications are able to manage not only with the wheels of passenger cars, but also jeeps, and trucks.


This type of wrench can also be called a network, but it operates from voltage 12 V. This is the most maneuverable and focusing type of wigs, which does not need any connections for work. Modern fixtures have an excellent torque required for confident unscrewing wheel fasteners of passenger cars and trucks. The potential of the battery (AKB) of individual wrench makes it possible to dismantle and install a set of wheels by car “KAMAZ”. Characteristics of these devices are slightly lower than wired, since another battery is added to the common set of elements, predisposed to failure.

If the wrench is a good-quality lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery with a capacity of 2.5 amp-hour, it is enough for a rather impressive scale of work.


Pneumatic modifications are resistant to wear and possess excellent parameters of the torque. They cannot be called maneuverable due to the need for constant connection to the compressor installation. These fixtures are used in events that require frequent use, for example, to a service station in industrial workshops. BUY PNEUMOGOYKOVERT for domestic use appropriate when there is a desired equipment (compressor installation).

The service life of the pneumatic tool depends on the resistance to the wear of the components of the device. Low-point wrench in the aluminum case serves significantly more blows and will serve more than electric. These units are notable in maintenance and repair, since to contain the minimum number of items in its structure.


This is a serious landline toolkit with great accuracy and huge torque. Hydraulic models are practiced in industrial production when working with large fastening products. This sample is not used as tire.

Manual mechanical

Manual fixture is the most multifunctional, since it does not need electrical energy, fuel or compressor stations for its operation – enough of the muscle strength of the worker. Handmade wrench refers to such devices that greatly facilitate fasteners. The principle of functioning of the device is based on the transmission of torque through the differential gearbox. To fix the head to the shaft, you can apply both the cartridge itself and the head of the head. Manual rotation of the drive shaft is militant for many times due to the gearbox, so when unscrewing the nut, it is only necessary to apply a small force, as for the reverse process.

Handmade wrench is a tool, indispensable for range drivers and giving the opportunity without much effort to remove the wheel when the emergence of force majeure is far from settlements. The chaufferes refer to this tool with meat grinder due to the external similarity and identical way to drive work.

The lack of such a device is the absence of a shock mechanism, which is able to complicate the unscrewing of the accurate fastening connections.

The main aspects of the choice for tire

Impact electrical equipment best suited for use in the garage. This device will not “weaken” at the most important point and will function until there is a voltage in the electrode. To choose a tool and stay satisfied with your own choice, you need to not forget the number of basic conditions, on which the functional potentials are dependent.

  • Power. Of course, the growth of the engine is growing and the functionality of the tool. The capacity of professional devices is capable of reaching 1300 W, it is quite enough to unscrew the connecting bolts of construction g / n mechanisms or for mounting the wheels of the truck.
  • Tightening torque or rotational moment, playing a decisive role when purchasing a tool. The parameters of the limit rotational torque make it possible to install and accurately calculate the time you need to spend on screwing nuts with set characteristics. Determining the desired rotational moment, the main thing is not to rearrange. Often lovers, and specialists with experience applied operational characteristics of devices as much as possible and tightened nuts on machines more than it was necessary that in the process of unscrewing led to the damage of equipment and cutting the thread. By installing the perfect rotational moment, it is required to clearly understand the goals that will be defined in the future for the wrench.

  • The number of revolutions per minute or the speed of free rotation. Modern modifications of wrench are capable of reaching 2700-3200 revolutions per minute, which is optimal for the operation of wrench in its own garage, car service, on the construction site, and so on.
  • Material used for the production of fixture. Experts recommend to acquire wrench with an iron case, the knob of which is equipped with a rubber overlay that reduces vibration during the operation of the tool. At the moment, manufacturers offer devices equipped with rubber inserts throughout the shell, which largely makes it possible to eliminate vibration. Fixtures of the latest generations created according to innovative technological schemes are equipped with illumination, electronic revolutions control and an option that guarantees the instant stop of the wrench.
  • Company manufacturer. To simplify the process of contacting the centers for the maintenance of equipment, as a result of the failure of the toolkit bought by you or the need for preventive services, professionals are recommended to acquire tools made by firms positively manifested themselves in the market.

    No need to forget about the auxiliary capabilities that increase comfort working with tools.

    • Impact mechanism. The wrench happens both unstressed and shock. The tool with the impact mechanism can be useful when twisting the responsible fastening material, in particular, the nuts of the vehicle wheels, where there is a significant force and when tightening, and when unscrewing. Unstressed device with a similar mission will not help.
    • Adjusting the power of tightening. This option is not desirable. For example, if you need to wrap nuts with a “delicate” thread, then without a power regulator, they can be disappeared in a second. Additionally, the wrench with the adjustment of the moment of tightening makes it possible to proportionately tighten the compounds, which is relevant when installing car heads.
    • Modification gearbox. Not every time the wrench in the form of a pistol makes it possible to resolve all tasks in repair and installation work. Sometimes the fastening element can be in difficult to reach the “pistol” species of aggregates. In this regard, a circular device is usually used for such moments.
    • Integrated backlight. This is a pretty comfortable addition to the device, especially when fixing the car.

    In addition, when purchasing this device, it is worth considering attentively to how it lies in the palm, whether the handle is comfortable, which mass has a tool where the start button is located and so on.

    About how to choose the right wrench, look next.

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