Features and use of FOF plywood

Plywood FOF: What it is what this material is different from others – these questions often arise in people related to work in construction, repair industry. This material has its own spheres of application and varieties, dignity and disadvantages. To learn more about him, it is worth considering all these characteristics as much as possible.

What it is?

Plywood FOF is manufactured according to the same standards as the usual types of this material. Decoding its name determines product features. FOF is a laminated moisture resistant plywood having a film coating on one or 2 sides. Outer layer of paper sheet, with impregnation of synthetic phenol formaldehyde resin. It can have almost any color – from neutral to imitation of valuable wood, fabric, metal.

Laminated phof-plywood has a lot of obvious advantages. In terms of strength and wear resistance, it exceeds conventional samples, suitable for decorative finishes without additional films with films and other materials.

It does not absorb moisture even with direct contact, so it can be used in the kitchen rooms or a bathroom during decoration, the construction of various auxiliary structures. Sheets may have a standard or large format.


Laminated phof-plywood can be classified by type of finishes: it is smooth or textured embossed, as well as the type of base.


The base of the sheet is made of birch – it is this kind of raw materials more often than others occurs in moisture-proof types of plywood. Veneer from which layers are formed, has high strength, is able to withstand intensive physicomechanical loads. The multi-layered structure gives this material the necessary resistance to any external influences.

The sheet is quite flexible, suitable for the manufacture of complex curly elements exposed to constant voltage.


This type of plywood with laminated coating is distinguished by the fact that it is used not one breed of wood. The layers of the veneer in this case are located symmetrically the central part of the sheet. Usually, the outer layers are made of birch, and internal – from a combination of soft coniferous and solid rocks. The material is cheaper, but retains the properties of the base, has a sufficient margin of strength.

Combined plywood combines all the advantages of deciduous and coniferous wood, for which buyers are appreciated.

Where applies?

The main applications of laminated plywood FOF are determined by its characteristics and appearance. Most often it turns out to be in demand in:

  • construction and repair;
  • automotive, shipbuilding;
  • advertising industry, in the manufacture of stands and pillars;
  • furniture production;
  • interior decoration;
  • creating a multi-sized formwork;
  • manufacture of containers for transportation of drugs and products;
  • Seat floors.
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Excellent mechanical strength, abrasion resistance allows you to make FOF Foore to the optimal solution for use as finishing floors in road transport, ship decks. This material may have a decorative coating of various colors and shades – embossed either in a smooth version. In this quality, it is highly apprecored by interior designs and furniture manufacturers. Plywood racks, shelves, built-in furniture are durable, withstand significant loads, can be manufactured in a figured version with a complex geometry.

Labor options FOF plywood are suitable for use on large-scale construction objects. They are suitable for the construction of bridges, industrial buildings and structures. Combined type sheets make interior decor elements, furniture.

Such material corresponds to the sanitary standards established for sports halls.

Even more about the features of FOF plywood, see the following video.

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