East Style Tile: Beautiful Interior Ideas

    To satisfy the requests of modern buyers, the finishing material must combine practicality, durability and beauty. Now returning the popularity of ethnic, folk ornaments adorning various coatings. In the fashion again, ceramic tiles in oriental style.


    Ethnic themes have always attracted attention to special dear and charm. Images are often used as expressive accents. Considering the popularity of oriental topics, manufacturers offer whole tile collections in this stylist. Finishing material differs in the type of pattern, its color, size and other aspects.

    Ceramic tile is one of the most practical finish options, And the interesting pattern makes the product of an important component of the decor. Eastern topics suitable for designing various residential house rooms. With its help, designers allocate individual zones, create colorful art compositions and focus on any subject.

    Fashion has a property to repeat and design spheres – no exception. Professional decorators note that the style of the East is rapidly gaining popularity. This ideal finishing material is ideal for ethnic directions.

    Also, the tile wonderfully fit into such styles:

    • Classicism.
    • Modernism.
    • Art Deco.
    • Eclecticism.
    • Contemporary.

    Patterns from hot countries can be used as accents in minimalist directions. This topic gives the overall composition of special comfort and colorfulness. This option is capable of diversifying boring and monotonous decor.

    The coatings decorated with the eastern patterns belong to the discharge of extravagant solutions for residential premises. Despite the prevalence and some popular, using tile, you can easily create an original art object. It will become a key element of style that will attract the attention of all guests who entered into your house.

    Monthly and static design – the most common mistakes in the design of the apartment. As a rule, this happens when designing with concise decors, when the desire for minimalism deprives the interior of the dynamics and expressiveness. You can cope with this problem with a colorful pattern. Rhythmic drawing will especially attractively look at a monophonic background in neutral color.

    Especially charming ceramic finishing material with the eastern pattern looks on the floor. Such a finish option is much more interesting than standard design using monochrome dies. Perfect choice for “warm floors”. Visual and tactile sensations are harmoniously combined and emphasized each other.

    Finishing material with a motley pattern expressively harmonizes with minimalist walls. In this case, the tile with patterns also laid on the floor. Oriental pattern is saturated with paints, lines and shapes. In connection with this, the walls may be neutral and monophonic. This popular and winning reception is distributed, however, the main thing is to properly use it, not overwhelming with the concentration of bright elements.

    Patterns of different countries

    Designers who work in the decoration of ceramic tiles use ethnic motives of different countries.

    The segment of oriental patterns includes various elements of the national culture of such countries:

    • Egypt. As a rule, these are patterns of yellow and brown paints. Golden elements are often used. Small ornament decorating a border may have a geometric and strict shape.
    • Turkey. Turkish ornament attracts attention to the volumetric pattern and diverse palette. The patterns are based on plant ornaments. Various paints are used: from saturated and bright to dark shades.

    • India. Patter Peste Diversity Saturated Color. Patterns are a combination of plant elements and various parts.
    • Morocco. Small and expressive ornaments, closely intertwined. The main color palette consists of blue, white and blue tone. Also used such shades: green, beige, orange and t. D.
    • Iran. When decorating tiles, thick and saturated shades are used. Pattern decorate images of birds, animals and plants. Main Palette: Dark Brown, Black, Beige, Dark Blue.

    These are the most common ethnic motives.

    Use in the interior


    When designing a kitchen without a ceramic tile can not do. Finishing material framework work zone near the plate and sink. It is easy to clean from various contaminants, besides, it is not afraid of water.

    Specialists recommend using in this part of the house tile, decorated with patterns in dark colors (yellow, beige, orange). Make a choice in favor of soft and gentle colors that will not rush into the eyes. From screaming tones should be abandoned, unless this option implies interior style.

    The two-color ornament looks stylish and attractive. The tile is ideal, on a monophonic background of which a contrast pattern. The optimal option is a vegetable ornament or geometric shapes.

    If you want to decorate the kitchen with a practical and stylish element, make a thread apron with oriental ornament. This is a comfortable, beautiful and fashionable option for a variety of stylistics. To draw the picture to save the attractiveness, clean the apron regularly from particles of fat, food and other contaminants.

    To make the kitchen even more comfortable, take advantage of the following tips:

    • Flower panel will decorate the interior, making it at times more attractive.
    • Decor in the style of Patchwork (each separate tile is decorated with a concrete pattern).
    • The carpet is an important component of the decor in eastern style. Imitation of the carpet from the tile perfectly fit into the kitchen interior. It is recommended to use this technique when finished.


    In this case, pay attention to the patterns in the “cold” paints. In this room will harmoniously look full decoration with tiled with oriental patterns. This opening is often used for Hamama. For compact rooms, select a fine material material. Ceramic tile is an integral element at the design of the bathroom, especially if it is withstanding in Arabic and other oriental style.

    If the size of the room allows you to create a stylish ethnic canvas on one of the walls. It can be an abstraction or a specific composition.

    Living room and bedroom

    In these zones, the tile is used very rarely. It is used only for concrete area.

    It is recommended to stop your choice on such finish options:

    1. Ceramics with gilding (especially for classic styles).
    2. Imitation of a brocked or silk upholstery.
    3. Saturated, thick and dark tones.
    4. Sophisticated patterns.

    Camemin zone

    Finishing material of the Arab, Indian, Moroccan and other subjects are used to design a fireplace. At the request of the customer, the designer can arrange panels, carpet or arabesque. Ethnic pattern is able to add to the interior of sophistication, comfort, mystery and bright colors. These and other properties depend on the size, themes and saturation of the pattern.

    Registration of stairs

    Designers note that staircases are an ideal place to accommodate beautiful tiles in eastern style. In this place, you can combine different ornaments, paints and patterns. You can also experiment with various methods of laying, not afraid to break the integrity of the interior. With an expressive pattern, any staircase will be transformed beyond recognition.


    In the hallway, especially during the winter, early spring and late autumn, dirt accumulates. In this regard, many make a choice in favor of the floor tile in this part of the house. Such finishing material is easy to clean with a conventional cloth and water.

    Pay special attention to the design of this part of the apartment, because it creates the first impression of the house. For a spacious hallway, you can use a coating with a large pattern. The ornament of small and bright parts will make small garbage particles less noticeable.


    If the bathroom has been framed in the eastern style, the same reception must be used and when the toilet is cleaned. This is a miniature room in which the minimum number of items is located. Any bright drawing will rush into the eyes. Tile with oriental pattern can be laid both on the wall and on the floor. It is recommended to make a choice in favor of small patterns.

    About how to make tiles in Morocco, you will find out in the next video.

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