Features and use of hydraulic tick presses

Features of the hydraulic tick presses and their use are not all people. In this case, such equipment may be very useful for crimping lugs of wires and crimping sleeves. And also need to pay attention to ticks under the fittings of water pipes, on the press of kW and other manufacturers.

What it is?

In domestic and professional work, it is often necessary to use hydraulic tick presses. It is important to use them for crimping wire tips when different cable products are connected to each other. It is not only about installing wiring in a narrow sense, how often think. The same need arises and when connecting electrical equipment in production, when installing household appliances. High-quality press clamps help compress wires of various modifications.

But not only in this their main advantages. Often with press ticks use for crimping sleeves under the fittings of water pipes. And not only water – you can work with water and steam heating systems. This approach allows you to perform installation work better and in less time. The crimping tool for water communications appeared in the 1950s, and some time later was patented.

Official patents, however, began to issue only the next decade. The device for hydraulic crimping pipes in the modern version appeared in 1972 due to engineers of Mannesmann.

Since then, it has not changed significant changes. In addition to the most pressing tool, the hydraulic pump includes. The interaction of parts is ensured by a special hose designed to work at high pressure.

The force generated by hydraulic equipment was provided just due to this hose. Pliers squeezed the desired detail (clutch) and hard fastened it on the pipe. Such a press connection is an excellent replacement not only for welding and soldering, but also for other technological operations. Despite the absence of changes in the concept, quite serious adjustments to the device and its actions are constantly entered. Modern hydraulic press clamps are capable of working not only with metal, but also with metal-plastic pipes.

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Engineers over the past decades managed to achieve, indeed, much. For example, the friction of working parts is noticeably reduced. Reduced energy consumption and labor complexity. Pressing fittings have “engraving”, which can be clearly traced, which tool worked. Billets are tested in laboratories, the compounds received are checked as far as they are sealed, strong on the gap.

Otherwise, working with electrical wiring. In this case, the area of ​​contact providing its quality is critical. When choosing a press clamp for this purpose, the cross-section of the wires takes into account. Tools for crimping tips work in about the same way as other devices. The ends of the wires are attached due to laying inside the crimping sleeve.


Manual hydraulic presses are most in demand and attractive both in everyday life and in a professional segment. They allow you to abandon the application of great physical effort. As a result, dimensions and mass decrease. Hydroinstrument for working with metal-plastic pipes is designed for sections:

  • sixteen;

  • twenty;

  • 26;

  • 32 mm.

Not all manual type hydraulics, however, are calculated for the last size. Sometimes found, however, even larger models – calculated on the threshold of crimp to 50 mm. Hand-type hydraulic tools work perfectly in hard-to-reach areas – precisely thanks to a relatively small. Quality models are able to work with copper and stainless steel structures. Electrohydraulic presses more like a gun or screwdriver. They are equipped with a changeable battery or adapter for connecting to the network.

Best manufacturers

Among the main models are allocated:

  • IBOSAD goods;

  • fixtures of the KW brand;

  • APRIL models that are made in the PRC (with a separated hydraulic engine);

  • advanced hydropress of the French Virax brand (crimping pipes not more than 26 mm);

  • RIDGID RP 340-B;

  • Rems Accu-press ACC;



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How to use it?

It is very important to measure the applied effort and the section of the fitting sleeve. If it is great, you will have to lengthen the handles by adding auxiliary fragments. In telescopic versions, the necessary fragments simply push. Fitting the inner walls of pipes is made due to the calibrator. When the size is selected, you need to enter the pipe in the fitting fully and to the end, which should symbolize the click or observation of the pipe from the outside through the windows on the fitting itself.

Then put ticks on the sleeve. Their handles are closer. Work is considered to be finished when a click will occur, or complete contact will be achieved.

In a concrete case, you must also be guided by the instructions for the device. If we are talking about the burning of wiring, then it is necessary to do it to the greatest effort to affect the spring knot.

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