Features and choice of logs for metal

Lobzik is a device intended for cutting various kinds of materials. Many know about this device for a very long time. At school times, each boy came across a sharp tree blanks.

In this article we will consider the features of the jigsaw on metal, learn what they differ and how to choose the appropriate option.

general characteristics

The jigsik is a saw capable of cutting the material using a saw blade movement. The market presents a huge range of data data. Most of them are capable of producing from 3 to 50 reciprocating movements per second. Thanks to these movements and metal sheets are cut.

If you compare this tool with a manual or ending saw, it should be noted that it is capable of creating a patterned section.

If you need to cut the cloth so that it turns out the perfectly smooth sawing line, it is better to use the usual saw. Lobzik copes better with curly clipping.

There are jigsaws created for operation at an angle of 90 degrees. They are less common. Such a device is quite a fadder, has a large price, in comparison with the analogues. It’s all about additional locks.

Experienced specialists share tools to groups in several criteria:

  • the possibility of using autonomous power;
  • purpose;
  • A variety of holder.

The handle, in turn, happens brass and mushroomlike. Brace-shaped options can be used in many areas, but the device can be held only one hand – because of this, the cut is often obtained uneven. The second version of the handle provides for the holding with two hands.

Such a system is not always comfortable, but cutting is perfectly smooth.


All devices are made to divide into two types: Mechanical and electric. The first type of models has a very primitive structure. The mechanism consists of three parts: hulls, peelings and handles. The tool is distinguished by low weight and refers to the budget price category. The pink is attached to the housing using a couple of clips and cogs that control the pressure.

If the material is bent, then it will not be possible to cut it normally.

Such a logs will not require special skills when working, however, the cutting will take a lot of time and effort.

The greatest number of translational movements per second – 4. These devices have long lost their popularity. But today you can find in any building store.

As an example, consider Lobzik Kraftool 15606. His frame is u-shaped, depth is 16.5 cm. With it, you can cut very large metal sheets. For comfortable use there is a holder of plastic rough texture. Thanks to him, Lobzik is well lying in his hands.

The frame is covered by a special substance so that the device is not quickly worn out and did not damage with unsuccessful drops. Pneumatic bzik in Russia costs about 12 dollars.

Electrolzik – the best alternative to mechanical. It can work both from power cable and autonomous power. May perform more than 35 movements per second, has small dimensions, wear-resistant, compatible with any cutting metal elements.

Of the negative sides, there is a constant dependence on electricity or battery, passionism even with small dimensions, the presence of loud sound when cutting.

Types of electroballs

Each professional layout at hand should always be electric jig. Buying mechanics is not appropriate.

Electrolovka are divided into subgroups by some parameters:

  • the power of the device;
  • battery life of autonomous nutrition;
  • the size;
  • Additional features.

Therefore, such devices are divided into home-use devices, professional, jewelry and for industrial use. Jewelry can make a microscopic incision.

Home use tools are called household. They are not endowed with special characteristics. Lobzikov’s power barely reaches 600 W. The functionality of the goods of the budget segment is always a bit limited: the household electrolybiz will not cope with a robust metal sheet and will not serve more 120 minutes on a single battery charge. But it is not very expensive. In Russia, prices fluctuate around 15-20 dollars.

Recently among budget models Especially popular use Bosch PST 700 E. It costs about 45-60 dollars. The power of the device is 0.5 kW. It will be quite enough to cut aluminum up to 1 cm and steel thick 0.4 cm.

Consider the features of the device:

  • The speed of translational movements is monitored and ranges from 8 to 51 per second;
  • The possibility of blowing waste;
  • You can do sections under different inclination due to the slope of the frame;
  • Built-in vibration absorption function;
  • P-shaped holder;
  • Low weight – 1600 g.
  • If necessary, you can quickly replace the canvas.

The tool can compete with models of the manufacturer “Makita” and “Deforont”, but it costs 5-10 dollars cheaper.

The devices used in professional activities have the opportunity to work a very long time. Thanks to high power, they work continuously for seven hours. Every year the manufacturer adds all new features.

The device calmly copes not only with metal sheets, but also can cut the aluminum hexagon of the 16th size or pipe.

The device costs about 100-150 dollars. Goods of the budget segment are not endowed with the function of the rapid clamp, there is no possibility of selecting the movement mode, they also have a not enough long wire.

Makita 4350 ST is a decent representative in the metal market for metal. Her characteristics:

  • The ability to fill the steel sheet to 1 cm thick;
  • the speed of the cutting element – from 13 to 46 times per second;
  • wear-resistant carriage;
  • “Soft” carving;
  • Vibration absorption function;
  • You can work with the device at different angles of inclination;
  • Weight – 2500 g.

The cost of the instrument in Russia begins from 110 dollars.

Industrial options for adaptations are distinguished by large sizes and in dimensions resemble a stationary machine. They are very powerful. Their power is four times the power of the battery electrolls. You can work with the machine until 18 o’clock. The price begins from 200 dollars.

A bright representative of large-sized jigsaws on metal can be called “bison zl-250”. It weighs more than 2 kg and costs about 300 dollars.

The inexperienced user will be uncomfortable to work with complex tools, so you should know some rules for choosing the device.

How to choose?

To begin with, determine your needs. If you are going to work with a tool on a permanent basis for a few hours a day, the purchase of a household model will be inappropriate solution. If the use of jigscription is planned only occasionally, it is not necessary to overpay for the professional version.

Consider the main selection criteria

  • Dimensions must match power. Household Electrol Communication is able to cut metal sheets up to 0.4 cm (maximum thickness), and professional – up to 2 cm. The minimum power of a good device is 0.5 kW.
  • Additional functions. If the tool is used only occasionally at home, it is not necessary to overpay for the LED backlight and cooler. These additions are needed only in professional activities, they will not use an amateur.
  • Adjustment of motion modes. If you cannot change the speed, then work with other metals, except aluminum, will be unavailable. With more dense material you need to work only at low speed. Otherwise – the cutting element will not endure friction and break.

On how to cut a metal pipe with an electroll bison, learn in the video a little below.

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