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Antistatic gloves are a means of protecting electronic components from electrostatic discharge. From the material of this article you will learn what they are, what differ from the usual. In addition, we will tell you what to pay attention to when choosing the optimal option.


Gloves with antistatic properties There is nothing but a part of the protective working equipment. Depending on the variety, they are used in different areas of production, including the construction industry, light and heavy processing industry. They differ in production raw materials and have special performance characteristics, which are suitable for use in different conditions.

Anti-static gloves soft to the touch. They are very elastic and exclude sliding when used. With their help, it is easy to clean the surface from dust and dirt. In addition, they are used, working with plastic, films, printed posters, as well as optical instruments with which you need to use extremely neat.

Antistatic gloves are needed not only to protect surfaces from fingerprints and scratches. They are used when working with oiled parts, in the jewelry industry, as well as the assembly and packaging of electrical products. In addition, they are indispensable when repairing cell phones and when assembling computers.

They are produced in a seamless method, they stretch in width and length, differ in dense and thin viscous. Models have a wide cuff fixing a glove on the wrist. Due to breathable type of material, fogging.

The manufactured range coming on sale is certified and subject to the requirements of GOST.


Antistatic gloves can be classified by several features. For example, in color they are white, gray and even black. These products are very durable and able to withstand up to 50 washes without loss of its operational qualities. At the same time, they vary by the type of manufacture and design.

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Gloves are made from nylon and polyester. In order for them to neutralize static energy, thin carbon fibers add to the main material. Due to this, the wear resistance and durability of products increases. Knitted lobby gloves are used in microelectronics, surgical departments and pharmaceutical companies.

The simplest antistatic neylon models differ in uniformity of textures. They neutralize static electricity and ensure the protection of the whole palm. According to the type of manufacturing, products are associated from nylon or polyester threads or sewn from these materials. In this case, knitted models are considered the best, since the hands are densely and provide better tactile sensitivity of the fingers.

Products are distinguished by the size of the surface resistance of the material. Based on this, they are dissipative and conductive. Products of the first type dispel the charge, the second – spend it. In the models of the first type, artificial thread saturated with carbon fiber. Conducting varieties produce by adding to synthetic thread thin copper wire. To avoid slipping in the course of working with small details, the base material is covered with a special polyurethane composition. Depending on the species, the zones of finger tips can cover them or completely palms.

In addition, there are options with a high degree of hand protection from cuts, as well as the negative effect of extreme temperatures and an aggressive medium.

How to choose and use?

The choice of antistatic gloves from static electricity is not so simple. To be effective, when buying, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the destination and the type of work. For example, models for working with electronics must be lounge, suitable for working in a particular environment. In addition, you have to rely on the price.

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For instance, Models with cutting from cuts on average cost about 1160 rubles. The price of nitrile antistatic gloves today exceeds 7000 rubles. The most budget – simple models, on average their price varies from 114 to 185 rubles. Conductive polyester and carbon gloves cost 185 rubles.

Products are not at all universal: they differ in size, which allows you to choose options for men and women.

In this case, the measurement system can be both metric and inch. In addition, the eurraziness is found on sale. Size range of variatives, thanks to which you can choose exact size for high-quality and full-fledged work.

Choose this or that product is necessary correctly. For example, models with thread have their own specifics. These models are not only anti-slip: they dispel the charge, preventing the likely destruction or damage, for example, microcircuits. Their advantage is the dustiness for dust and the ability to dispel the charge 5000 for 3/10 seconds.

To work with oily and lubricated surfaces it is worth using products with polyurethane coating. Antistatic coating models of the entire palm part are good for working with electrical appliances (including smartphones, computers). They are characterized by a high level of capture.

If repair is planned, processing or cleaning small parts, the antistatic gloves are needed to coated in the fingertip zone. They are indispensable when working with carrying materials with a sliding surface type. Others try to buy products with goat skin inserts. These gloves are performed in white and blue colors.

When you buy this or another option, it is necessary to find out whether the goods are certified, what is the term of his warranty, whether the product has a test, for what type of work it is intended.

You need to buy a couple in a proven store with a good reputation. Products of well-known brands are distinguished by high performance. They differ in dense structure and minimal thickness, lack of visible defects and high elasticity.

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Wear gloves need to clean and dry hands. It is impossible to work in wet and dirty products. Depending on the type of work, in addition to carrying gloves, you need to use user grounding tools. Resistance between man and earth can be ensured by putting on special shoes.

You can get acquainted with antistatic gloves in the video below.

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