Features moisture-resistant putty vetonit VH

Repair and construction work rarely cost without putty, because in front of the final trim of the walls it is necessary to perform their perfect alignment. In this case, decorative paint or wallpaper falls smoothly without flaws. One of the best plaques presented today on the market is a solution of Vetonit.

Features and advantages

Spacek is a pasty mixture, thanks to which the walls acquire a perfectly smooth surface. It uses metal or plastic spatulas to apply.

WEBER VETONIT VH is a finish, superal to moisture putty on a cement basis, used for both domestic and external work in dry and wet conditions. Its distinctive feature is that it is suitable for many types of walls, be it brick, concrete, clay blocks, plane planes or foam-apprained surfaces. Also VeTonit is suitable for decoration of pools.

The benefits of the funds have already rated many users:

  • ease of use;
  • the possibility of manual or mechanized application;
  • frost resistance;
  • Ease of application of several layers;
  • high adhesion, providing the perfect alignment of any surfaces (walls, facades, ceilings);
  • Preparation for painting, sticking wallpaper, as well as facing by ceramic tiles or decorative panels;
  • Plasticity and good adhesion.


When buying it is worth considering the main characteristics of the product:

  • gray or white color;
  • binder element – cement;
  • water consumption – 0.36-0.38 l / kg;
  • temperature suitable for application – from + 10 ° C to + 30 ° C;
  • The maximum fraction is 0.3 mm;
  • The shelf life in a dry room is 12 months from the date of manufacture;
  • The layer drying time is 48 hours;
  • a set of strength – 50% during the day;
  • Packing – paper three-layer package 25 kg and 5 kg;
  • Harding is achieved by 50% of the final strength for 7 days (at low temperatures, the process slows down);
  • Consumption – 1.2 kg / m2.

Mode of application

Before use you need to clean the surface. If there are large gaps, then before applying the shtlings, they must be seen or apply reinforcement. Foreign substances, such as fat, dust and others should be removed by primer method, otherwise the adhesion can be easily.

Do not forget to protect windows and other surfaces that will not be processed.

Plate paste is prepared by mixing dry mixture and water. For the kneading 25 kg you will need 10 liters. After careful mixing, it is important to give a solution to strengthen about 10-20 minutes, then you need to mix the composition again with a special nozzle on a drill to form a homogeneous thick paste. If you follow all the rules of the knead, the shplanke acquires a consistency, ideally suitable for work.

The shelf life of the finished solution, the temperature of which should not exceed 10 ° C, is 1.5-2 hours from the moment of mixing the dry mixture with water. In the manufacture of the Vetonit solution, the water is not allowed to be allowed. It can lead to a deterioration in the strength and cracking of the treated surface.

After cooking, the composition is applied to the prepared walls manually or with special mechanical apparatus. Latest significantly accelerate the work process, however, the consumption of the solution increases significantly. By spraying the vetonit putter, you can apply on wood and porous plates.

After applying, the shplanke is leveled with a metal spatula.

If you are aligned with several layers, it is necessary to apply each subsequent layer with an interval constituting at least 24 hours. Drying time is determined depending on the thickness of the layer and temperature.

The layer thickness range varies from 0.2 to 3 mm. Before applying the next layer, be sure to make sure that the previous one is possible, otherwise the formation of cracks and cracks. At the same time, do not forget to clean the filled layer from dust and process it with special grinding paper.

With a dry and hot climate for a better hardening process, it is recommended to moisten the aligned surface with water, for example, with a sprayer. After complete drying of the composition, you can proceed to the next stage of work. If you align the ceiling, then after applying the putty, there is no need for its further processing.

After work, all involved tools must be rinsed with water. The remaining material cannot be lowered into the sewer, otherwise you can score the pipe.

Useful advice

  • During operation, it is necessary to constantly mix the finished mass with the solution to avoid setting the mixture. Additional injection of water when the schedule started by solidification will not help.
  • Vetonit White is designed to prepare as staining, so to the walls of the walls of the cafenel. Vetonit Gray is used only under the tile.
  • To improve the quality of work, increasing the adhesion and stability of the material, part of the water (about 10%) can be replaced with a variance from vetonit.
  • In the process of alignment of painted surfaces, it is recommended to use Vetonit glue as a clutching layer.
  • For the surface of the facades, you can use staining of cement “SERPO244” or silicate “SERPO303”.
  • It is worth considering that Vetonit VH is not suitable for use on stained or plastered with lime solutions walls, as well as for alignment of floors.

Precautionary measures

  • Need to take care of the product from children.
  • When working it is important to use rubber gloves, protect the skin and eyes.
  • The manufacturer guarantees Vetonit VH compliance with all the requirements for GOST 31357-2007 only if the buyer is complied with storage conditions and use.


      Buyers consider Vetonit VH an excellent attack on a cement basis and recommend it to purchase. Judging by the reviews, it is easy to work with it. Moisture-resistant composition is an excellent option for rawroom facilities.

      The product is suitable for staining, and for laying tiles. After applying, you need to wait about a week until complete drying. And professional builders, and owners preferring to make repair with their own hands, are usually satisfied with the process of work, and the result.

      Economical buyers note that cheaper to buy the product with bags. Users also recommend not to forget to wear gloves when kneading and using the solution.

      Tips from the manufacturer Vetonit VH to equalize the wall Look below.

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